Another Former Employee of The Chapel Speaks of the Toxic Culture of The Chapel Under Former Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong

Editors Note: The story below is reproduced precisely as I received it with the one exception that I deleted the individuals name from the end of the story. This person was happy to have his name published, but I thought I would let him share it with you all in the comment section if he so chooses. What follows is … Continue reading

Why is Chapel Leadership Not Being Transparent With Members?

So many people I’ve talked to in some of these churches have said “I saw the pastor do that and I should have said something.” …Church cultures don’t form overnight and they don’t reform overnight. -Scott McKnight, Toxic Church Cultures | GRACE Live Conversation | Scot McKnight & Boz Tchividjian On October 1, 2021 The Chapel leadership published two documents, … Continue reading

The Chapel, Akron – Just One More Question!

“Church leaders should not try to silence those who have been hurt, especially if they have been hurt by leaders in the church. Silencing victims will always result in more pain being expressed. Also, those victims will seek solace from friends. These friends may become angry or concerned for their friends and speak to others. This is normal life. The … Continue reading

Why Didn’t The Chapel Church Board of Trustees Follow Their Constitution in Removal of Tim Armstrong?

But those elders who are sinning you are to reprove before everyone, so that the others may take warning.  – 1 Timothy 5:20 NIV “Whatever their bodies do affects their souls. It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out…” ― C.S. Lewis, The … Continue reading

The Chapel Church Allows Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong to Resign; The Fate of Two Other Pastors Remains Undetermined

We don’t believe that the powerful leaders we admire could possibly abuse their power. We don’t want to see because if we see, we must either act or carry the guilt of not having done so. We don’t want to see because it threatens our belief in the virtue of our leaders and the worth of the system. The leadership … Continue reading