The Wartburg Watch Blog Rules/Reasons

Updated 7/22/2019

This blog exists to explore various trends within the Christian faith. Along the way, we have discovered that many people have been the victims of legitimate spiritual abuse at the hands of pastors and churches. Some have experienced rejection because they do not march lock step with the current “thing du jour.”

We view this blog as a community of the faithful, of those who are not so sure of the faith and of those who outright reject the faith. Within the community of the faithful are those who believe in a wide range of what we term secondary or “B” issues. Others have distinctly differing views on various political ideologies.

It is the contention of TWW that the Christian church has segregated itself into small communities that are 100% sure they are correct about these “B” issues and political distinctives. In fact, although they would deny it, they have allowed these issues to become primary truths within their cliques.

It is our hope that this blog will develop a diverse community that is interested in dialoging and learning from one another. In the end, we may disagree but we believe that love and respect should be end result of our discussions.

We have decided that we need to impose certain parameters on the comments that we receive on the blog in order to allow for a robust, yet respectful interchange. We do not mean to stifle passionate debate but want all who visit here to know that they matter, not only to God, but also to us. We are grateful that our readers would choose to visit this blog in the midst of their hectic lives. We want everyone to know that they are not taken for granted. We both are humbled that by readers who care to spend some time with a couple of old broads. Know this, we pray for you.

The Prime Directive: This is the most important term on our blog, hence the font size. Violators of this directive will be looked upon as ideologues, pumping up their particular idol- be it theological or human. This directive states the following: All commenters must acknowledge the pain some people have experienced at the hand of pastors and churches which overemphasize a particular doctrine or which apply harsh and capricious discipline. TWW exists, in part, to provide understanding in this area. We are dead serious about this (even though it is based on a concept from Star Trek).

Are there rules for commenting?

Sorry but yes there are. There is a link in the menu at the top of the various blog pages plus a link just above the box where you can type in a comment. Not reading it and breaking the rules can delay getting your comment posted or even get you banned. And if the list of rules seems long, understand that each part of the rules was the result of someone saying something in the comments.

Important note about Libel

In order to be guilty of libel in the US, 2 criteria need to be fulfilled. 1. The person making the comment must know that they are lying. Then, 2. They must be lying for the sake of causing harm to another person. Also, if someone is a public figure, the bar raises even higher.

From this point forward, if someone wishes to say that the Deebs can be sued for what they said or that one or more of our readers can be sued for what they said, the commenter must prove that the person who is making the comment is lying and that they know they are lying and that they are doing it to cause harm to the person who is thee object of their lies.

We have been blogging for almost 6 years. We are well aware of the meaning of these words. Unfortunately some of our readers are not. We consider accusing people of libelous threats to be out of line UNLESS there is some proof of that statement. Idle threats are not welcome here.