The Basics

This blog was started by two Christian women after watching what happened when one of their church, a Reformed baptist church, mishandle (in their opinion) a pedophile situation which left over 13 young teen boys molested and scarred. When they confronted (along with others) the church leaders, they were subjected to serious anger and even called liars. This pedophile was sent to prison for 13 years.

When Dee and her husband left the church, they attended an Anglican Church. Sadly, Dee noticed a pedophile who had been released from prison walking around the church. This pedophile was known to many in the community since he was the husband of a Christian school teacher. When Dee expressed concern to the pastor, she was told that the pedophile did not pose a risk which she knew to be false. Dee and her husband were told they could not join this church until the reconciled with the previous church.

At this juncture, Dee decided to start this blog with her friend, Wanda Martin (Deb) . They had no idea what was waiting for them. The wanted to look at abuse, theological fads, controlling pastors and leadership, and other topics of interest to evangelicals. As time went on, they would include articles involving mainstream churches as well.

After 10 years, Deb retired from blogging to spend more time with her husband who retired but spends most of his time farming. At this time TWW is primarily a solo effort of Dee. A short bio page for Dee is linked in the menu near the top of each page.

This blog does not discuss politics, finding it to be a diversion from TWW’s goal which is to look at issues within the church. There are a gazillion blogs which discuss such matters and few blogs which discuss abuse within the church.

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