GBTC is the Guy Behind the Curtain. A riff on the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.

GBTC operates a lot of the technical aspects of TWW and is a long term adviser to various other issues related to TWW. GBTC and family is a long time fried of Dee and her family and has have spent many hours at Dee’s dinner table talking about how to deal with things on TWW. (Dee has also been to GBTC’s home at times also.)

GBTC tries really hard to NOT inject personal opinions into the blog. Occasionally GBTC will post a comment which deals with someone breaking the rules or explaining just why a comment is being allowed even though it does break the rules.

Think of GBTC as an umpire. And realize that while at times GBTC and Dee will disagree behind the scenes we resolve our differences and will be united in public.

GBTC has full authority to moderate and release any comments.