ACME Association Appears to be a (Not So) Stealthy 9Marks Association

Dee received an email a few weeks ago that said, in part, the following: I am a long-time lurker and seldom commenter at TWW. I left a spiritually abusive church after 15 years.  They are Mohler/T4G/Gospel Coalition/CBMW sycophants, chock full of male headship and church discipline.  I was dug deep in at church for a time, drinking the Kool-Aid and thinking … Continue reading

Prayer for Dee and Her Family

Dear Readers, Dee has asked me to inform you that her mother is about to pass away and therefore Dee will not be posting Part 3 of the Waydown Workshop this afternoon. Your prayers for Dee and her family are greatly appreciated in this, their time of sorrow. Update: It has been about 90 minutes since I posted the above … Continue reading