Comments are now fully moderated

As the title states, we are running this blog fully moderated at this time. Please bear with us as we do not have a full time staff monitoring and approving comments. There are just 3 of us and we're fitting this into our lives. So if comments don't appear for a few hours assume we're eating, sleeping, working at a paying job, etc… No malicious intent. And yes at times comments will be released out of sequence.

The reason for the moderation is that recently we have had a bit of a problem with trolls. These are folks who do not come on to discuss but to cause problems. We are aware of the problem and know how this has affected others in the blogosphere. Guess it is our turn. We are doing our best to keep ahead of the problem. But, radical measures are called for.

So, for a while at least, comments will be fully moderated.

Also, as a side note, it has been suggested that I, the "Guy Behind the Curtain", am trying to hide something. Sorry.  No. Just a reference to a movie scene. I'm just trying to keep things running with my limited technical knowledge but not get in the way of the posts and comments on this blog. Bonus points if you know the movie. Unless you're over 40 and then the reference should be so obvious that no points will be awarded. Sorry. Nothing to see here.

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