Brief Break in Posting

This post was a place holder while Dee’s computer had it’s keyboard replaced and she took a much needed break from typing. It turned into a comment stream joking about computers, TWW, and the history of some of us older folks and computers. We will leave it up. GBTC Original Post Posts are being Delayed Posts are being delayed a … Continue reading

If your comments never appear…

We’ve switched to a much more effective Comment SPAM blocking setup. But one attribute of it that I can’t change at this time is that comments that are detected as SPAM never show up at all. So we can’t review them and extract them if not SPAM. NOTE: Comments may be held for hours depending on our sleep and travel … Continue reading

Comments are now fully moderated

As the title states, we are running this blog fully moderated at this time. Please bear with us as we do not have a full time staff monitoring and approving comments. There are just 3 of us and we're fitting this into our lives. So if comments don't appear for a few hours assume we're eating, sleeping, working at a … Continue reading