No Post Today-Dee Is Playing Hookey

We are driving to Florida today to have our annual family get-together. My husband and I are tired and will need to trade off. I will get up EChurch and may post something later in the weekend. I will plan for regular posts next week. I am so sorry.



No Post Today-Dee Is Playing Hookey — 13 Comments

  1. Since we have a break from the usual perps of the week, I’m wondering if anyone would like to talk about Matthew 18. I’m not talking 9Marxist “church discipline”. Anyone try to follow the steps with a brother (generic— includes sister) who sinned against you and won’t talk about it? I’m inclined to doubt that this might help “win” my brother and feel it would just make matters far worse. Easier to try to just let it go and get over the crushing hurt and bewilderment already. But if someone has a success story, that’d encourage me.

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