02.24.22 EChurch@Wartburg: Michael Card: “A World Turned Upside Down”

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A Prayer for the Lenten Season link

You chose a people for your own,
to lavish love upon,
raise up prophets, priests and kings,
to be the nation through which
the Messiah would be revealed to the world,
and through whom your kingdom would come.
You chose this people gathered here
to be your children,
loved and blessed, forgiven
through the one who knew no sin,
the King of Glory whose crown was made of thorns,
and whose name we raise in worship.

Prayer for the Lenten Season link

Sovereign Lord,
your hand has touched
the dry bones of our faith,
your Word has breathed
new life where there was death,
your spirit raised
us up from where we lay,
your love has brought
us home and to your Cross,
and by your grace
we stand forgiven, free.

A Prayer for the Lenten Season link

Forgive those things we have done
which have caused you sadness,
and those things we should have done
that would have brought you joy.
In both we have failed
and you.
Bring us back to that place
where our journey began,
when we said that we would follow
the way that you first trod.
Lead us to the Cross
and meet
us there.

Benediction link

Whatever wilderness the Spirit has brought you to:
walk in boldness, as a beloved child of God
walk in peace, under the shelter of the Most High
walk in faith, knowing Christ walks with you.


02.24.22 EChurch@Wartburg: Michael Card: “A World Turned Upside Down” — 1 Comment

  1. Who owns you – the bad religious leaders and their proxies?

    I keep saying to my “reformed” friends from the Cape, it’s the nie-blankes that are asking the questions now. (Any time I asked a question, they asked one back without bothering what I meant – which was always plain. So we got nowhere in 3 years.)

    God please may they (leaders and not) become childlike in eagerness to know, from now on.

    p.s please supplicate to God for my health; that there will be providential help for me in my practical needs; and the same things for a family member far off. Thank you.

    Glory Be To The Father,
    And To The Son,
    And To The Holy Ghost,
    as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
    world without end;