Echurch will be posted later tonight.

My dog, Holly, died suddenly last night, and things are a bit sad. My family is all here from out of town.


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  1. Mrs. Muff and me know exactly what you’re going through.
    We’ve lost a few beloved fur babies through the years.
    Hugs from the Potters.

  2. Maybe when you’re feeling up to it, consider adopting a homeless animal in her honor. Sometimes it helps, it certainly does me, knowing that even in your beloved fur kid’s passing a homeless kitty or doggo now has a home. I lost two in early 2020, and the one I rescued in their memory is now passed out in his favorite spot – my lap.

    Petfinder dot com has a ton of rescues and shelters where you can look even before venturing out.

  3. Phoenix,

    All of my pugs dogs are rescue pugs. I have already notified the Midatlantic Pug Rescue that I would love to adopt another. I have two others Buttercup and Tulip. I kind of like having 3 little pugs running around/
    I love pugs but they have to be rescues and we have been doing this for 20 years.

  4. Oh Dee, I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet furbaby. I have lost many dogs over the years and I know how much it hurts. You will honor Holly ny rescuing another pug.

  5. am sad to hear about your loss of Holly

    I know losing a pet can be very painful

    will pray for you to be comforted

  6. Just got a few minutes to catch up on Wartburg Watch and saw this post.

    I wish to express my deepest sympathy. It’s so hard when we lose a beloved pet, even more so when it is unexpected and during a holiday. Lifting up gentle prayers of peace and comfort for you and yours.