Those Interested in Starting a Blog: Update

Hi all.

I am going through my list and will send out emails to all interested by tomorrow. I am heading to Greece and Turkey to do a *In the Footsteps of Paul tour on 10/ 4-1015. After I return, I will plan a time to speak with each of you separately and figure out how to encourage you on your way. I may send out an overview first to look at issues such as legalities, etc.

One of the things people always ask me about is insurance. If you have a homeowners insurance, yo might check to see if they cover you for blogging and even leaving comments on Google, restaurant reviews, etc. My USAA insurance policy covers me for this. I did not have to buy it separately.

If you do not hear from my by Thursday, send me an email at



Those Interested in Starting a Blog: Update — 14 Comments

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    1 BAM

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    So what about you?

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    Dee: So what about you?

    I am a Chaplain on Christian Forums

    I think an additional blog is beyond what I want to commit too. Plus, my eyesight is not as good as it once was.

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    Plus, my eyesight is not as good as it once was.

    Well, your reflexes are still pretty BAM good.

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    Are you still planning on doing the other two UPC related posts before you leave?

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    I do need to get those finished. Thank you.

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    I would check your homeowner’s insurance carefully. It probably doesn’t cover copyright infringement. I know someone whose homeowner policy covered his tangle with Scientology, but it cast the insurance co. over $3 million. The issue was an alleged infringement because the guy had posted the cult’s sekrit skripchers to the Internet. You know, the ones that will give you pneumonia and you’ll die if you read them. The reality is that you might get pneumonia from aspirating a drink while laughing while reading those things.


    As for starting my own blog, not likely at present. I moved to a management position three months ago, and I have less free time in my life. That said, it was a tradeoff for getting out of a job that had become completely untenable. I do like my new job but it’s cat herding engineers, developers and analysts all day, every day toward solutions for production issues. It has its moments.

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    Is Mark Driscoll leading the tour? LOL

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    I’m a long-time reader and rare commenter on this blog. I’ve been thinking of starting my own blog because I am walking through my own history of childhood sexual abuse, but I haven’t done it because I don’t think I could post regularly and because I’m not sure I want to commit to doing something regularly for the sake of my mental health. One thing I’d like to do is to critically read and review Christian resources on sexual abuse–I think this could be revealing and helpful–but I don’t think I can take on the sole responsibility for something. I have the beginnings of a review of Dan Allender’s book “The Wounded Heart” saved in a Google Doc, but I haven’t done anything with it for the above reasons. I’d definitely be interested in collaborating with others, though. I don’t know if that’s a possibility, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

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    Sorry, Dee. I just saw your question on the other post just now…I’ll post it here as well since that is an older post.

    Contact info: use my Gmail one, which is the same as the email that I use here just @gmail instead.

    If this wasn’t public I would just type it out. Haha. I hope this makes sense.

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    Muslin, fka Dee Holmes,

    I can’t imagine any insurance WOULD cover copyright infringement. The only way to be in the clear on that is basically to source materials with immense precision and never, ever monetize your blog or use a platform that is monetized. I recall MH tried to go after Throckmorton on copyright infringement claims because when he was on Patheos (which I despise, personally) there were lots of adds. MHC leadership never tried to do anything of the kind to me, and I made it clear year after year I would never monetize the blog and was doing things because I was tackling things I believed the conventional press wasn’t covering. I also did get advice, and the advice I got was that Fair Use was developed for the kind of stuff I was writing about the former MHC.

    I was a journalism major back in college so I had a pretty good grounding on what I could reasonably do and had best avoid dealing with limited public figures. Private figures have a lot more restrictions about what’s considered acceptable to publish. Find out what the legal precedents are for public figures, limited public figures and private citizens in your state and the state(s) of figures you intend to blog about. Read up on what is and isn’t considered a legitimate Fair Use defense.

    Something else that may be helpful to keep in mind, it’s safest to stick to blogging about things that the limited public figure has made public. If limited public figure A discusses X and you talk about Y you could land yourself in legal trouble commenting about Y if A has never talked about that topic in a public way. I was pretty careful to stick to commenting on things that were disseminated in mass media or social media and because Mark Driscoll was so prolific in opining and commenting on things it was never difficult to find what he had to say on a topic.

    With that specific example in mind, screen cap often and archive steadily. You may find that people try to purge content once they realize their contributions to the public record are being tracked. Justin Dean has broached this issue a few times in podcast interviews, on when and why a church may want to purge social media content in the wake of a scandal.

    Most of what I blog lately is related to music, musicology and the arts but I was still doing that during the peak years of documenting MH. It can help to change gears with a blog and some friends told me that MHC found it perplexing that for a few weeks there’d be reams of damaging leaks about MHC showing up at Wenatchee The Hatchet and then, all of a sudden, there’d be lengthy discourse on anime and Powerpuff Girls episodes. Diversity of content can do more than just let a blogger take a needed break, one of the canards about “bloggers” is that “all” they do is rip on church X or preacher Y.

    having managed to go through six or seven years blogging about MHC and coming out the other side without having been threatened by its leadership in any way I hope I’ve picked up some experience and observations that bloggers might find helpful. Be careful and research the law but don’t be afraid to start documenting what you believe needs documenting.

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    Perhaps I’m a little late to this party… but I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a new blog, not to play watchdog (I’ll leave that to those who already do it so very well) but to offer thoughts and a place to discuss topics folks may be wrestling with. For instance, forgiveness. What does that really mean, and what does it look like? Or disappointment, as in how God can never be disappointed in us, since he knows the end from the beginning and therefore in his world there can never be such a thing as unmet expectations or hopes…. That sort of thing. I am also likely to venture into discussions on divorce, abuse, proper boundaries, how a small group can go toxic (and how I dealt with it when it happened to me), and anything else that I feel like discussing on any given day. I’m not likely to post daily, but I would definitely try to manage to get something out weekly.

    I have blogged quite a bit before. I have a now-mostly-defunct blog called Coffee with CrankyBeach (Opinions, attitude, caffeine) that can be found at, in case anyone wants to see. I haven’t posted there in a couple of years, but it will still be my go-to place if I ever feel the need to blow my stack on a political or current events topic. That has also been my place to gush over panda bears and rock concerts over the years. In the early days I belonged to a loose-knit blogging group of Californians called the Bear Flag League, but that is long gone.

    And as for a new blog, I have gotten as far as playing around with a design that is still a work in progress, but for anyone who wants to see what I have so far (just design elements and some placeholder posts, no real content yet) it can be found at I am open to design feedback should anyone wish to chime in. I plan to add a blogroll and some other elements as I go along.

    Lastly… I am quite familiar with the need to give credit wherever necessary, to cite sources and to respect all copyrights. If I quote a particular translation of the Bible, I will not publish the post until I have made sure I have complied with the copyright holder’s requirements. For instance, up to 500 verses of the NIV can be quoted without express permission, but their copyright notice must be included. Other translations have similar particulars.

    Considering the kind of content I’m contemplating, I am very unlikely to actually name any names in a negative way… but if I ever do feel the need to name names, I am well aware of the need to use words like “alleged” and “reportedly.”

    Anyway… I’m looking forward to getting started, and getting involved in a new blogging community. If anyone has any questions or comments, I can be found, among other places, at stillwiggling at gmail dot com. Thanks, and safe travels. 🙂