Time Sensitive: Please Help Human Trafficking Group by Completing a Short Survey

On Monday, the FBI announced that they had rescued 168 children who were being sex trafficked. They also arrested 281 pimps who were trafficking these children. The scope of this problem in the United States is disturbing.

The Trafficking in America Task Force is trying to get a handle on the general population's knowledge of the problem of trafficking in the United States. With the information that they receive, the Task Force hopes to begin an education program to help people understand the seriousness nature of this growing problem. 

We are hoping to get as many people as possible to complete a short, less than 5 minute survey. I have already taken the survey and found it quick and easy to complete. 

We will post the results after they have been tabulated. This survey is time sensitive and needs to be completed by the last day of June. They will randomly select two respondents to receive a $50 gift certificate.



Time Sensitive: Please Help Human Trafficking Group by Completing a Short Survey — 52 Comments

  1. I did it. Was there something that indicates how the results will be used or how the find out the results when they are done?

  2. done. I am also not totally up on human trafficking stats, but I think it is far more prevalent than I currently think.

  3. Got it done. I wish they would have had a page at the end so we could find out how accurate our answers were.

  4. Done. Very interested in finding out the results of the survey. Definitely think we need more education and awareness on this topic!

  5. Praying this survey heightens awareness
    and may God bless all law enforcement involved in rescuing the victims.

  6. Done. I was made aware of ths at a Contra Costa County ( Californa) Board Of Supervisors meeting I attended last month. Several rescue organizations were there as well as several women who had been rescued. I didn’t realize until then what a problem it is. In the sting last weekend several victims from the Calif. Bay Area were rescues. And many pims arrested. Education on this subject is crucial

  7. A few months ago another SNAP leader and I went to a special screening of Very Young Girls sponsored by the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. I highly recommend it. It highlights the amazing charity in NYC, GEMS: girls educational and mentoring services. After the movie, a Homeland Security special agent for trafficking investigations and a Dallas County prosecutor spoke and took questions. One thing they said really stuck with me: predators and traffickers are combing through social media sites like Facebook and others to find troubled kids. Stay alert!


    Very Young Girls is an exposé of the commercial sexual exploitation of girls in New York City as they are sold on the streets by pimps and treated as adult criminals by police. The film follows barely adolescent girls in real time, using vérité and intimate interviews with them, documenting their struggles and triumphs as they seek to exit the commercial sex industry. The film also uses startling footage shot by pimps themselves, giving a rare glimpse into how the cycle of exploitation begins for many women.

    The film identifies hope for these girls in the organization GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services), a recovery agency founded and run by Rachel Lloyd, herself a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation. GEMS is committed to ending commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking of children by changing individual lives, transforming public perception, and revolutionizing the systems and policies that impact commercially sexually exploited youth. Very Young Girls will change the way law enforcement, the media, and society as a whole look at the commercial sexual exploitation, street prostitution, and human trafficking that is happening right in our own backyard.

  8. Hey Dee and Deb,

    Thank you for letting me post here about this update on the spiritual recovery group for Sovereign Grace Ministry survivors. If anyone wants to come to the ICSA conference, I have arranged for scholarships, but I just ask that you give a donation if you can at all afford it. People should contact me at UnderMuchGrace AT gmail DOT com for instructions about how to get the waiver. Thursday is probably the best general day to come. Friday is great for people who grew up in a spiritually abusive system.

    On Thursday after dinner, we have a meeting room, and Rev Bob Pardon (a Gordon Conwell seminary grad, minister and expert on spiritual abuse will do a spiritual abuse recovery kind of thing). It’s at the Silver Spring Sheraton on Georgia Ave. Info on my blog.

    People who are interested should shoot me an email for instructions on how to get the scholarship.


    THANK YOU!!!!

  9. Aside from it being more prevalent in large urban areas, about all I knew on this topic was the temporary explosion of such activity during the Super Bowl. I’m sure not all the trafficked females have reached age 18 while this is going on.

  10. Done. Some of the factual questions are hard. I know what I believe the answers to be, and some where I wish the answer was different than it is. I have seen a john make a deal with a woman on the street in front of my office. We could cure a lot of prostitution with a mandatory forfeiture of the vehicle of the john, publication of photos or the john, and criminal prosecution of the johns. Also drop the criminal prosecution of the prostitute and focus on the pimps.

  11. NJ wrote:

    Aside from it being more prevalent in large urban areas, about all I knew on this topic was the temporary explosion of such activity during the Super Bowl.

    Can you expand on what you mean by this? Exactly what “explodes” during the Super Bowl.

    The reason I ask is that my wife and I were active supporters of the local rape crisis center for a long time till we found out that many of the fund raising stories were urban legends, some about the Super Bowl. And they would not stop using these stories even when they found out they were not true.

  12. @ Marie2:

    And in addition, a rather famous story at SGM Survivors was of a young woman attending a church sponsored Super Bowl party, and getting raped at some point. I was surprised to hear that that kind of thing could happen at a church party, but given the heavy emphasis on trusting authority figures at Sovereign Grace Ministries, given a little thought I could sadly see this happening.

    I THINK that that victim had posted a frustrated angry message that someone in the media picked up, and then that caused quite a stir, as if a victim of child sexual abuse did not have the right to be seriously angry at her perpetrator, and the perp’s many protectors.

    I no longer read at that website, because it’s an extremely triggering experience for me to do so, but I invite anyone to look that issue up and perhaps provide some links to those stories.

  13. Done. I shared the link with about 5 people who do not read at this website. I hope that does not ruin your sampling. 🙂 I was not sure who the intended audience of the survey was – readers at this website, or just generally interested folks.

  14. Done. I also gave the link to my private facebook group of current and former homeschooling moms. One member of our group works with a ministry helping girls rescued from human trafficking, so they may get several responses from them.