Edited Comments/Blog Roll

We wanted to let our readers know that two commenters asked us to edit their comments. The first one asked that his/her name be deleted and replaced with a pseudonym. The other asked for all their comments to be deleted. The second commenter is not a recent poster and most of our present readership would probably not be aware of his/her comments. The first commenter’s name has been changed. This necessitated us changing his/her name in other comments. If anyone has questions/concerns regarding this, please let us know.

We will also get our blog roll up to date as well. TGBC has been up to his neck in this stuff and it is taking time.


Edited Comments/Blog Roll — 5 Comments

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    Did you end up deleting all the comments of the person who requested you do so?

    sgmsurvivors won’t delete comments upon request, so that’s cool if you do!

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    I was willing to do so. However, the person has had a change of heart and asked me instead to make some minor changes in his/her name. But, we will delete a comment if someone asks us to do so.

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    When it became apparent to me that the opinions/beliefs of the sgmsurvivors.com blog owners were, at the end of the day, used to judge the opinions/beliefs of the survivors, I wanted them to remove what I had contributed to the discussion. I can appreciate that it’s “their blog” and that I should “go start my own blog,” but when the issue that I attempted to raise (SGM’s hardcore complementarianism) was shut out of the discussion because of the owner’s personal, religious beliefs (they are complementarian), I felt the site was less a venue for true SGM survivors and more for the owners to display their beliefs & talents using SGM as their platform.

    They may disagree that complementarianism isn’t a fundamental SGM issue and patronize those that believe it is by referring to them as having a “hobby horse” and then shut down the discussion with threats of their “rule violations,” was self-serving.

    If they want to run a true survivors site for those that were seriously victimized and damaged by the erroneous and unbiblical practices of SGM, then maybe they should go join an SGM church and stay there for over a decade. Then maybe they’d know better about what they’re disallowing to be talked about.

    sgmsurvivors.com – “Submit to us!…your SGM experience.”

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    TWW is unusual in that we let anyone comment within reason (you know the drill-no libel, etc). Most blogs do not do that. Everyone has their pet issues. Mine are pedophiles, abusers and rabid young earthers. But, we even let the rabid young earthers comment here. We get frequent emails asking us to ban certain commenters. We do not like doing so because we think it is better that they be here and commenting because they will be exposed to a wide range of ideas.

    Frankly, I am surprised when blogs that deal with abusive issues which often revolves around poor or restricted communication do the same thing. But, to each his own. In the meantime, we will continue our open policy.

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    Thank you Dee. I appreciate your heart and the way you manage things here at TWW. I appreciate the openness of the conversation and the room you give to allow people to express themselves, even as they are working things out themselves.

    Plus it’s great that you and Deb are on the same page! What a special friendship 🙂