Did Caner Get Tased While the Georgia Blogger Got Hosed?

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Digressive musing alert:

Approximately 10 months ago, I was reeling from an incident at my former church, which can best be described as “a shock.” I had been a Pollyanna Christian up to this point. Except for a brief stint in Ed Young Jr’s. Church, I could best describe my church experiences as stimulating, convicting and joyful. I had wonderful (not perfect) pastors, loved the elders and deacons and felt that these churches were running the way it seemed to be described in the Bible. Yes, I had even seen church conflict and saw it resolved well.

After my shattering experience, I saw pastors, elders and deacons in a new, and perhaps more realistic light. They are sinners and can deeply hurt and offend other people. Over and over, I would wonder why God would have me go through this. Shortly after starting this blog (which was not started because, but in spite, of my devastating church experience), I received communication on the blog from Doug Pittman (whom I had never met) in Georgia who encouraged me to look at what happened at his church, Pray’s Mills Baptist Church. Last July, in a Cracker Barrel on I-20 in Georgia, I met Doug Pittman, Doug Pirkle and his family and a former church secretary.

As their story unfolded, I realized I was not surprised or disbelieving because I had gone through my own “bad” experience. How closely the actions of the pastors and leadership mirrored those in my story! It was as if someone had written a playbook and everyone was acting out his or her assigned responses.

And, at that Cracker Barrel, it hit me. This very meeting was the reason why I had to go through my pain. I had to see how pastors and church leadership can behave under the worst of circumstances in order to believe, understand and advocate for those caught in painful church circumstances. That night changed me forever. I have driven past that exit several times since, and each time I smile, and salute Doug and Doug for helping me to see God’s purpose in all of this.

So, click on the archives in August 2009 or click on Doug Pittman’s name under “categories”and read it and weep for the church. Maybe you will understand why our friend Doug signs everything he writes with, "Following Christ, not man".


TWW has expressed concern that Ergun Caner may have an issue of lying that is deeply rooted, perhaps, in his past. If this is true, then, most likely, there would be other instances of less than truthful behavior. Or, perhaps, if the lying is done to draw attention to him, then is there other attention-seeking behavior?

On Tom Rich’s blog, fbcjacwatchdog, I raised a question about Caner’s dog and pony show in which he gets tased to make some point about the Bible. Which point is irrelevant since Caner is getting tased and that becomes the focus.

Who cares about the Scripture? Isn’t this the new way to suck in the converts? Or are converts even the issue? Perhaps it is a way to suck in folks who will “CONTRIBUTE.” Ed Young Jr. accomplished this by rolling out a bed on the stage (bag the word "pulpit"-it does not apply to this sort of nonsense) and doing a ridiculous sermon on sex. Sex sells, Ed knew it and looooooved the resulting attention in the media.

Liberty University makes a big point on how enrollment tripled when Caner came on board, apparently agreeing with Young that size matters. In the end, maybe that is what counts. Bring in the folks, preferably those who will pay and shut up, build a big “Christian” college or church and pat yourselves on the back. Surely America and the Almighty ( in that order) will be very impressed.

So, in keeping with his big, bad-boy, jihadist image, Caner decides to get tased to elucidate, I suppose, the Word of God. I am waiting for the one in which some preacher decides to get water-boarded for the “sake” of the Gospel. These same guys would probably make fun of our ever popular Southern “snake handlers for Christ”.

Now, it is important to note that Caner did NOT get tased in the traditional sense. He apparently tried to do so (we will give him the benefit of the doubt on this) but things apparently did not work out. Both darts must be attached to the body for the circuit to occur. One merely needs to watch the video to see one of the darts hit the floor. Caner falls, either out of surprise or out of discomfort from the sting of the one dart. A true taser incident would have involved him flopping on the ground while a 5 second volt course through his system. I have included some links at the end of this post to view the incident and read a descriptive analysis on the subject of tasing.

Caner immediately gets up and begins to speak. Why didn’t Caner just say he had not been fully tased? Why did he even do it in the first place? Perhaps the answer is found in his claim to be a jihadist. He wants attention and will do what it takes to get noticed. Well, he has been noticed. Muslims have noticed him and have cried, “fake.” Christian bloggers have noticed him and urged Caner, along with Liberty University to man up (like the jihadist he claimed to be) and do the right thing. Liberty University stuck out its proverbial tongue at the world and said that they do not dance to the tune of others.

Finally, the secular media noticed and now Liberty has embarked on an investigation. It appears that truth at Liberty matters when the press asks. I shall look at this turn of events tomorrow. Too bad Liberty didn’t listen to those who tried to nip this in the bud. Was it arrogance or just plain stupidity? Either reason bodes ill for this situation.

For an explanation of how the taser works:

Here are two videos of the same incident from different angles.



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    I have to say that experiences like yours and Pittman’s seem so normal as to be almost a required part of being a Christian -one is eventually faced with the choice; who does one follow, Christ or people? It’s been around as long as Diotrephes of 3 John 1:9.

    I can’t find the Pittman blog by doing a search -is it still up? If so, can you give the URL?


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    Doug took it down but is considering reposting it. If you think he should repot it, please comment on this site. He reads it.

    The Wonderland series will go up next after Tom Rich’s story which will be finished this evening. I may also get to start posting one or two tonight. The plan is to have it finished by tomorrow. I bumped into a small glitch while posting and have just solved my problem, for the first time, on my own. (What do you think about that, man behind the curtain?).

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    For the last 5 years I have sat and listened to story after story much like yours and Dougs. Of course, I saw the same things in many other venues. As Ken said, this is becoming the norm and I can attest to that.

    At first I attributed it to the church growth mentality but then I started see some of the same behaviors and results in the reformed movement. Some the worst examples being Ligoneir and SGM.

    I started seeing a pattern. The root cause is errant
    teaching on authority in the Body.

    And believe me, we have a whole generation coming out of our seminaries who are much worse. They expect to be in authority at 25 because of a man conferred title.

    But what is more amazing is that in this modern world with free access to Lexicons, Greek language courses and every translation under the sun, the pew sitters do not study on their own. They know Christ through these charlatans and Baby Docs who preach their own position and authority.

    For these folks to operate, pew sitters have to support them. My conclusion was to focus on the pew sitter. Encourage them to get into the Word alone. Convince them the Holy Spirit is their best teacher and if they truly seek the kingdom of God…these things will be given to them…wisdom, discernment and a personal, intimate relationship with their Savior.

    How do you spot a counterfiet? By knowing and experiencing the REAL thing.

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    I hope Doug puts it back up. These blogs are a resource when talking to people…pew sitters.

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    Yeah, I got hosed…

    But it is getting better….slowly

    I will address some issues I have been involved in recently concerning several ministers soon.

    Dee, if people knew your heart as much as us here in GA, your readerships would be overwhelming x 100. That Cracker Barrel was an experience neither of us shall ever forget. God does use situations to put people together for a purpose, and without a doubt we are GOD lead in our mission trip against those that are truly tares within the ministry. I wish it was not so bad, but someone has to “Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus and be Soldiers of the Cross”!

    Following Christ, Not Man;
    Doug Pittman


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    Maybe it’s in this post and I missed it. But I am not familiar with your story or Doug’s story.

    Is there a basic summary of your 2 situations? If so, let me know. I want to read about them.


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    Here is the stories written on this blog by TWW…very very in-depth.


    Doug also had a website dougpittman.com which exposed ministers within GA of some very horrific actions against church members and at this point is now inactive.

    Several are trying to get him to re launch the site for us to re-read.

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    I am busily posting our archives and add about 10 or so per day. I am doing an update at the top of each days current post about the archives that I have transferred. On this one, you will see the comment at the beginning about Doug. On today’s you will see the comment about Tom Rich, another doozy of a story.

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    I so agree. There seems to be an willful ignorance in this country, as if making the effort to learn biblical Greek is something unnatural. Yet two hundred years ago you couldn’t dream of being a cleric in this country without a working knowledge of both greek and latin.
    I really don’t understand it. It’s as if education has become something unchristian.

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    Its even more interesting when you look at various churches that are starting their very own seminaries which I have dubbed “boutique seminaries.” We will be doing a post on these soon. For example, Sovereign Grace Minitries rejects the training from all of the established seminaries since they make all of their pastors go through “Pastors College” which is presided over( in reality) by CJ Mahaney who has only a high school education.

    JD Greear did an interesting sermon which gives insight into this new thinking. Click under JD Greear in categories and read “You are just a bunch of dumb sheep”. It will irritate you.Greear is one of the “New Calvinists”

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    I have watched this blog off and on for the last year and keep up with the comments on Doug’s blog as well. I want to hear about the current issues at Trinity in Southaven, where one of the Everson “boys” currently presides. And yes, he does authoritatively PRESIDE. Thanks for your work here!

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    Hi, no surprise there. We will keep an eye on things and if you have a specific story you wish to share or post , let me know. Got an interesting story about a local Harvest Church and we will probably doing a story real soon.