Dr. Ergun Caner is, and should not be, the president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a charismatic speaker who seems to have a knack for drawing people into his delusions. However, it appears this so-called leader of future preachers is living in a house of cards. His star began to rise in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. His claims of being a former child jihadist and his engaging speaking style have made him the darling of the evangelical set.


What never ceases to amaze us is the gullibility of Christians. We claim to understand that we are sinners and capable of wrongdoing. Yet, we accept the most extraordinary claims on the part of preachers and speakers. Then, we profess profound “shock” when said “leaders” turn out to be frauds or fallen men and women. So, our question to our readers is this. What do you really believe about the fallen nature of man and why do Christians seem to easily fall prey to the Christian hero complex?


When the hero falls, it seems that the one to blame is not the perpetrator of the fraud but those who have exposed the truth. Doug Pittman has used the term, “Baptist Mafia,” when referring to those who would seek to “shut up” those who would speak of the truth. Do you think that is harsh? Well, take a look at the following anonymous email received by Wade Burleson who has been doing a yeoman’s job of exposing not only the lies of Ergun Caner but those of his brother, Emir Caner, President of Truett McConnell College.


“This decision requires immediate attention. Your continued attacks on people in the SBC have reached a point where a certain group have decided to say to you enough is enough. We leaders in the SBC will not allow you to continue. We desire your recovery from your issues. But cease you must from continued attacks.

Here is the decision you have, if you can call it one:

1. Close your blog and stop all attacks including your father and church member. You are done! or

2. This group will release to the press and your church information we have obtained involving your careless sin and attempts to cover up such activity while attacking others.

Need proof?

Casinos! Other addictions! Why your daughter is not at Baylor! Your sons Marine issue! Enough? It is your call. At least we have the Grace and Truth to give you a "chance" for restoration.”




Doug Pittman’s colorful description seems to be “on the money.” All we need now is a horse head in Burleson’s bed!  Dee grew up in a non-Christian family and was acquainted with “tough guys.” When she became a Christian at 17, she was sure she had left that life behind. Wrong!


TWW joins with Wade Burleson, Tom Rich and others in seeking to expose the truth in the Caner matter. TWW calls for Ergun Caner to resign his presidency due to  his lies and failure to adequately respond to the allegations  and repent. How in the world can he expect to lead Christian students in the truth if he cannot adhere to simple honesty? I wonder if he would throw students out of his institutions if they were found to have been lying or cheating?Does the seminary have an honesty or no cheating policy? Bet they do. How do those who defend or cover for him feel about the lies of Bill Clinton? Did they support him in the same way?


The following is a list of lies, half-truths or undocumented claims by Ergun Caner.

1. He claims he was raised in Turkey and learned about America through television. He particularly liked the Andy Griffith show proving that his taste in television is at least orthodox! From Wade Burleson’s well known blog, Grace and Truth to You we learn, “Dr. Caner has publicly stated that he came to the United States at age fifteen having been trained to be a jihadist”

 Reality: Caner was born in Sweden to a Swedish mother and Muslim father. He came to the United States when he was 4 and was raised here.


2. He says he has debated famous Muslims along with leaders of every religious group imaginable.

Reality: One such man, Shabir Ally, has publicly stated that he has never spoken with Caner. There are absolutely no records to prove any debates that have taken place.

James White, head of Alpha and Omega, an evangelical Reformed apologetics site, has been investigating Caner and released this public statement, which can  be found at the 5 Point Salt blog.



The fact remains that Ergun Caner does not do these things called formal debates. And what he has called debates the rest of the world calls conversations, interviews, discussions. There’s a difference, and he well knows it. He knows it so well his biography page, which, until last night anyway, contained his claim to have done debates with religious leaders in thirteen countries and thirty plus states, is now missing from his website, and his Twitter page has been amended as well. Why remove these claims if what he says here remains true? Do not get me wrong: I hope he removes all such claims, as they are demonstrably false, but he seems to be attempting to save face in the process as well….

I believe he has, in fact, intentionally “made up” stories. He needs to admit this and repent of it. I believe he needs to explain to his students that he is not on the cutting edge of Islamic apologetics. He has not stood in public to defend the Christian faith against the best the opposition has to offer, in fair, balanced, moderated debate. He may well say many true things about Islam, but he has created a false persona in an effort to bring more students to his school, and this is unworthy of the Christian profession. Only an open acknowledgment of this, and repentance thereof, will properly befit his continued ministry”.


 3. He alleges that he is an expert in Islam. Burleson says the following, “Dr. Caner has also publicly stated that his first language was Arabic and he was trained in a madrassa in Turkey. Several International Mission Board missionaries who speak fluent Arabic have emailed me, horrified at what they have heard Dr. Caner try to pass off as his native Arabic during his audio and video sermons at SBC churches. They confirm what others have been saying–he is speaking complete gibberish.”

  Reality: Muslim groups have been claiming for some time that not only doesn’t he speak the language correctly but he seems to misunderstand the very basics of Islam. Please view the following you tube in which he claims to  speak the Shahadah.




 Now read a couple of comments from that video which we provide here.  Imagine how this looks for those who witness to our faith in the Muslim world!


With due apologies, this guy doesn't even know what he is talking about!   He    says Shahadah is "Bismillah hir rahman raheem, alhmadullilah hirraheem" which translates as "In name of Allah most Merciful and  Compassionate, in name of Allah the most Merciful". is not even close to  what he translates it into! And this is not the "SHAHDAH"


oh my goodness, honestly. this is ridiculous. you have to be completely brainwashed and ready to be spoon-fed anything put in your face to buy what this man's saying. He doesn't even know the basics of islam, he's been debunked from every direction. We fast 40 days? "Swam"? my Lord, Guide him. He's making christians look uneducated about just religion in general. Does he think hes doing a favor to his people by lying? "This man is a former Muslim!"


4. He claims to be a witness for the Lord.

 Reality: Yet, his speaking style is peppered with derogatory statements that should make any Bible believing, missions oriented Christian cringe. The following are from Tom Rich’s excellent blog, FBC Jax Watchdog. Tom had the dubious honor of hearing this guy speak after 9/11.


  Takes a swipe at Mexicans: says that "his people" come here to America faster than any group except for Mexicans, and we (Turks) "don't come in the back of Chevy's".

  "Do I believe in women behind the pulpit? You bet I do, how else do you expect             them to vacuum back here if they can't get behind it?”


How has Liberty responded? Simply by putting a “cleaned up” version of his biography on their web site. So, it seems as if Liberty is complicit in allowing such a poor witness and poor role model to remain at his post. This raises questions about the administration at Liberty. If Caner remains in his position, we would advise all individuals applying to Liberty to “think again.” Find a seminary and college that actually uphold truth instead of paying it lip service.


We have another question that we feel needs to be addressed. There are a number of pastors and seminarians that proudly extol their various degrees. Some of these degrees are questionable and are granted by diploma mills. Some are merely honorary degrees and unearned. Others such as doctorates (THD) from the University of South Africa (which Caner holds) are granted by long distance evaluation via recommendations and papers, etc. TWW believes that all professors and pastors should have their degrees scrutinized to be sure that they are from legitimate organizations and earned due to hard work, not working who you know. Frankly, there are some folks who have no business calling themselves “Doctor.”


Finally, critics of those exposing Caner have said that it is a “reformed” vendetta. Apparently they believe that the Calvinists are out for blood since Caner is heavily anti-Calvinism. Well, TWW has long criticized excesses in the Calvinist movement so, as the saying goes, we have no dogs in this hunt. We believe in the truth and believe that Caner has shown blatant disregard for the truth. Try as they might, these apologists for Caner (instead of Christ) will not be able to overcome the groundswell of objections from Calvinists, Arminianists, Don’t Really Careists, and a host of folks outside of the faith who are calling, “foul.”


As for the goons that threatened Wade Burleson, we have something to say to you. Someday you will stand before God and will give an account for these threats. The Bible has no chapters on how to utilize Mafioso tactics in disagreements. TWW is shocked that you call yourselves Christians.Wait, you didn't. You called yourselves Baptist leaders. Maybe Christians and Baptist leaders aren't the same. May God convict you and have mercy on your souls.



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    This guy really did some official homework to prove Caner lied and lied and lied.

    The problems in Christendom are about celebrity, power, and authority. I blame us followers. We should know better.

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    Dee and all other readers;

    Unless you have dealt face to face dealings with these types or shall I say and better describe it as – FACTS VS FACTS , with these men NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has any idea of what I mean when I say “those within the Baptist Mafia’.

    If you ever cross them, folks get ready – they have a battle plan that will absolutely destroy you, your family and your friendships.

    The only thing is….they underestimated my meekness as a weakness – until they lit the canon.

    And I fought and fought and fought them until they went underground with silence…

    As a friend once said to me….”Doug, if Sherman had of met up against you as the Confederate General when marching South in the Civil War, things surely would have turned out differently”…….

    As I said on Wade’s Blog;

    “I warned all about this guy at Truett / MC and the Georgia Baptist Convention issue.

    I warned all about Emir and his deception 3 years ago!

    I wrote all about how I discovered his lies and fabrications…but NOBODY believed me then…

    Maybe they will now! I know much much more than is even published.

    To me this is old news, but maybe now it will make an impact.

    I brought out these issues when I exposed Mike Everson.

    Guess I need to “open” my blog for business again……”

    Folks, we have GOT to Stand for Christ Kingdom and against these Abominations against our Lord, otherwise – who will?

    Following Christ, Not Man
    Doug Pittman

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    I wish we could say we were up against just men. It seems to me that there is a terrible spiritual battle going on. Its deception against truth and it astonishes me the lengths some will go to deceive and threaten. These type of men (along with the type women who support and cover for them) are the reason I left the SBC this past year.I was a member of the SBC for about 9 years and I am so sad that I must look back on those years with frustration. Thank God I am back in a normal evangelical setting once again and am at peace.

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    It is getting worse. I get issues sent to me via email almost daily. It is not just the large mega pastors now doing it, it is large, medium, and small churches and those that have trained under them. The church has lowered its standards for men like these because the SBC has used the power and money to infiltrate the churches has taken away the Christ centered – Christ Focused Biblical teaching.

    Many seminaries are producing Baptist Mafia robots out now like an auto manufacturing plant produces cars. The molds are frightening.

    And these men think it is Ok to act and preach in this manner.

    Until you have seen and heard it, you will not believe it. I understand this concept. But in my opinion, Baptist have made their denomination a “CULT”

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    I am new to all these facts. Was hugely curious when first saw to Ergun Caner on Falwell’s TV back in 2004. I noticed something strange but did not know what. If you have facts; it is necessary to use them to persuade his blind supporters to reconsider their stance.


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    You know, I have exposed many issues. Many issues within “the Baptist Mafia” especially against many within the Georgia Baptist Convention and the S B C. Many issue found out later to be the TRUTH only to get bombarded with death threats (only a few of those), harassment, property damage, attempted intimidation, rejection, neglect, false accusation and lies, and many other social attacks. I, along with others, have questioned many leaders on lies that we know to be outright deceptive and incorrect.

    Know what happens, they run and hide. They bury their heads in the sand. They send you emails like this:

    I have wrestled back and forth most of the day on responding to your email. I will this one time, but immediately afterwards, I will place you on a “blocked sender list” so there will be no more. Please understand, there will be no more. Further contact with you has proven to be of no beneficial purpose for anyone.”

    Bring out truths, and they run run run…….or say they will get back to you, or they won’t return phone calls, or they won’t – well you get the picture IGNORE

    S B C MANUAL /Seminary 101 – When confronted with TRUTH – IGNORE Those who Expose it.

    Remember, I was the one the Georgia Baptist Convention and those within the GA Baptist Mafia wrote the anti – blogging resolution against in 2007. The Caner Issue was one of those TRUTHS they attempted to protect in addition to other leaders issues I was blogging about on my own personal blog at that time.

    I do have many TRUTHS left untold but when I sit back, look at how those that I have told are handled, it just makes me smile at how smooth these guys really are within “the Baptist Mafia” at protecting each other.

    Makes me wonder how Queen Ester would have been taken in today’s Baptist environment…oops I probably need to reconsider that question since we all know how those within “the Baptist Mafia” feel about women – Right Boys

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    Doug, I totally believe you because I saw it with my own eyes for years in the seeker movement. same stuff! And folks reacted the same way to negative truths…either they ‘block you’ or hide. In my view they are MORE guilty. Why? GASP, how could I say that? Because they know but don’t WANT to know so they rationalize. They hide evil and rationalize it until they manage to write their own sin codes.

    I am especially distressed when they rationalize lying because a leader “brings someone to Christ”. Do they not even understand how blasphemous that is on several levels? This is ego out of control and a biblical ignorance that is astounding. They actually believe this. They also believe “they” lead people to Christ. We are only broken vessels with a true message. The Holy Spirit does the leading and convicting.

    And you are right…it is going on at all levels because the seminaries are churning them out like robots. They are everywhere and we are now entering the 2nd generation of them which is even larger. I have witnessed 24 year old seminary students rebuking 60 year old women for speaking in a mixed Bible study. They really do expect to be followed and obeyed! They are scary little brainwashed magistrates.

    They span Christendom from Reformed, Seeker, Landmarkers, Fundy, Emergent, etc. The very system is evil. They have taken the European model of church and made it into a business enterprise so instead of a pope or magistrate they are the CEO. And they all do this including Mohler and all his band of worshippers who merchandise the Gospel for power and influence.

    But, friends! This is the greatest opportunity since the 2nd Century for us to COME OUT OF HER and look to the NT model for what is really of Christ. If we do not, how will folks know what Christianity is really about?

    I am glad I am old enough to remember when a Baptist pastor was just another sinner saved by grace and no big deal within the Priesthood. I was raised to know that. Thank God. Or, I might be following some of these charlatans who see themselves as a ‘David’ and specially anointed.

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    I cannot believe that accredited insitutions and churches get duped like this. But it happens in the secular world too. Look at that Churchill guy in Colorado who claims he is part Indian etc. Turns out he’s not an Indian at all. And the guy who “invented” Kwanza (sp?). He’s a convicted felon. Bernard Madoff. Etc.

    But what’s more surprising is the reluctance to avoid dealing with this. I predict it will be dealt with. But the psychological impact is apparently so great that those who have been victimized are so disoriented, they turn their wrath upon the truth tellers, not the phony.

    Now that I think about it, some of that happened during the Clinton scandal. When it was apparent to all what Clinton had done, there were still those saying he had not done it. Then when he finally confessed, they had not wrath for him. Only the people who brought the scandal to life.

    The same thing happened years ago in the Alger Hiss saga. People denied up and down that Hiss was a spy. It had to be a HUAC inspired plot. Some people even bought the lame story that the FBI re-constructed a typewriter and planted it so that Hiss’s lawyers could find it, turn it over – and then the typewriter turned out to prove Hiss’s guilt. Hiss’s friends never had any anger toward Hiss. All of their anger was reserved for HUAC and freshman congressman, Richard Nixon. Their hate Nixon never subsided, and they never could bring themselves to admit Hiss’s guilt.

    One would and should expect better from the church. We are to love strong (I Cor 13 – believe the best about people), but we are also supposed to tell the truth.

    If we can’t tell the truth, we will be seen a snake oil salemen. No better.

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    You know, these men now remind me of the Nixon years as President….. but the difference is they think they are above GODS commandments and are immune from “Biblical; Principle”.

    I guess they learned from one of the best deceivers and con man who ever put his foot on this earthly soil.

    What we have now is an Army of Richard Nixon ministerial clones starting with those within the Baptist Mafia as the leaders.

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    “But the psychological impact is apparently so great that those who have been victimized are so disoriented, they turn their wrath upon the truth tellers, not the phony.”

    Kill the messenger. But more importantly, they take their cues from the leaders how to respond. So, the cycle continues. That is why authoritarianism is now the main doctrine of the SBC when it used to be the Priesthood.

    Doug, I think these celebs are more like Bill Clinton than they can imagine. They use the exact same tactics as the Carville folks. Nixon could not get by with it. But the more Clinton lied, the more his defenders defended him. The more the media loved him. And the more Clinton lied, the less many folks cared.

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    Anon, I cannot believe you brought up Alger Hiss. On a side note, I am a huge fan of Whittaker Chambers and have read everything he wrote (Time has his stuff archived online)

    I have also read every single book about the Hiss Case. Even the recent revelations when Venona was made public and proved Hiss was a long time plant in government…even at Yalta. And to this day, old time liberals will defend him to the death. Why? Because it is unthinkable the levels that the communists had infiltrated our government in the 20’s and 30’s. Even a few democrat senators had to threaten FDR they would not back him if he did not get rid of Wallace who was a card carrying communist.

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    I was just thinking on the angle with Nixon of it was more personal and one sided with his thinking and that he thought he was above the law and untouchable by anyone of authority.

    But I agree with the Clinton scenario whom they have modeled themselves after.

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    I CANNOT believe this. You have got to be kidding. O.K. This has to be God’s sense of humor.

    There is no way in the world that I could have found another person on the planet who knows about the Hiss case and Chambers and the whole bit AND it is you. What that means is that we are 2 peas in a pod.

    Did you read Sam Tannenhaus’ biography of Chambers?

    I am inviting you to call or email me. You may know who I am. I do not know whom you are. But I think in light of your post that it would be good for us to talk directly. I am giving Dee and Deb permission for them to give you may email address.

    I promise you that I will not disclose anything about you that I learn or anything like that and will trust that you will do the same.

    I am just simply convinced by your last message that we have a whole lot more in common with each other than we know and that it is time that we talked directly.

    I would take the first step (contact you), but don’t know how to do that. If you want me to contact you, I will, but you have to tell me how to do that.

    Take care.

    P.S. Henry Wallace also was bumped off the VP spot at the Democratic Convention in 1944 because of a political party called the Texas Regulars. They were a break off from the Texas Democratic Party who did not like Roosevelt’s socialist policies and his continuing to run for President after 2 terms. The Texas Regulars won control of the voting block of the Democratic delegates to the Convention that year, even though Lyndon Johnson and the other Democrats showed up, too, and demanded to be seated at the convention. The Texas Regulars were allowed to vote at the Convention and they voted for Truman, not Wallace, thus knocking Wallace out of the VP spot. However, by the time of the November elections, due to Texas politics, the regulars were knocked off their spots as Presidential electors and the electors all voted for Roosevelt for a 4th term.

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    Of course I read Tannenhaus’ bio. I am looking at it in my bookcase. I know, it is rare to find another Chambersd/Hiss person.

    I personally think he was the greatest writer of the 20th Century and every high schooler should be required to read Witness. You know he burned 10X more than he published to my great regret. I probably own one of the few Cold Friday’s out there. I also bought a first edition Witness at a used Book Store in Coconut Grove years ago.

    you can contact me at lydiasellerofpurple@yahoo.com

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    I did research last summer on Ergun Caner’s educational degrees and his changing educational story. Basically, it boils down to two things:

    1) He tried to pass off a perfectly good Doctor of Theology from the University of South Africa as a Ph.D. As I point out in my blog posts, he can’t just swap out one set of doctoral degrees for another. (As an example, I hold a Juris Doctor. I’d *never* say I have a Ph.D. At least one of my Ph.D-holding friends would verbally beat me about the head and shoulders for my hubris!)

    2) He got a Doctorate of Ministry from Emmanuel Baptist University, of which the best thing you can say is that it was unaccredited. Ergun later claimed it was an honorary degree, but that’s highly questionable.


    You know, if it had just been the padding of the c.v., I think would have been forgivable. I know what kind of pressure is put on people who are climbing through certain organizations to have certain degrees. But this goes beyond c.v. padding. Ergun Caner has been putting himself out there as an ex-Muslim, when he confuses the Shahadah (the Islamic testimony of faith) with Al-Fatihah (the first chapter of the Qur’an). He spreads this (mis)information about another religion to a target audience that’s already hearing over and over and over again that this religion is at war with America.

    It’s a really tough economy out there and I don’t want his family to suffer for his folly…but he’s not merely unrepentant, he’s stonewalling. If this had happened in the secular world, he would have been forced to step aside from his position while this was investigated. And his books would be pulled by his publisher. But I rather doubt any of that will happen until this hits the secular press.

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    Thanks for the important info mirele! We had already planned to write about Ergun Caner’s credentials (?) on Monday.


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    Let’s pick the fight back up. They have had a long enough break. D&D at it again!!!!

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    I have not received an apology yet from anyone, have you?

    Doug Pittman

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    The boys are back in town!!!!!!
    Another D

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    Make that four D’s!

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    I think it is interesting that many of you claim that this is a good example of Christian rebuke. And please correct me if I am wrong. But in reading Matt 18, the verse in which I’m assuming you are referring to, I do find that in those verses the author encourages Christian’s to rebuke each other IN PRIVATE, and if that does not work than to take the matter to two or three, finally in front of the congregation. If I am not mistaken posting on the internet does not count as a congregation. My personal belief is those are attacking Dr. Caner, be it founded or unfounded, are doing it out of evil not within the confides of Christian Discipline. It appears to me that if Dr. Caner was completely making up his testimony than yes that was a sin, but no more of a sin than any one of you are partaking in by publicly cutting down and insulting a christian brother. I believe Jesus said it best when he stated in Matt 5:21 “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not murder,[a] and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ 22But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother[b]will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca,[c]‘ is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell. “… it seems to me that each one of you are breaking one of the most basic of Jesus’s commandments. So regardless of Dr. Caner’s validity of statements I believe each one of your statements that I have seen here are slanderous and hurtful and were never meant to uplift your brother in Christ.

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    Uplift your brother in Christ, hmmmmmm…..Do You really want me to reply to your statement.

    If you know the my story, you would have been very careful in opening this can of worm.

    My question is, how can the Chairman of the Executive Committee (2nd highest position in the Baptist Convention) throw out members of his church (along with his DEMONIC DEACON DISCIPLES) for questioning and demanding answers concerning moral issues under his leadership, and some for just voting against HIS resolution to throw someone out?

    As those within ” the Baptist Mafia” do not want to acknolwedge issue and continue to ” Bury their heads in the Sand” – we will continue to expose!

    I am not going into detail concerning my story as Dee will repost those articles she wrote soon.

    As I have said many times,………………….

    “The Internet, the Great Equalizer”!

    Following Christ, Not Man
    Doug Pittman


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    I have not heard any apologies, repentance, yet, have you?


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    Hi Steven

    Thank you for your thoughts. I would like to address several points. I know you are from Lynchburg and probably have a vested interest in this story.

    -You and I will never see eye to eye on this one. Caner has hurt the witness of LU in the world. LU should have investigated Caner when the Muslim gentleman started asking questions. Had they done so and taken care of this problem a long time ago, they wouldn’t be in the pickle they are in today. It shows arrogance and slothfulness on the part of the administration for not jumping on this right away. Do you not think that God can use a nonbeliever to expose sin in the camp?

    -Matthew 18 is often the last refuge for scoundrels. It is to be used within the church for personal issues. Matthew 18 is quoted by liars, abusers, and so on to justify not dealing with a problem. This is a national issue and has received national attention that is growing by the minute. Perhaps God uses the media to force truth and expose hypocrisy.

    I suggest that you read one of the finest books ever written on spiritual abuse called The Subtle Tyranny of Spiritual Abuse.It describes abusive churches. One of the points they make is how badly this verse is applied to SHUT people up and allow sin to continue.

    -Caners talks have been carefully recorded so that it is quite simple to prove his lies. There is no excuse for consistent lying. A congressman from CT, Richard Blumenthal, had to apologize nationally for just lying ONCE!!! He said in a statement that he served IN Viet Nam instead of during Viet Nam (He was not stationed in Nam).He is all over the media. I bet you think he deserves what he gets. Caner consistently told whoppers about his background. There is no way around it. Next week we are considering revealing more “whoppers” by Caner.

    -I am so concerned about Caner that I think he should be evaluated by a psychiatrist. The root of his apparent willingness to “misspeak” needs to be explored to see if he has some “mental health” issues, stemming from childhood. Children in messy divorce situations often feel neglected. Lying is a way to get attention. I am not saying that this is what happened to Caner but it has happened to others from similar circumstances.

    -People have tried to contact LU. I know one man who visited there last week. There have been attempts made.

    -This man has deceived many, many Christians. Do you know how such deception might send people away from the faith? I suggest that you spend some time reading the “antitestimonials” on exchristians.net. Lying by church leaders is often as one of the reasons that people have left the faith (Yes, yes I know you believe that they really were never Christians).

    -I believe that we are “uplifting”this brother in Christ. By insisting that he confess and repent, we are helping him to face the truth about himself. How long has he lived with these lies? Can you imagine what is going on inside of him? I believe that he could turn this into an incredible opportunity to share the gospel with the world. Here is a way:

    ” Ok folks, I lied, plain and simple. I am a sinner just like the rest of the world. The lies gave me much attention and I realize that I have been seeking the approval of the world instead of Jesus Christ. But, I am saved by grace, I deserve the criticism, and I will step down. To the watching world, i screwed up royally. Yet, I have a Savior that forgives the most heinous of sins and He will forgive mine. I can only hope that you all can do so as well. And remember, when you all are by yourselves, contemplating all the things you have done wrong and feeling guilty, I want you to know that there is a Savior that loves you and me very much.”
    -Do I really need to show you all of the stories that God preserved in the Bible that tells personal stories of terrible sins, names and places given, that will be a part of the Christian story throughout eternity. Putting it in the Bible is not the way to encourage folks, is it?

    -In the end I think we should always be prepared to deal with issues like this in peace. As Christians we know of Christ’s forgiveness and we should be the first to understand and address sin. Why do we want to pretend we are better than the world? Why do we want to pretend that Christian leaders are not capable of great sin?

    -We all can pick and chose Bible verses to justify any position we take in this issue. I would suggest that you do a study on lying. There are some terribly strong admonitions on this subject as well.

    -Do you know the definition of slander? We do and we don’t slander anyone.

    “Following Christ, not man”

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    Nope, although I read the “supposed” apology he made but it has been removed from his site. I will probably post it next week. It was definitely lacking, IMHO, and apparently he agrees or it would still be posted.

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    The archives should be finished in the next couple of days. I intend to do a post describing some of the more significant posts. Your story, along with Tom Rich, are so sad and will be highlighted in my review. It was my meeting with you and the others at a certain Cracker Barrel that will go down as one of the more significant events in my life. It helped me to see the dark issues in the churches more clearly and gave me a reason for this blog.

    PS Waved and honked my horn as I drove passed last week.