Dee and I took a leap of faith back in March 2009 when we launched The Wartburg Watch after talking about it for at least two years!  We would often mention our blog concept to family and friends, and I doubt they took us very seriously.  To be absolutely honest, I didn’t think this faith watch blog would ever become a reality.  Why?  Because I didn’t believe there would be that much to write about in the community of faith. Was I wrong!!! 

Dee and I became acquainted in 2001 when she moved to God’s country (North Carolina), and our friendship grew as we discussed faith issues.  Dee and I are extremely passionate about our walk with Christ, and we have spent the last eight years discussing faith issues.  The Wartburg Watch is merely an outgrowth of those innumerable conversations we have had over the years.

As I remember it, this ‘faith watch’ blog was Dee’s idea, and she came up with the name.  Both of us have been inspired by Martin Luther who hid out in Wartburg Castle so that Pope Leo’s henchmen wouldn’t murder him.  Luther brought about reform to a world that desperately needed it.  In a small way, we are attempting to do something similar in this internet forum.  We are so thankful for the likeminded believers we have found here in the blogosphere, and we cherish our pen pals who are scattered from Florida, to Georgia, to Kentucky, to North Carolina, to Tennessee, to Texas, to Germany and many places in between!  Your friendship means so much to us!   

Our goal in 2010 is to keep pursuing God’s truth as we explore important faith issues within Christendom.  We will begin the year by focusing on the prosperity preachers, and rest assured we will continue to focus on spiritual abuse within the body of Christ.  We will further investigate hyper-authoritarianism which we believe is plaguing many churches across America.  How ironic that in this “land of liberty” where freedom should ring there are many congregations that are plagued by legalism, not liberty in Christ. 

While we openly acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers, we are thankful that we don’t have our heads buried in the sand like some in the faith community – both leaders and followers.  Folks, it’s time to WAKE UP!!!  We are to take the Gospel to the nations, and we cannot do it unless we are in the center of God’s will. 

We welcome your important input (unlike the hyper-authoritarian blogs), and we look forward to what the New Year has in store for us at The Wartburg Watch.  May God be glorified by everything that is written here! 

Blessings to you and yours for a Christ-filled year!



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    Happy New Year, ladies! Thank you for your ministry to the body of Christ through this blog.

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    I really like your new format. So much easier to navigate. And I think you for you watching on the wall. We must warn others of the perils out there.

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    The new site looks fantastic! Happy New Year ~ may God bless you and continue to give you wisdom and grace.

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    Oh my, what would we do without you all and your “discernment”?

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    We knew you couldn’t stay away! And to think that quite a few of our readers appreciate our discernment…

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    I am glad we got under your skin. That is the purpose of this blog. Christianity is complex and working out differences can be fraught with tension. In tension we grow. Blessings

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    We? I thought you were one. Perhaps it is like the Borg of Star Trek-you are One of Nine.