Shun, as you would the plague, a cleric who from being poor has become wealthy, or who, from being nobody has become a celebrity.”


Yesterday we looked at Jimmy’s view on Catholicism and the position of priest.  It's really quite simple according to this Southern Baptist pastor.  Catholicism is a cult and the local priest is a cult leader.  Also, priest pedophilia was caused by the Catholic church’s response to the Reformation.  We still can’t figure out what causes pedophilia among Baptist pastors since, presumably, they believe in the Reformation.  Please go to Christa Brown’s informative website to see pictures of a whole slew of post Reformation Baptist pastor who are sexual offenders.  The numbers will shock you!



Jimmy (we call him this because he would not respectfully address a local priest by his title of Father) has a unique perspective on the Muslims.  On May 20th 2009, this self styled biker said the following:

“"I'm riding my motorcycle down 9A the other day. I look over, and the dome on Jacksonville's newest Muslim mosque is being put in place. It's amazing, Christians will rally for everything but what God says is important…But when it comes to engaging the enemy and the greatest weapon he's used in the last 1400 years, listen, to conquer all of Asia, to conquer much of Europe, what he's doing today he's doing it the same way with Islam in America today and the church is silent. And a big dome goes up in our city and we sit back passively and say 'Well, if that's what they want to believe, alright." Well, get ready brother, 'cause your grandchildren are going to come under Muslim law if you keep silent."

This statement is most troubling. 


FBC Jax stated they were fearful of Tom Rich’s vitriol, and they needed to investigate him.  I believe that the Jacksonville Sheriff needs to investigate Jimmy.  Why is he afraid of Muslims?  Before the dome went up in Jacksonville, they had been present in that area for decades.  Have there been any city council votes forcing women to wear burqas or outlawing pork chops in the restaurants?  It sounds to me like Jimmy is calling for Christians to fear their fellow citizens, rather than reach out in love and friendship to them.

His statements show a profound ignorance of God’s sovereignty.  First, God allows all mankind a free choice on who or what to worship.  Secondly, Jimmy should rejoice at the presence of Muslims in the city.  How many of FBC Jax's elite have chosen to be missionaries in Muslims countries?  My understanding is that very few Christians can get into these countries as missionaries and not many are willing to put their lives at risk for the Gospel in the Middle East.

Did it ever occur to Jimmy that God has brought Muslims into his own backyard so that he could learn to love and share the Good News of the Gospel in the safety and comfort of his homeland?  Did he jump off his “hog” and kneel down and ask God for guidance in being a good neighbor and witness to his fellow Americans that happen to be Muslim?


I happen to have a friend who is Muslim.  He shares many of the same concerns I have for our society.  He is opposed to abortion and the sexualization of children.  Furthermore, he is saddened by the high divorce rate in our country.  We are like-minded on these issues, and we have even worked together to try to elect a conservative Congressman, to no avail.

Jesus and the Apostles showed no fear of those who believed differently.  They actively engaged their culture which was comprised of people with diverse religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds.  I don’t remember Jesus telling his disciples to fear the Roman religious beliefs but, instead, to boldly proclaim the love of God to all.


However, after listening to Jimmy, I fear that love comes last on his agenda.  Unfortunately, combine his fear mongering with one of his predecessor's comments on Mohammed (who he claimed was a “demon possessed pedophile”) and one can see the seeds of hatred and antipathy being sown at FBC Jax. 

As an aside, we must be careful in mind reading something we cannot know.  How does anyone except God know for certain that someone is demon-possessed?  Ditto for pedophilia that reportedly took place over a millennia ago.  We are called to reach out in love.  Suppose I told my Muslim friend early in our friendship that Mohammed was demon-possessed pedophile.  Do you suppose our friendship would have developed?  Do you think he would have heard me speak about the love of Jesus Christ?


One thing I have noticed on Tom Rich’s blog is a lack of love and kindness toward him in the comments.  Perhaps FBC doesn’t believe in practicing love if they don’t “like” the individual.  Here are two examples from comment son his site:


1.“I urge caution Mr. Rich.  Suing the church is a big thing.  Remember, power players, and lawyers, and judges are hard to fight.  I don't think your lawyer, Mr. Roberts is he?, can win this one.”


2. Anonymous commented "watch puppy, they say jealousy is a terrible thing…what, are you mad because you got kicked out of fbc…just think about that doctor that was just killed [referring to the late-term abortionist shot in the head in church], he has to answer to God for all of those abortions he conducted… you gonna have to answer to God for all of your blasphemy" 
. THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2009

Well, as Jesus said, even the pagans are capable of loving those who love them.  I am most concerned about the second comment. Hopefully, Mr. Hinson will investigate this commenter. This same attitude, I fear, is exhibited in how they approach those who are different than they are.  Here are a couple of comments placed on fbcjaxwatchdog’s blog referring to Jimmy’s tirades on the Catholics.


1. “Anonymous said…
I find the Catholic Cult articles offensive and uninformed.  The church has a government much like the United States.  It needs a leader, the Pope.  Catholics do not consider the Pope a higher authority than Christ.  He is the authority of our church as is Mac for FBC.  Mary is reveared because she said yes.  What if she had said no when asked to be the mother of our Lord?  We do not worship Mary or statues or Saints.  We ask for intervention based on the scripture "he who believeh in him shall not perish but have everlasting life" Seeking their prayers is like asking a heavenly congragation to pray for us, much as you might ask a friend to pray for you. Tradition is basically addressed as experience. We are a 2000 year old religion and we have experienced good and bad.  We do not believe we have to or are forced to go to confession.  When I converted I was told direct confession to my Lord and Savior is appropriate.  The priest is a vehicle to releive guilt much like a misnister is when he councils someone from his congregation.  The priesthood is founded on the breath that Jesus breathed into his diciples after he arose from the grave.  He stated "who you forgive will be forgiven".  This tradition was passed on through Peter to the priesthood.  It is part of becoming a priest that a more senior priest, bishop elect will breathe on the new priest.  Catholics do not go around trashing the baptist religion it would be sinful.  We are not a perfect religion but we believe in the one Lord Jesus Christ and we as everyday Catholics are not involved in the Church government.  We are baptised and saved and if we feel our christening as a baby isn't enough we can ask to be Baptised again.  My priest Father Dan Cody speaks only good things of the Protestant religion.  He is a true teacher with a Christian heart.  I urge the people who read the three blogs calling our religion a cult to meet us at St. Josephs to see how we truly live and believe.”


2.“As a Catholic Christian I find these documents very offensive.  The person who wrote these documents should have done more research. During the Lindsay years. (I know this is beginning to be the only preacher we can look back to as a legitimate pastor) But during the Lindsay years it was quite common for our Catholic friends to tell us that after they went to Mass on Sunday morning they would go home to hear Dr. Lindsay preach. Even the priests spoke well of Lindsay! I have recently had a Catholic friend tell me how much they miss Dr. Lindsay and what a good Godly preacher he was. How am I to explain this deliberate antagonism to them. I and other members of my family have witnessed to and led some Catholics (one an entire family) to the Lord. What more damage can this church do to this community? We maybe don't agree with the Catholics, and certainly not their doctrine, but we don't have to start a war with them. How are we going to witness to them now? Thanks Jim, Mac and all the fine folks allowing this. But, you know if this church doesn't care about who they hurt in their own church, why are we surprised at who they hurt outside of it?”


There is also a lack of sensitivity to cultural diversity.  A white guy needs to be careful making fun of the way African American or Hispanics worship.  I do not believe this poor soul, a Pastor Caner, meant ill.  However, this sort of thing can make the church sound ignorant and condescending.

"The central premise and thesis I want to give you, is 'its not what you say, its to whom you say.' Amen? How many here ever been to a black church? Isn't that somethin'? You worship – that's a different style of worship than First Jacksonville and Thomas Road. Anybody that's ever been to a black church: don't you ever complain to me about gettin' out after 12 noon. [Laughter] I preached in one about six weeks ago and didn't even get in the pulpit until 1! [Laughter] They took up 12 offerings. Apparently they go back in the back and count it and if it isn't enough they gonna take it up again. [Laughter] A different style of worship. Different style of dress….I am aware I am in a pulpit without a tie but I can't find a shirt wide enough to button. Boy, you go to a black church, gentlemen, you ain't just gonna have on a blue suit, your shoes are gonna match your suit, and your handkerchief is going to match your tie, and the whole outfit is going to match your car. It's BEAUTIFUL. [Laughter]


And ladies: when we talk about black church, we're talkin' about hats. And I'm not just talkin' Easter hats as some of you may wear, I'm talkin' 'bout satellite dish hats. [laughter]. Big enough to receive a signal [Laughter], with a curtain rod goin' down the front that you can just pull the curtain across. [Laughter] 

How many of you ever been to a Hispanic church? Some kind of worship there. That's whole man worship – body, soul, and spirit. In the middle of the song, you may recognize the hymn, you don't know what they're sayin', but in the middle of a song they'll bust out with a BLEEEEEEYAHHHHHHHH. [Laughter] 
Its not the style, it’s the substance."


I believe that both pastors and members at FBC should examine their hearts and repent of the poor witness that is being given to the Jacksonville community. Is  there anyone at that church who is embarrassed by the above? Where are the Trustees?



Sadly, as Jimmy denounces Catholics for believing that the Magisterium speaks for God outside of Scripture, he refuses to see that Mac Brunson does the exact same thing.  This inability to recognize the truth is called cognitive dissonance.

Mac Brunson claimed that 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the rising oil prices, and the economic recession were all actively caused by God to get our attention for not turning to Him amidst our blessings as a country.




First, God causes these things to happen if we don’t thank Him for our blessings, then why America and not Sweden and Saudi Arabia.  Both of those countries deny the Christian God (Sweden has only 9% who believe in a God and we know what Muslims believe). America actually has more people thanking Him for our prosperity than most countries in the world.


Secondly, just what makes Mac think He knows what God is thinking?  Is God giving him special, extra Biblical revelation?  Ssurely, he doesn’t believe that because, if he does, Jimmy should slap him upside the head for acting like a Catholic cult leader.

Now Mac begins to sound downright schizophrenic.  Or maybe God is?  Here is what he says now.


Have you ever stopped to think that this whole economic mess in America is not really the cause of Wall Street or the cause of the White House or the cause of Congress, but it might be an act of God on this nation? Would you agree with that, that this very well may be the judgment of God on this nation – the economic difficulty? Let me give you one that you're not gonna amen:

Have you ever thought that the reason God's put us in an economic difficulty in this nation is because God's people won't prove him with their tithe? Well, more of you amened it than I thought. But I guarantee you somebody's not going to like it. I'm not so sure we're not in the situation we're in because God's people WILL not prove God with the tithe."

 8/23/09 fbcjaxwatchdog


Egads, now the recession is caused because we didn’t tithe!  Did God change His ind about what miffed HIm off? Does Mac have a list of acts punishable by recession? Has Mac ever read the entire New Testament, or is he stuck somewhere in Leviticus?  Since when is a lack of tithing punishable by a recession?  Is this sort of retribution seen in the New Testament or is it a hangover from the Old Testament?  I believe that we have some very dicey theology going on here.


Mac seems to have a disdain for both the members of his church and his community as evidenced by his quoting more of 2 Tim 3: "…'holding to a form of godliness though they deny the power.'  That's called legalism.  And I want to tell you something, down in Jacksonville I'm in a hotbed of legalism.  Everybody's got a list of rules, but they seem to have no real relationship with Jesus Christ". POSTED BY FBC JAX WATCHDOG AT 4:00 AM



Finally, he continues his dim view on his people, this time with a twist.  He is speaking to a group of pastors: "No wonder our church members are stingy and won't give the tithe, when so many pastors are negotiating salaries like NBA players and CEO's".

Besides having a major case of cognitive dissonance bordering on worrisome, Mac seems to have a very high view of his own ability.  Whoops, is it his ability or is a gift from God?  Humility does not seem to be a trait admired by the pastors at FBC Jax.  He says the following: "Mac tells us that 'his job is to preach the Word' whether we like it or not…that its not 'his business' And he says our job is to "listen "…”I have enough smarts, drive, and ambition that I could go anywhere and make a living…" fbcjaxwatchdog


May I make an observation here?  Mac is a pastor who makes over $300,000, gets free land, a million dollar house, fancy cars, the ability to hire his wife and son for salary, gets to travel and speak and probably gets all of his expenses paid with a stipend to boot.  I doubt very highly he could easily get this sort of a gig with that kind of attitude outside of a church of nice people who have been taught to obey their pastor.  Mac, don’t trade your day job!  Oh, and get a touch of humility!  It does wonders for the soul.  In fact, it might be good for the church as whole to do a study on the humility of our Lord.  Throw in a little love and a large dose of grace and maybe, just maybe, the church won’t have to think up dubious reasons for obtaining subpoenas.

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