Leaving Wonderland

If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.           C. S. Lewis



Like rape, child molestation is one of the most underreported crimes: only 1-10% are ever disclosed.
-      FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. 





Yesterday's saga ended with the Fellowship of the Wounded in the midst of a conflict that would come to be know as “The Battle of the Facebook".  Ironically, the Cheshire Cat began to quote the following Scripture:  “…being diligent to preserve the unity of the body in the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3)  Is defriending someone on Facebook considered unity?  Apparently, Cheshire knew nothing about it because old cats don't blog….  “Unity is the most important value in the kingdom of Wonderland.  We must stick together no matter what. You are destroying this unity”, he cried!  Poor Cat, he wasn’t very good at reading the Great Book. 



 In the book, The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, the authors state the following, “Verses like this have been used to get people to act unified when they are not.  The result is a “can’t talk” relationship system in which problems get swept under the carpet and leaders are not held accountable for their actions.”  They continue, “The Ephesians verse uses the word 'preserve'.  In order to protect peace and unity they have to already exist.  It is not possible to preserve or maintain something that is not there.  In a spiritually abusive system, people are taught how to counterfeit peace and unity.  The irony is that which is actually maintained is a lack of peace and unity.” (p.90)



Two members of the Fellowship began to wonder whether they could return to the world of unity and peace they used to know before they fell through the hole into Wonderland.  Although this pair loved many of the people of Wonderland, they were growing weary of senseless battles with a king bent on doing things his way.


They had particularly enjoyed being with a group of people that called themselves "The King’s Trace".  Such a group was rare.  There was much love, support, and friendship in this group.  They often merrily disagreed with one another on secondary and tertiary issues of the Great King’s Book because harmony and friendship were of primary importance!  For example, some in The King's Trace believed that they occupied a very "new creation", while others believed it had been around a long, long time.  Such disagreements only brought them closer together because they were united in following the Great King, studying His Book together, and fulfilling His Mission. 



They loved one another, ate together,  hunted rocks together, and sometimes gazed at the beautiful stars together.  One unifying factor was that some members of The King's Trace had also been wounded in Wonderland.  One dear soul had even been thrown out of a museum dedicated to proving that their surroundings had been created just a few millennia ago.  There were many rules in Wonderland that were not spoken until an unsuspecting citizens stumbled over one.  Then, a king’s posse was dispatched to express the king’s extreme displeasure.


The couple had heard of a new country that was established by brave citizens who had stood up to injustice in the kingdom where they used to live and worship.  They broadcast far and wide that they were now the Great King’s subjects.  Similarly, the couple had also stood up to injustices in Wonderland and decided that they should leave to join these subjects in their new kingdom.  Leaving behind their written thoughts and their friends, the couple began to walk down a path that would bring them to the country called Hopeland.  It was a beautiful place!  The people were happy and kind, and the king reigned benevolently. The couple began the process of healing from their pain and felt safe once again.


Then, they applied for citizenship in Hopeland.  During the application process, the couple discovered there was a law in the new land.  All those applying for citizenship had to have the approval of their former king, and of course, this couple's previous king was the ruler of Wonderland.  Wouldn't you know it — these two kings were good friends!  Unbeknownst to the couple, Hopeland's king had received much help from the king of Wonderland in setting up his own territory, and he loved the elder king! 



So, Hopeland's king called the king of Wonderland for his commendation of the couple.  The older king was furious!  “No one leaves my kingdom without my approval”, he raged.  So the king of Hopeland asked the couple to come in for a “citizenship” meeting.  After spending quite a bit of time asking them what they liked about Hopeland, the king finally dropped the bombshell by saying, “The king of Wonderland said you must return to his kingdom to get his approval, and he had some very bad things to say about both of you.”  The king of Hopeland wouldn't reveal any details about what the king of Wonderland had said, claiming king’s privilege. The couple assumed their former king said they are troublemakers who might try to destroy Hopeland.


Once again, the king of Wonderland showed his true colors.  However, Hopeland's king had clearly shown his preference.  It is a prejudice that is often seen in kingdoms.  Although the Great King said in the Great Book not to give preference to those who have power, this rule is often ignored.  Some believe that kings must be good, kind, and pure because the Great King “called” them to be a king.  Some believe kings never do things for the wrong reasons and that they are perpetually good.  Perhaps that is why the pedophile was not noticed more clearly by his mentors.  He was a "king-in-training" and a student at the local king’s school.  Since he was called to be a king, OBVIOUSLY he must be good.  Remember Adam?  He was the sinner because he is not in the royal line of kingly leadership…
Please refer to our archived post, “Your Pastor Is a Sinner.”  The New Calvinism movement is promoting an idea that all people are afflicted with indwelling sin; however, the pastor ALWAYS gets a pass on this chronic problem.  He, therefore, is called by God to do the right thing, and his subjects are stuck with their indwelling sin.  This is a BIG DEAL for pastors who can manipulate their followers to accept this faulty “doctrine.”  The priesthood of believers is thrown out the window, and what's left are the pious “priests.”  To see the fatal flaws in this man-made religious system, one only needs to look at the human devastation occurring in a "family of churches" called Sovereign Grace Ministries.


The couple beseeched the king of Hopeland to listen to them.  He refused.  “I am a friend of the king of Wonderland.  He is good, so you must be bad!  You must return and bow down before the king of Wonderland.  Then he might 'let' you become a subject in our kingdom.”


As the devastated couple prepared to withdraw from the presence of the new king, they left him with two thoughts.  The first was that even with this terrible rejection of citizenship, they would continue to defend the honor and truth of the abused boys.  


Secondly, how sad it was that the king of Hopeland, who had left another country in defense of "the truth", would not consider that the couple sitting before him might be doing the very same thing.  The couple finally realized that the influence of the Wonderland king went far beyond his own kingdom.  This ruler could lie and have another ruler believe him.  What a crafty king!


It is crucial to understand that pursuing former members to other churches is common practice in Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM).  When abused families leave and attempt to transfer their membership to another church, their SGM pastors often contact the pastors at the prospective church, slandering the families who left in an attempt to prevent them from joining another church. 



Jim, the blog host of sgmrefuge.com, and his wife were members of a SGM church for many years.  Jim even served in leadership when he began to see the spiritual abuse that was taking place in SGM.   They left and one year later started an anti-SGM blog.  When bloggers who have left SGM write in and say they are planning to join a new church, Jim ALWAYS warns them NOT to tell ANYONE in their former SGM church the name of the new church because the process described above will probably happen!  A few days ago, Jim announced on his blog that an unidentified "Reformed Big Dog" has gotten involved.  He has requested that victims in this "family of churches" submit their testimonies to SGM's "Head Apostle".  Check it out for yourself at the following link: http://sgmrefuge.com/      


Can you believe it?  The king of Wonderland and his merry men are very good friends of the king of SGM.  "It's a small world after all…"


This couple consulted advisors and told the king and king’s men that what they did violated the laws of Wonderland.  Besides which, it violated all rules of integrity and truth.  The king and his men were a bit frightened, realizing they had overstepped the Good Book.  So, the king called the king of Hopeland.  Within hours, citizenship was offered in the new country.  All of this happened in the course of a fortnight which really does sound like a fairy tale.  Clearly, the king of Wonderland wields power in Hopeland as well.


The couple was tired. They didn't want to be citizens of a country that gives more grace and honor to those who have a title.  They wanted to be citizens of a country that would love them.  They remembered another land hidden in plain view from the king of Wonderland.  In this land, they were known and loved.  “How foolish of us not to have returned there immediately.”  



So, sad story in hand, they journeyed to the Hidden Kingdom.  The citizens of this land ran to meet them with great joy!  Upon hearing the story, the king of the Hidden Kingdom was saddened.  He smiled at them and proclaimed, “As a member of the Great King’s rulers, I offer apologies for the other kings. Both wronged you, and I am sorry!  Welcome once again to this country where you are truly valued.  Please help us in our fight against injustice.”  The Great King had finally brought this weary couple home.


So the couple began to serve the Great King in a joyous country.  Their tale is known and being spread far and wide throughout the Great King’s territories.  The couple realized that the Great King, Himself, had them go through these trials to understand how kingdoms can mistreat followers of the One and Only King.  These hard lessons would now be used in service to others who have been hurt by injustice.
Meantime the increasingly impotent king of Wonderland issued a proclamation.  He declared, “All those who leave my kingdom do so because of sin.  They pretend it is because they are upset with our actions and beliefs, but they lie!!!  They are sinners…”   



No, king, this couple and others have left because of your callousness to a group of boys.  They left because you thought there were more important issues and because you act like the leader of the servants and not the "servant leader" that the Great King modeled.  Are we sinners?  You betcha.  And so are you!  That's why ALL of us are in need of a Savior.

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