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As you know, TWW has a twitter known as wartwatch. This is an attempt to keep our readers up on some interesting current events.

However, we would also like to encourage our readers on a more personal level.

bidgod-prayer and encouragement

This is a second twitter that will be provided on a Monday-Friday basis. We call it “Surviving life on a tweet and a prayer.” Think of it as a God invasion into your day-to-day life.

This twitter name is based on an old saying “Bidden or not, God is present.” What we propose to do is this. At some point in your day, you will receive a Bible verse or Christian quote. Along with this tweet, comes an assurance that we will be praying specifically for all those who have signed up.

We promise that this tweet will never ask you for anything or provide anything more than an encouragement once a day, Monday through Friday. Since it is only 140 characters, it will only take a few seconds for you to read it. And know this, one of us is praying for you at that moment.

Once again, for those new to the twitter game, here is how it works. For those who have a cell phone with text messaging:

Text the following words Follow bidgod (or Follow wartwatch) to the following number: 404-04
You will receive a message within a minute that you are following this twitter account. You may unsubscribe at anytime.

If you wish to receive this on your computer, please go to and sign up as a new user. You will then receive be able to request to receive bidgod or wartwatch on your computer.



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