A Joint Open Letter to the Super Hero Victim of Greg Kelley

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Dear Super Hero David (and David's family)

Miss Amy and Miss Dee don't know your name. However, you (and your family) have been so very brave, just like the shepherd David who bravely fought a giant named Goliath and won! So, because you were just as brave as David, we have decided to call you by his name.

We want you to know that you and your family are not alone in this battle. None of this is your fault. You are not to blame now and will never be to blame for any of this bad stuff that has happened. Although it is just the two us writing this letter, there are many, many people throughout the world who have heard about your bravery. You have become a super hero in their eyes.

Your abuser was convicted of "super aggravated sexual assault" against you. Those are really big words that mean he hurt you very badly and that the adults know that he needed to be seriously punished. His actions brought you and your family much pain.

Even though you were scared, you told your family, the police and the people in the court what had happened to you. You did such a good job in telling them what happened that all of the grownups in the jury believed you! You did the right thing even though it was hard. In fact you are a super hero. You are as brave as Spiderman and Batman and that is awesome! People all over the world are so proud of you.

Your abuser did things to you that no normal adult would ever do to a kid. He was wrong. In fact, he was so wrong that he will be in prison for 25 years. That means he will probably be older than your parents when he gets out of jail. Even then, as an older man, he will still be watched by the police and the people in his community for the rest of his life. He will never be trusted again. And that is very good because it will prevent other kids from being hurt by him. This all happened because you were brave and told your story. You are a super hero.

You will never forget what has happened to you. It is OK to feel scared or sad. Never be afraid to tell your family or other grownups if you feel that way. Those are normal feelings and those who love you can help you during those times. In fact, it is super hero brave to tell them that you are sad or scared but you already know that because you have done it.

And guess what? Someday, when you are a little bigger, you may be able to help other kids who have been hurt in the same way because that is what super heroes do.

We understand that some teenagers do not believe that a popular football player could do such a thing to a kid. But you are smarter than them. You know that people who look cool on the outside can be rotten on the inside. We think that they will change their minds as they grow up and learn more about bad people who hurt kids.

Remember this always. Miss Amy and Miss Dee think you are the most awesome super hero that we have ever heard about. We are so proud of you and so are many other people. We hope that your family and you will hear of this letter and know that we care about you. We believe you and are available to your family if we can ever be of help.

Amy Smith
Mom and SNAP leader in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dee Parsons
Mom and Blogger



A Joint Open Letter to the Super Hero Victim of Greg Kelley — 29 Comments

  1. Those of us who have been assaulted first hand by “upstanding” members of the community know that all of the positive statements from the criminal’s friends and family mean nothing!

    Brave child AND brave parents!

  2. David,

    Thank you for being brave! Because of what you did, the man who hurt you will be in a place where he can’t hurt you or any children for a very long time. We hope it will cause him to never want to hurt children again.

  3. I believe you, and I am sad that this happened to you. I am proud of you for telling the truth about what happened to you.

  4. I have no words…except to say that I am completely inspired! I hope that this story goes viral, and inspires infinitely many children to stand up against their abusers!!! 🙂

  5. This letter is awesome. I feel the tears threatening to cascade. I may just read this letter to my child self.

  6. To the “Super Hero David” and family:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers following this horrible incident. Praying for comfort and healing for you.

  7. You are a very brave hero to tell your parents and to tell the jury. You have done a good thing, and you should be very proud of yourself.

  8. Dear Super Hero David,

    I am a Grandma (they call me Nanny) to five little girls. Bad big people can hurt little girls just like they can hurt little boys. So from my sweet girls, McKenzie, Ann, Dee, Nicole, and Paige, and from me, Nanny, thank you for being so brave. Because you were (and are) brave and truthful other little girls and boys will not be hurt by bad people. We will pray for you and your family!

  9. As a mandated reporter, I have sadly made several reports in my educational career. I always like stories where the bad person gets caught and has to face the consequences. And, little superhero, the bad guy was caught because you were brave enough to tell your story.

  10. Sometimes doing the right thing is hard…especially when you go against popularity, culture, and influential individuals. That said doing the right thing speaks volumes about the victim’s character. He needs to know that he is not to blame…but that he was hurt by someone who exploited the circumstances he was in. I stand with the victim…always have…always will. I ask for the victim to please continue standing tall. You are loved and cared about….even all the way from Washington, D.C. You are not alone, and we will walk forward with you and your family hand in hand.

    Love The Eagle

  11. Super Hero David,

    When I was a little girl, some bad people did bad things to me, too. Thank you for having the courage to tell what was done to you. I am very proud of you. I know it was not easy. I am on you side.

    To David’s Super Hero Parents.

    Thank you for hearing and believing your son. And thank you for taking action. Not all parents do. You are in my thoughts.

    Love, Jeannette

  12. Super Hero David,

    I pray that you will always know that you did the right thing. You are brave and courageous and we are all so proud of you.

    David’s parents:
    We stand with you. You’re all in our prayers.

  13. Dear David,

    You are braver than brave! When I hear what you did I can see how strong you are! I totally believe what you said is true.

    Stuff kind of like that happened to me when I was a little girl. I thought I would be sad all the time when I was little but that didn’t happen.

    I want you to know that even though you have had a terribly hard thing to go through, with your family and friends by your side you will have many wonderful adventures and life will have lots of happiness.

    I will keep praying for you and your family.

    You are my hero.

  14. Dear nom de plume David, slingshotter extraordinaire & David’s family – you are not alone, I hope you are heartened by the support from people you will never know but hold you high in their hearts. Be strong and go well. Love nom de plume Haitch.

    PS Dee and Amy – great idea. Keep it up.

  15. What a wonderful letter. And I agree with it David. You have done something incredible by speaking up, you have saved other children from pain. Saving others is exactly what a super hero does! Well done David!

  16. Young man, you have such courage that it amazes me. Speaking out about how you were hurt means that many other children have been rescued from being hurt by this bad man. Thank you, and be happy & proud of yourself for being a brave young person. You are in my thoughts & prayers. Great job!!
    And to your parents, thank you for supporting your son in what he has done. Not all parents would have the faith in your son’s courage & strength to stand up & do what he has done. You are doing great, raising your son to be truthful & brave. Bless you!!

  17. I’ve been told that in support of Greg Kelley victims/families, there’ll be people wearing teal outside the Williamson County jail 7/28 7:30 pm

  18. Thank you David for bringing hope and strength to all the other victims in the world. So many kids and adults go through this traumatic experience and can’t find their way and are scared to come forward and talk about what had happened. You are so brave and a true hero, I hope to one day be as brave as you. Thank you for standing up to the bully’s and the stereotypes for all the people who can’t. Thank you for protecting other children who could have been assaulted in the future. Never lose faith and always know how special you and amazing you are!

  19. David,
    Just remember this- Jesus loves you and cried when you were hurt by that man. Please know that God also hurt for you, and never, ever blame HIm for what happened as satan wants people to blame God for things the devil had made people do. You were brave to stand up to this despictable person by telling the authorities about his wrongdoing. As someone who was sexually abused by their “dad”, just know you have many people supporting and praying for you in this rough time you’re going through.

  20. Sometimes I look around and wonder where the heroes are in our world like Batman and Superman who can stop the bad guys by working with the police to put them in jail where they belong. Then I see people like you, “David” and your parents, and I think, “Yes! These guys are the *real* superheroes.” Because of you, this evil man is foiled for good, and he will never be able to hurt anyone again. I hope you always keep standing up for the truth and helping other people to be strong too.

    You are the heroes we need right now.