Caught in a Bad Romance-Georgia Baptist Anti-Blogging Resolution

"You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness.  CS Lewis   The Weight of Glory


Do you know what an earworm is? I bet you do. It was described on Fox News as a song that you hear and can't get out of your mind. Steve Doocey said his most recent earworm is "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. Fox then went on to play an excerpt and, darn it, I couldn't get this ridiculous song out of my mind. I searched high and low for the cleanest music video I could find of "Bad Romance". So, link at your own risk. The music is addictive. Warning: this video has one word that is inappropriate.(it starts off slow and gets going about 1:30 minutes in).



There was a verse that stuck in my mind. It goes something like this (Sing ooh la la couple of times) "I want your ugly, I want your disease." At first I was irritated that this phrase kept worming its way around in my head. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is TWW's mission.



Some critics say we are just tearing down the church.  Good Christians should build up the church and be positive, accordint to them. Yet, is that why Jesus came? Did He come because we are "nice" people? Of course not. He came because we are ALL sinners and in need of redemption. He irritated the Pharisees because He focused on their sins which they had hidden underneath their fancy robes. Their undying devotion to performing religious rituals helped them pretend before their underlings that they were good and holy.



Jesus saw right through them to the ugly and diseased souls hidden underneath. Yet, Jesus loved them so much that He wanted to bear their ugly and disease on the Cross and give them a clean heart.  The Christian life should be all about understanding the ugly and the disease while celebrating the redemption. The only problem is that there are many leaders who hide their ugly and disease and pretend they are just peachy keen. They pretend they are the moral upholders of the "good" while deep inside they struggle with greed, sexual sin, lying, anger, control issues, and arrogance.



Why do I care? Well, I am caught in a bad romance with the church. I see the sin and I want to deal with it because I love the church. And the people of the church (myself included) are sinners that are guilty of horrendous sin. But somehow, many, especially leaders, refuse to admit it. Why? Because they like to  pretend they are perfect. Oh, they confess to sins that are socially acceptable in our culture like impatience, etc. We all admit that we are sinners and confess some innocuous sin like gluttony or gossip and hide the really dark sins.



So, when a brave person points out sin in the leadership, acarefully controlled exterior gets rattled. The leaders cannot afford to be "found out" so they use the oldest trick in the book. The one who reveals the problem becomes the sinner. They must destroy those who would confront them lest they be forced to confront their own sin.



Dan, a dear man who struggles to be celibate while dealing with his homosexual feelings, has been tortured by his church.and pastor. He was thrown out of his church (SGM, of course) because the pastor suspected him of homosexual behavior. When Dan denied it, this horrible pastor told him that if he even thought of such behavior he was guilty.



I address this to the man who dared to call himself a pastor. You have horrible thoughts as well, but you hide it under an "oh so holy" exterior. You know that if God decided to broadcast your deepest thoughts. you would need to be thrown out of your church! Your church, your rules. You, sir, are a hypocrite of the order of the Pharisees.  May God convict your heart.



Let's continue looking at the hypocritcal and self-serving Anti-blogging Resolution of the Georgia Baptist Convention.



BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the messengers of this convention oppose blogging when it is used to cause division and disharmony among the members of our Southern Baptist Family (Proverbs 6:16-19; I Cor. 1:10); and since personal differences should not be dealt with in public view,



How does one decide the motive of a blogger? Note how this is worded. They oppose blogging "when it is used to cause division and disharmony. However, division and disharmony are often secondary effects of a primary problem. Let's say there is pornography on a pastor's computer. The pastor is confronted one-on-one and told to confess and deal with this issue; however, he refuses to do so. Now, said pastor is feeling disharmony and is divided from his confronter because his sin has been discovered.



The pastor could quickly restore the relationship (and experience harmony and unity) by confessing the sin and getting some much needed help for his problem. Up until this moment, this has been dealt with privately. But the pastor continues to allow this problem to fester. and more pornography is found on other church computers. He continues to refuse to deal with it. He wishes to keep his sin a secret. The deacons support the pastor. Then, the man who knows of the sin is asked to leave the church (even though he had stopped attending several months earlier). The pastor and deacons are now guilty of escalating the situation and causing disharmony and division.



So the man writes about what has happened. Now, who is guilty of the division and the disharmony? THE SINNING PASTOR AND HIS COMPLICIT SYCOPHANTS!!! Why is this so hard to understand? Or is it that those "in charge" don't want to understand ?



BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that all personal attacks should cease immediately (Proverbs 17:27 -28; John 17:21-23 );


Well, well, well…. Does the GBC join in to help a sinner who refuses to repent? Is it a personal attack when sin is confronted? When Jesus called the Pharisees "snakes", was he guilty of a personal attack? Do we allow sin to continue and shut up to avoid a "personal attack"?



The GBC big boys are guilty of doublespeak. The Scriptures clearly state that pastors and Christian leaders must be "above reproach". So, when a leader is not above reproach, he would have to step down. Therefore, they cannot allow anyone to accuse the leader of sin. They, instead, call it a personal attack to deflect sin back onto the brave person who has the guts to say something. They make that person the sinner and the sinning leader the victim. The pope of Martin Luther's day would heartily approve. This is called  HYPOCRISY.



BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that we reaffirm the historic method of administering our agencies and institutions through elected boards of trustees, and we call upon bloggers to cease the critical second-guessing of these elected leaders;


Now, let me get this straight. When Martin Luther disagreed with the Pope, who, I might add, was leading in the historic method affirmed by the cardinals and bishops, he was guilty of critical second-guessing?????



Oh, I get it. Today's leaders are godly men, unlike the popes of yesteryear. They would never, ever be guilty of any sin, would they? They always make the correct decisions  to lead the convention. They always use the monies they are given for good causes, don't they? They would NEVER take grannie's tithe and pay the leader of the GBC $500,000 now would they?



Here is the problem. Leadership is inbred. The good old boys elect the good old boys. The average pew sitter has absolutely no idea what is happening in the offices of the state convention leadership. Unfortunately, they trust that these godly men will do godly things. And the honchos like it this way.



Until now, there has been precious little accountability demanded from the "little guys" who give their tithes. At long last, that has changed… The doors have been flung wide open and, for the first time, light has been cast on the inner sanctum. Unfortunately, there are some things that don't look so good in the light. No wonder the "big boys" are perturbed. The are being held accountable in the same manner that Martin Luther held Pope Leo and his henchmen accountable. 



Does the GBC leadership actually believe in the priesthood of the believers? What if the Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of the little guys who then question the "important" guys? What if the status quo has been stifling the work of the Spirit? What if the Lord is lifting up prophets and exhorters from the rank and file? It wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Jesus did not make disciples of the Pharisees. He despised the corruption that characterized them.. Instead, he chose the fishermen and the nobodies of the day. He gave them the Holy Spirit and allowed the Romans to destroy the Temple in 70 AD. The power structure shifted from the Pharisees and religious sycophants to the "nobodies".



I believe the "elected" Baptist leaders should take a good, hard look at the criticism that is being leveled at them. Maybe God is trying to get their attention. Maybe it's time for a change from the "business as usual."


Caught in a Bad Romance-Georgia Baptist Anti-Blogging Resolution — 35 Comments

  1. Thank you for a well-written piece. If you only knew all that has gone on in the GBC for the past 20 years or so. Allow me to comment on a couple of your statements.

    You wrote: “The GBC big boys are guilty of doublespeak. The Scriptures clearly state that pastors and Christian leaders must be “above reproach.”

    “Oh, I get it. Today’s leaders are godly men, unlike the popes of yesteryear. They would never, ever be guilty of any sin, would they? They always make the correct decisions to lead the convention. They always use the monies they are given for good causes, don’t they? Would they take grannie’s tithe and pay the leader of the GBC $500,000?”

    Above reproach? Hardly. The Executive Director, Dr. J. Robert White CREATED a position on the GBC staff for his son-in-law, Stephen Lillard. He’s a Consultant for Risk Management. White’s daughter Jennifer Millage has been on the payroll for years and she doesn’t even live in Georgia. She lives in Montgomery, AL.

    Need more? The son of Assistant Exec. Director Dr. Mike Williams also works on staff at the GBC. His name is Matt Williams. Matt is supervised by Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith is supervised by Dr. Mike Williams. Isn’t that nepotism?

    Also you write: “Here is the problem. Leadership is inbred. The good old boys elect the good old boys. The average pew sitter has absolutely no idea what is happening in the offices of the convention leadership. Unfortunately, they trust that these godly men will do godly things. And the honchos like it this way.”

    Inbred is right! Ever since the “fundamentalists” took control of the GBC in and around 1991-1993 the issue of who would be elected president was not decided at the annual meeting in November. It has always been decided over the phone or in clandestin meetings. There were two sides deciding who would “serve” (and I use that term loosely)as president. On one side you have Wynn, Cox and others, the “young” ones and on the other side you have Hambrick, Dickerson, and others the “older, wise” ones. One year Wynn and Cox would get to choose and then the year after Hambrick and Dickerson would choose.

    There’s oh so more I could tell you but I’ll stop for now. Thanks for what you are doing.

  2. “Ever since the ‘fundamentalists’ took control of the GBC in and around 1991-1993 the issue of who would be elected president was not decided at the annual meeting in November. It has always been decided over the phone or in clandestin meetings.”

    It’s been the same in the SBC for longer than that.

    Comment on Wade Burleson’s blog:

  3. A Baptist in GA.

    I had heard these issues raised by Doug also. He said that someone had some very very hard evidence and information about Robert White and his nepotism within the GBC

    I think the G B C has made a crash landing

  4. It is the same in many state conventions. After the CR, the push was on to ‘stack’ the committees in each state. Mohler and his henchmen, York, worked very hard to stack committees. They even put York’s 20 something daughter in law on a committee over those who have faithfully served the convention for 30 years. And the same with their other kids or the young minds full of mush who graduate from SBTS and follow the party line…and revere Mohler.

    There are a few curmudgeons who still fight them but they are passing away.

  5. Hi Junkster!!!

    They want this stuff to stay private and, if I were them I would be embarrassed as well. So they use Matthew 18 to obfuscate the many times that they have been confronted about these issues. Funny thing, Jesus often confronted sin in public places.
    The Bible is quite clear that what you do in the darkness will be brought to light. And the light is definitely not “private.”

  6. Looks like we’ve got enough to write about for a long time to come. The Baptists seem to keep us bloggers in business.

  7. Lydia

    However, we blogger curmudgeons, along with curmudgeon commenters like you, will be around for awhile. I rather like being a thorn in the side. How about you?

  8. I kept my mouth shut for a long time. But there comes a time you cannot look in the mirror and pretend this stuff is just not down right evil. So many want to explain it away as well, sinners sin and the church is a hospital for sinners…yada yada…remember, these are the big leaders who are PAID to be professional Christians.

    They are supposed to be off the IV’s and out of the hosptial bed nursing the others. Saved people do not plot evil and they do not work hard to hide evil.

    I came to the conclusion they might “know” the Word but then I realized…so does Satan.

    To be totally truthful, I really do not care about them. Why? They know better and rationalize their behavior. They are convinced they are great men of God doing great things for God. They will need a road to Damascus experience. To confront them most always brings an even harder heart and will result in them doing more evil to silence you.

    My concern is for those who blindly follow them…the pew sitters who need to be in the Word…alone with the Holy Spirit. Without the followers, these guys cannot operate.

    That is why what you guys do here is good. Many will tell you it is evil and gossip. The bible even points this out…many will say evil is good and good is evil.

    One reason I really appreciate you guys is that you do not take the disagreement personally. you guys seek truth and that is very important and a mature way to approach these problems.

  9. You Bad Bad bloggers, how dare you expose and uncover issue against ANY these Baptist saints.

    They said to stop.

    Wonder if they would ever come up with a resolution that slanderous comments and outright lies stop being preached from the PULPITS

    Now that make me laugh

  10. Actually. I find disagreement intriguing. I find it amusing when people say we don’t like it. What a bore life would be without it! Thanks for the kind words.

  11. It is funny. After the G B C wrote this resolution, many of Mike’s disciples and fellow Pastors Disciples started telling their membership Doug’s website was just a “speed bump” and not worth reading. They said it was part of being of “the well known” and expected. They referred to Jerry Falwell and all his critics.

    I think they love the attention. Ego’s are fed by blogs and I think the more criticism they receive, the more heroic they see themselves.

    I remember Doug having over 300,000 hits in a 9 month period – so his ego was very well fed.

    But Mike Everson was pressured to quit, and he did! Many members left Prays Mill and his Deacons were going to bring many issues before the Church, before he “resigned”.

    But I’ll think he was forced to resign, by ONE mans BLOG, and that blog was DOUG’S

    Blogging works. Mike Everson was an immovable object and deep rooted in this church before Doug exposed him. NO one ever thought Mike Everson would have been removed as deeply entrenched as he was so quickly, but he was toast at PMBC in GA!

    Doug blistered him and his disciples. Yes – Doug Blogging about Mike Everson shows BLOGS DO WORK!

    Otherwise, why would the Georgia Baptist Convention be so concerned?

  12. Mike Everson is a “Consultant” OR “Missionary” EMPLOYEE and NOT just a CONTRACTOR to other Pastors, for GUESS WHO,and get this……

    Yeap, you guessed it – the Georgia Baptist Convention. A very well paid full time deceiver consultanting with Baptist pastors in Southeast Ga in the Waycross and surrounding swamp areas.

    His buddy J Robert White, the MR Great Commission Resurgence propaganda specialist and Owner —oops I mean Chairman of the G B C, hired him with his 3 College degrees

    …….(oops… another correction that his buddies Gerald Harris and J Robert White made a mistake printing in the propaganda paper for those in GA aka as The Christian Index as he has — 0, NONE, NADA Degrees)

    Do not forget. He has many many followers and protectors within his CULT group.

  13. Hey

    You are right on! Tony Dickerson hides in Columbus almost as a Grand Wizard and instructs all his cronies and disciples.

    Those men drop everything to follow him White, Everson, Wynn, Cox, Robertson, Hambrick et al….

    Hey that Wayne Robertson is MIKE’s Pastor in Valdosta and pushes that hate button as well as any of them.

    And did you know that many evangelist like are able to get benefits as “Staff Evangelist”.

    Many of these buddies become a part of a church as “staff Evangelist” so they can ride the coat tails of that wonderful benefit package given to the select few.

    And Mike Everson allowed his buddy Hambrick to grab that coat tail after he left his Cartersville GA gold mine and keep that security while “semi” retiring w/ those same benefits as a staff evangelist for Mike Everson’s church….Prays Mill.

    Aaah, but what are friends for?

  14. So, basically, he got promoted. Or at least it looks like a promotion to save face. This is exactly what the SBC big boys did for Patterson for 20 years.

    One thing Doug may want to consider is that each time a new scandal comes out, old scandals are brought up and folks have no idea what happened. Reading around they only see bits and pieces. If Doug had his story up in chronology, it would help to steer folks there.

  15. Yeah that is right. As a promotion, I don’t think he gets it though.

    Consulting to other Pastors. Now that is like putting a bank robber as a branch manager of a bank……

    In addition to his HUGE salary, he now gets “tips and trips” or aka Revival money as these deceivers call them as an additional part of his financial reward.

    They really know how to work that buddy system!

  16. Do you think that the Southern Baptist Convention could allow a “D & D”, Doug Pittman & Doug Pirkle, Jr., Informational Booth at their convention? Wow! That would be fun. We could interview Mike, Robert, Wayne, Tony and the whole bunch. We could have computers available for easy access to information.

  17. If the Southern Baptist Convention was operating with tax payer’s money everyone would be bent out of shape, but since it is just tithes and offerings, it’s ok. And by the way, I sign my name too.

  18. Doug,
    That’s not White’s compensation package. No one’s salaries are made public. That is the line item that the CEO uses for administration, including the Exec. Comm. meetings and Administration Comm. meetings.

  19. It was just time to take it down. All the information is still available and could be used in the future, but it served it’s purpose.

  20. What is included? At the least, it is a very misleading section of the budget. It appears like a good place to hide a lot of extras.

  21. Baptist

    Are you saying that White’s compensation package is, let’s say, a modest $90,000? And why is his salary a “secret?” What is the GBC hiding? Also, there are other “lines” that cover expenses. More today on this subject.

  22. We hypocritical pharisees resolve that Jesus stop saying we’re hypocrites and confronting us about our pride and how we love to be seen by men doing good on the outside, even though we are corrupt on the inside. We believe that His different opinion about us should not be made known to anyone, for we might become embarrassed and lose face for being such scumbags. And if Jesus caused others to think bad about us, opposing our high opinion of ourselves, therefore causing division between Jesus and us, and Jesus’ believers and us, well that’s downright sin, right?


  23. Michael

    You have given me an idea. I think I shall start a “Wartburg” resolution incorporating your ideas. Readers could add to it, ad lib. Deb, what do you think? Man Behind the Curtain-let’s get together next week so you can show me how to add pages.

  24. Dee:

    That’s a great idea and would be hilarious. Then, once you’ve edited for redundancy and crystallized the main points, you can send it off to the GBC as a response, in addition to the media sources who covered their ridiculous resolution.

  25. So it is a slush fund. That is much worse. What a transparent budget? The GBC is living large with SBC funds and I predict the SBC will decline unless they change their ways. They can’t hide things like they did 10 to 15 years ago.