On January 31, 2016, Thou Art The Man posted Another Day, Another Protestant Preacher Abusing Children. I am using most of his material from that post with his permission. From Dee: When you read a bio on a pastor, always ask why he was moving around so much. Did previous churches realize that there as a problem? Have those churches announced that Malone was a predator? Could there be other victims? Malone appears to have met his victim and developed a relationship with when she was 12. She was 17 when he allegedly began to molested her. The Daily Mail published Married pastor, 33, believed to be on the run after he ‘sexually assaulted teenage girl and got her pregnant’.  The girl told police the sexual assault began just months after she moved with Malone and his family to Exton, Pennsylvania for his new pastor job in 2014.  Malone had first met the girl years ago when she was 12-years-old and attending a Mesa, Arizona church where he worked as a pastor, authorities said. He contacted the girl in June 2014, when she was 17-years-old, and invited her to come stay with him and his family in Minnesota. The following month she made the move with the family to Exton, where Malone began working at the nondenominational church Calvary Fellowship.  Malone even registered the teenage girl at a local high school. The victim claimed that at one point heg ot her intoxicated and molested her. He continued to molest her over an indeterminate period of time. The church allegedly learned about the pregnancy of the young woman in Novemeber 2015. Malone resigned th following month-January 2016. Jake and his wife produced a video in January 2016 which downplayed the circumstances of his resignation. At the time this video was made, Malone was aware that he was in trouble. One might assume his wife was also cognizant of the situation which makes the following video a bit hard to take.  His statement on the video which are laughable considering what he was charged with “facing personal and family issues.” (Ya think?)  “I resigned my position at Calvary, and really what’s driving that is we just feel that it’s really important for us, right now, to focus 100% of our time and our energy on our family.” “take a step back” from “public, professional ministry”  and take a “self-imposed sabbatical.” (Self imposed? Good night!) “We’re really excited about what God is going to do in us and in our lives and in our family as we focus 100% of our time on that call that he’s given us.”” This was recorded by  Malone, allegedly at the time he was molesting his victim. Malone headed to Ecuador to begin his sabbatical.™ From Todd Wilhelm’s blog: According to the NY Daily News, Pennsylvania pastor who fled to Ecuador after being wanted on charges he raped teen girl to surrender  Malone left the country for Ecuador alone and his attorney said he will come back to turn himself in by the end of the week, West Whiteland Township police told The Philadelphia Inquirer. The Daily News reviewed some of his history He made advances on her in Minnesota but began sexually assaulting her in the fall of 2014 when the family had moved again to Exton in Chester County, according to the authorities. He resigned from Calvary after church leaders confronted him about their fellow church member’s pregnancy and alerted police. The Downingtown church, which is nondenominational, released a statement Tuesday telling congregants “how deeply we share in your pain over the recent unfolding events” and hoping to “bring a sense of peace to you as we traverse this valley together.” Malone had attended staff advisory sessions about sex crimes, according to the church. This pastor predator is sentenced. According to Wilhelm in his post on May 1,20017, Jake Malone’s “Self-Imposed Sabbatical” Extended by PA Court – Sentenced to 3-6 Years, Jacob Malone was sentenced Friday, April 28 to three to six years in prison after entering guilty pleas to institutional sex assault, corruption of minors and child endangerment. He also must register as a sex offender for 15 years. Malone and prosecutors had reached an earlier plea deal that called for a two-year minimum jail term, but Judge Jacqueline Cody rejected that deal a month ago.  “You are serving a sentence much lighter than the crime deserves,” Cody told Malone as he stood before her in handcuffs and shackles. “You have taken responsibility for a very, very serious series of crimes that have completely altered someone’s life,” the judge told Malone, who expressed remorse for his actions. “You can’t ever take that back.” Cody called it a failure of the court system that the age of the victim played a role in downgrading the crimes he was guilty of, even though he had “encouraged” and “promoted” the illicit behavior. “The things you have done are inexcusable,” she told Malone.” According to philly.comthe judge was not pleased with having to give him such a light sentence. A former Chester County pastor who acted as a surrogate father to a teenager he impregnated was sentenced to three to six years in prison on Friday, a month after a judge rejected a previous plea deal as too lenient. “This is one of the times when the court system fails,” said Judge Jacqueline Cody, adding that the woman was technically of the age of consent but that Malone had been acting as her father when he promoted the sexual contact. “You are serving a sentence much lighter than the crime deserves.” The sentence is at the top of standard guidelines. Malone will get credit for the more than one year he has served since his arrest in January 2016. Unbelievably, Malone is not repentant, claiming the sex was consensual.  Malone, who was her guardian, admitted he gave her alcohol but said the sexual encounters were consensual. According to the NY Daily News in an article Ex-pastor guilty for sex with teen; detective says victim ‘remarkable woman’ “She is a pretty remarkable young woman,” Detective Scott Pezick said outside the courtroom where Jacob Malone was sentenced to three to six years in state prison for the illicit relationship that resulted in the birth of a baby girl, who is now a year old. “She doesn’t hold a grudge (against Malone), even though obviously she’s been traumatized,” Pezick said of the woman, whose name is being withheld by the Daily Local News because of the nature of the crime. “She wants to see the defendant make something useful in his life when he gets out (of prison). That’s mainly because of her religious beliefs.” Both Pezick and the prosecutor in the case, Assistant District Attorney Emily Provencher of the D.A.’s Office Child Abuse Unit, said the 20-year-old woman, now back in her home state of Arizona, was satisfied with the resolution of the case against Malone and the amount of time he agreed to spend in prison.  His previous church is already talking about Malone’s restoration!!! Here is a link to his previous church, Calvary Fellowship in Downington, PA. Bill Bateman is the lead pastor.  The America’s Most Wanted Fans site reports Bateman said church leaders told the Calvary congregation about the allegations on Sunday. “Our church’s goal in difficult moments like this is to protect the innocents, first of all,” Bateman said in an interview Monday. “And, number two, we strive to bring about repentance and restoration of the offender.” Bateman said Malone had passed background checks performed on Calvary employees. The Christian Post provides a few more details on the response of Calvary Fellowship. The church said even though they place a high priority on safety, Malone was able to circumvent their strict security check. “Every staff person (as well as every volunteer who has any contact with children) is thoroughly background checked and, if meeting certain criteria, fingerprinted by the state. The staff participates jointly in ongoing education classes on issues related to sex crimes, mandatory reporting, etc. Jake Malone passed every check and participated in every educational forum. He flew completely under the radar, deceiving even those who were closest to him. We know this is hard to imagine, but we assure you that no one suspected anything until very recently,” said the statement. The pastors said if it had not been for God, they would still be in the dark about Malone’s behavior. “As soon as we had information, we reported to all proper authorities (multiple venues). Getting information was treacherous and difficult, and had it not been for the Lord shining light into darkness, we would probably still be looking in vain for the truth. All authorities were contacted and we immediately complied with everything they asked,” the statement added. According to the church, when they heard that Malone was in Ecuador, they notified the police. The victim speaks  Philly.com wrote Judge rejects plea deal for ex-Chesco pastor accused of raping, impregnating teen In March 2016, the young woman gave birth to Malone’s daughter, whom she called “a sweet, beautiful, and intelligent little girl,” in a statement she read at the Chester County Justice Center on Wednesday. Now 20 and living in Arizona, she addressed “Jake” and said he took advantage of her “mentally, physically, spiritually.” She recounted regular occurrences before school and before Malone left for work at the church,  “as I lay in bed not moving hoping you would get the message that I didn’t want it.” She said she wanted more than a two-year sentence for Malone, whom she said she had thought was a “godly man,” but “you were something else when no one was watching.” The girl had told police Malone began to sexually assault her in the fall of 2014. Thoughts that I have Did the church and police contact his previous churches to see if there  were any potential victims in those churches that Malone worked in? Why did he change church jobs so quickly? This could indicate that there were problems in all of those jobs. Why do churches discuss restoration when these perverts go to prison? He will be on the sex offender registry and should never work in a church or around underage teens again. Malone does not appear to be repentant. He blamed the victims as having a consensual relationship with him. This is absolutely ridiculous and he is minimizing his actions, dividing up the guilt. As things stand, I do not believe he is repentant and I beleive he is at a high likelihood to offend again.  This is a clear case of clergy abuse.  Did he abuse his wife in any way? What about his kids? Finally, it is not the fault of a church that a pedophile or molester shows up. Predators will seek out situations where people will trust them. Learn from the Catholic priest abuse situation. Pastors as well as members of the congregation can be predators. The predator at my former church was a seminary student at SEBTS. Everyone should be on their guard or as the Bible says “Be wise as serpent.” If a pastor or youth worker seems a little too friendly with teens or children, be smart and watch the situation. He could be a wonderful person who loves kids or he could be a predator on the prowl. Special thanks goes out to Todd Wilhelm. he not only left his church, UCC Dubai when they were pushing CJ Mahaney books, he continues to be concerned about predators and cover up in the church all the while living in Dubai. To bad the 9 Mrax church in Dubai didn’t get what a wonderful person he is.