Whatever Happened to Former Apostle P.J. Smyth?

For readers unfamiliar with PJ Smyth scandal I will begin with several articles that will help bring you up to speed. We last heard of P.J. Smyth in June 2021. Advance Movement announced they  were conducting an investigation of Smyth and he had voluntarily stepped down from his role as pastor at Monument Church in Gaithersburg, MD and his apostleship … Continue reading

The Untimely Death of Guide Nyachuru

“In researching this book I have had first-hand accounts from several of John Smyth’s victims. I have also had access to court documents, church records, letters to and from John Smyth, historic material from Iwerne camps and Zambesi Ministries, as well as scores of conversations with people who have been affected by the Iwerne movement over half a century. Some … Continue reading