Post Delayed

The letters are now being received by lots of people. Needless to say, I am going to have to discuss this with some folks. I am delaying the post until after I speak with a few individuals. Please keep me in your prayers as I seek to explain what we do here at TWW. … Continue reading

If your comments never appear…

We’ve switched to a much more effective Comment SPAM blocking setup. But one attribute of it that I can’t change at this time is that comments that are detected as SPAM never show up at all. So we can’t review them and extract them if not SPAM. NOTE: Comments may be held for hours depending on our sleep and travel … Continue reading

Comments are now fully moderated

As the title states, we are running this blog fully moderated at this time. Please bear with us as we do not have a full time staff monitoring and approving comments. There are just 3 of us and we're fitting this into our lives. So if comments don't appear for a few hours assume we're eating, sleeping, working at a … Continue reading