Complementarians Pushing CBMW at 2012 Together for the Gospel

" will provide you tons of good resources on this [complementarianism].  They have a booth here in the exhibit hall.  Recovering Biblical Mahood and Womanhood, a great book you ought to read on this."  – Ligon Duncan CBMW Logo Ligon Duncan, in his 'role' as moderator for the panel discussion on complementarianism at this year's T4G, strongly endorses the … Continue reading

Complementarianism – A Primary Doctrine at Together for the Gospel

"I don't think you have to be a complementarian to be saved."  John Piper  Adam and Eve Driven Out of Eden Complementarianism was one of the crucial topics discussed at the 2012 Together for the Gospel. (link)  Ligon Duncan moderated the panel of three, which included Russell Moore (Al Mohler's protege), Greg Gilbert (who is closely aligned with Mark Dever), … Continue reading

Russell Moore Tells Women to Stop Submitting to Men

"I hate ….the word 'complementarian', I prefer the word 'patriarchy'…" Russell Moore French Tapestry (Taken by Deb) David and Tim Bayly — patriarchal Presbyterian pastors — took great pleasure in Russell Moore's words (quoted above) in a post they published on May 27, 2008.  Here is Moore's quote in the context of their blog post: (link) "(Tim, w/thanks to Chris) … Continue reading