Sisterhood of the Stay-at-Home Daughters

We build fences to keep ourselves from committing certain sins. Soon these fences – instead of the sins they were designed to guard against- become the issue. We elevate our rules to the level of God’s commandments. “ Jerry Bridges     Botkin Sisters   Have you ever heard of the “Stay-at-Home Daughters Movement”? It’s a relatively new movement that … Continue reading

Quiverfull+Loss of Faith: On Evangelical Abuse and Legalism

“We’ve gotten beyond the Galatian brand of legalism today. We haven’t resurrected circumcision as a requirement for salvation, and we’re clear that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ apart from the keeping of the law. Instead, we have developed another brand of legalism, a brand that is concerned, not with salvation, but with how we live the Christian … Continue reading