Peacemaking – A Flourishing Cottage Industry

Let's pray that the human race never escapes from Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere. C. S. Lewis       Church conflict appears to be on the rise in 21st century Christendom, and it seems that hyper-authoritarianism is a major contributing factor. Interestingly, the art of “peacemaking” is definitely in vogue, especially among those whom we label as “Calvinistas”. … Continue reading

Connecting the Dots . . . SGM, CCEF, and Peacemaker Ministries

Without question the leadership of KingsWay Community Church has created a ROYAL mess! As we have been preparing this series, God’s PROVIDENCE has been extremely evident. Just this morning “The Protestant Knight” (PT) at SGM Refuge posted an intriguing article entitled: Organizational Chart for Sovereign Grace Ministries’ Hierarchal Polity In his first comment on the post, PT makes this candid … Continue reading