Who Do the Independent Fundamentalist Baptists Say They Are?

  "There is something childish and legalistic about churches in which all of the saints observe precisely the same standards. When all lives begin to sink into the same mold of denial and exercise of liberty, something is amiss.".         Walter J. Chantry       Bob Jones Cheerleaders: Thanks to IFB Cult Survivors.   Cute jackets!     About 10 years … Continue reading

The Independent Fundamental Baptist Church Sounds Like Mark Driscoll and The Rest of Them

"These people do not know that while Barak trembled, Deborah saved Israel, that Esther delivered from supreme peril the children of God … Is it not to women that our Lord appeared after His Resurrection? Yes, and the men could then blush for not having sought what the women had found."   –Jerome, after criticism for dedicating his books to women … Continue reading

Is The Independent Fundamental Baptist Church Any Different Than the Southern Baptist Convention and Sovereign Grace Ministries?

  Many a man's reputation would not know his character if they met on the street. -Elbert Hubbard       wikipedia   This week, we will be focusing on the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches and will use the 20/20 special on sexual and child abuse within that “family of churches.” Today we will look at an incident of molestation. … Continue reading