Matt Chandler Took Nepotism To New Levels- Hired His Pedo Dad To Keep “The Village Church Denton” Clean!

“It is not grace to shield people from the consequences of their actions, to allow men or women who have been proven unsafe to have free access to vulnerable communities. It is not the gospel to treat abuse unseriously. Today’s story is filled with tension, grief, and uncomfortable truths.” From Bodies Behind The Bus: “Whistleblowers: The Village Church Denton” w/ … Continue reading

The River is Polluted

Today I turn the spotlight on “The River Church,” a Charismatic church that, as far as I can tell, is an independent/non-affiliated church located in Kimball Township, Michigan. From photos above, it appears The River Church meets in a former school building. Co-lead pastors were husband and wife Bill and Kim Wahl, although in recent days the website no longer … Continue reading

Former Sovereign Grace Ministries Employee Nathaniel Morales Has One Conviction and Ten Year Sentence Set Aside – New Trial To Start February 28, 2022

“I don’t believe your insatiable appetite for boys can be cured.  Your wires are permanently twisted.  Your conduct has had a profound and lasting deleterious effect.  A long sentence is the only way to adequately punish you, protect society from you and deter other potential boy molesters. …  You can’t even bring your despicable self to admit your crime.  So, … Continue reading