AoR Report Released: Just How Unhealthy Is SGM ?

"Because we met with such a small percentage of members (less than 1⁄2 of 1%), our observations may not accurately reflect the entire association of churches. Nevertheless, we offer these observations as part of our report." Ambassadors of Reconciliation Report, page 13   Gavel – Wikipedia At long last the Ambassadors of Reconciliation (AoR) Report has been made available through … Continue reading

Mahaney’s Mind-Blowing Machination

"Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering." Matthew 5:23-24 Spinning Top THE SPIN CONTINUES…  Please read the ADDENDUM at the bottom of the post. Since … Continue reading

Mahaney / SGM – Unprecedented Rescue by the SBC?

"I think preaching and pastoral ministry are where grace is most evident in my life and where my leadership is most effectively expressed. Others seem to agree." C.J. Mahaney We believe history is being made as high profile leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention MEDDLE in the affairs of another denomination, which self-identifies as a "family of churches".  Yes, I'm … Continue reading

Sovereign Grace Ministries Captures the Media Spotlight

Le Mont Saint Michel (taken by Deb) “We as a family experienced a pattern of spiritual abuse, hypocrisy, harshness, deceit and some unfortunate threats that were not righteous for Christians and need to be repented.” Larry Tomczak in a Washington Post article published on September 6, 2011 Since morphing themselves into Sovereign Grace Ministries, C.J. Mahaney and his lieutenants have … Continue reading

Dave Harvey – Give Me One More Chance

  “I am amazed that a group of men that have called so many to repentance (for) over 30 years still don’t understand it on a personal level.” Irv (a former SGM pastor)  The Colosseum (taken by Deb) Dave Harvey, acting President of Sovereign Grace Ministries, has recorded a video in which he addresses specific questions that have come to the … Continue reading

Ambassadors of Reconciliation: Let’s Take A Closer Look

As many of our readers know, the Ambassadors of Reconciliation have just released their Consultation Report to the Board of Directors of Sovereign Grace Ministries. (link) The report was prepared by Ted Kober and Ed Keinath. According to Dave Harvey, "this plan includes three areas where they and others will be involved in helping us: 1. Adjudication of allegations against … Continue reading