01.07.23 EChurch@Wartburg: Dr Daniel Wallace: Is What We Have Now Is What They Wrote Then?

A Morning Prayer: 3rd Century Liturgy of St Mark link

We give Thee thanks—yea, more than thanks O Lord our God,
for all Thy goodness at all times, and in all places,
because Thou hast shielded, rescued, helped,
and guided us all the days of our lives, and brought us unto this hour.
We pray and beseech Thee, merciful God, to grant in Thy goodness
that we may spend this day, and all the time of our lives, without sin,
in fullness of joy, holiness, and reverence of Thee.
But drive away from us, O Lord, all envy, all fear, and all temptations.
Bestow upon us what is good and meet.
Whatever sin we commit in thought, word, or deed,
do Thou in Thy goodness and mercy be pleased to pardon.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil;
through the grace, mercy, and love of Thine only begotten Son.

For Charity: 4th-century Coptic liturgy of St Cyril link

O God of love, Who hast given a new commandment through Thine only begotten Son,
that we should love one another, even as Thou didst love us, the unworthy and the wandering,
and gavest Thy beloved Son for our life and salvation; we pray Thee, Lord, give to us,
Thy servants, in all time of our life on the earth,
a mind forgetful of past ill-will, a pure conscience and sincere thoughts,
and a heart to love our brethren; for the sake of Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord and only Saviour.

For Purity: 4th-century Nerses of Clajes link

O Holy Spirit of God, very God, Who didst descend upon Christ at the River Jordan,
and upon the Apostles in the upper chamber, we have sinned against heaven and before Thee;
purify us again, we beseech Thee, with Thy Divine fire, and have mercy upon us; for Christ’s sake.

Dr. Dan Wallace is an old friend from Dallas. He is considered the Indiana Jones of ancient manuscripts. He is also quite a character.

Benediction link

May God the Father
prepare your journey,
Jesus the Son
guide your footsteps,
The Spirit of Life
strengthen your body,
The Three in One
watch over you,
on every road
that you may follow.


01.07.23 EChurch@Wartburg: Dr Daniel Wallace: Is What We Have Now Is What They Wrote Then? — 4 Comments

  1. Great message. Diving into church history has pros and cons, especially when confronted with facts that don’t confrom to what we had hoped (e.g., nature of the eucharist, office of bishops and priests, liturgical worship, perpetual virginity of Mary, infant baptism, etc.) But the history of the NT canon is definitely one of the bright spots we can all celebrate.

  2. Holy Scriptures are God’s providential gauntlet to the churches to interpret their meaning – OT & NT as entireties – as testimony to Holy Spirit life. To blaspheme / grieve / quench the Holy Spirit, implied stealing the bread of life from the mouths of children.

    But to strengthen the integrity of children and widows from outside us (not by moralising), will be our crown and that is why we hope.

  3. Dee, I need to talk to you about the Brian Goodrich case. I am a member of PBC and one of the pastors that did not listen to the parents is now a teacher at a local private Christian school. He turned his back on my child when she was attending there. Sounds like it’s his MO.