On the Vote of the SBC Executive Committee and On What Happened to Me Due to My Support of the Petitioners at Chapel Hill Bible Church

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A wrong sum can be put right, but only by going back till you find the error and working it afresh from that point, never by simply going on. CS Lewis

Yes, I see some similarities between these two topics. Let me start by thanking Todd Wilhelm for his masterful coverage of The Chapel. He has been getting well-deserved accolades for his expose. It could not have come at a better time for me. Last week, my husband and I headed to Florida’s Gulf Coast which has our favorite beaches with sugar-white sand and turquoise water. Let me recommend two state parks beaches that routinely appear on lists of the best beaches in the US: Henderson State Park and Grayton Beach State Park.

I was almost at the beach and was enjoying a nice cup of coffee when my husband received a call from a member of a Christian board of which my husband, the President, and I have been long-term members. Everyone on the board was aware of this blog.

Let me remind you all of my interest in Chapel Hill Bible Church. I had been a member for many years (interrupted by a stay in Texas and stay in an SBC church.)

  • Loved the church until it was taken over by Calvinistas.
  • Voted against the current pastor and the other pastor who got the boot.
  • An elder in this story was an elder for all of my years.
  • The other elder was an elder in my second stay in the church.

Folks, I was not just some “rando” observer.

Back to the telephone call which ruined my vacation. I heard someone speaking in a loud voice, demanding an emergency board meeting. When I joined the conversation, he claimed I was attacking the Body of Christ.

Back to the SBC. I’ll tie these two subjects together in a minute.

In the third vote of the Executive Committee, the  Southern Baptist Panel to Open Legal Records for Abuse Probe. The EC voted, after three tries, to:

open up legally protected records to investigators who will look into how it handled, or mishandled, cases of sexual abuse within the nation’s largest Protestant denomination over the past two decades.

…Proponents said the Executive Committee really had no choice because it was directed to waive privilege by the ultimate authority in Southern Baptist government: the church representatives, or messengers, who voted at the convention’s annual meeting in Nashville in June to authorize an investigation of the committee.

Opponents said waiving privilege would be financially reckless, citing attorneys’ advice that it could prompt insurers to drop their coverage of the convention’s entities.

Ok, it’s solved, or is it? That’s a rhetorical question since this is the SBC where nothing is ever solved. Dave Pittman, writing at SBC Voices posted Third time’s the charm?

Dave is:

Director of Together We Heal and part of the Safeguarding Initiative Team at GRACE. He teaches churches, schools, and families how to talk with their kids about sexual abuse, how to better identify predatory behavior, and how to properly respond to those who’ve been victimized.


Dave was also abused in the SBC and his perspective is like a punch in the gut.

Let’s be honest, this is not an investigation on all cases of sexual abuse within the SBC. It’s only about the last 20 years and only within the SBC EC. Is there already a documented case of libel regarding a case of sexual abuse? Yes. And will there be more cases of cover-ups/abuse/etc.? Most certainly. But now, only because of waving ACP is there the remotest of chances to get to the truth.

He listened to the entire session leading up to the vote. He was not impressed.

Phyllis Inghram all but said when she quoted Matthew 10:16, that we the victims of sexual abuse, had created a “hostile environment” and called US the wolves in sheep’s clothing. She said “they” needed to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Get ready for the gut punch.

Were they all being harmless when Jen Lyell was slandered by the SBC EC and many of the SBC members?

Were they being harmless when they called Christa Brown evil?

Were they being harmless when they told me, “sorry, nothing we can do for you or to stop a known sexual predator, but we’ll pray for you.”?

Yes, I know Ms. Inghram has resigned from the EC, but does it matter now? Her words cut like a knife to my soul and I wasn’t the only she impaled.

Even now, because of the SBC’s and Georgia Baptist Mission Board’s failures, a KNOWN, ADMITTED sexual predator is back at a church and trying to sell books about how to be better at worship. Going so far as to ask for media interviews to promote said books and asking if one would make a good movie.

He mentioned Joe Knott, a well-known Raleigh attorney who is a member of Christ Baptist Church and serves on the EC. I wonder if his statement reflects the view of his SBC church.

He went into great detail about law and order. Explained to us how God created the United States and its laws for our protection. Explained to us how law and order was from God. As if we needed his explanation on law on order.

Was he insinuating that a vote to waive ACP is vote against God? Sure sounded like it.

He went on to say, “Laws are to restrain evil. Laws come from God.”

So what are we as survivors of sexual abuse? Are we the evil in need of restraint in this narrative of his? And what about the laws broken when we were molested and raped? Do those not count in his perspective?

He continued, “what we are about to do is create chaos.”

He goes on.

So now WE are the ones creating chaos? What about the chaos of 3 decades of my life because none cared to hear my story or stop a predator? And I am not the only one. Now there is an admission from my abuser and from several other victims who’ve come forward to say it happened to them also.

Said Knott, “There may not be a Convention to face”.

Again, a convention before a soul? One single soul? It’s ridiculous.

He ends with this example.

A former SBC VP, just yesterday, said that the efforts made by survivors to persuade EC members to waive ACP were “online attacks against good men and women…Carnal, ungodly & evil…the ends never justify the means.”

Really Mr. former 2nd VP? We are carnal, ungodly, and evil? This folks, is the battle we face in ridding the SBC from sexual predators and their enablers.

What else is brewing in this matter? The extent of the attorney-client waiver is up for debate. I think the comment by William Thornton was most interesting. It appears there is not a consensus on this matter. This will bear watching.

This is one of the talking points for both sides. The opponents to waiver called it a “blanket” waiver. Proponents called it “limited.” Dave Pittman calls it “VERY limited.” I call it a broad waiver. It covers 21 years, all EC staff and trustees during that period – hundreds of people, for any abuse that touched on the EC

Now, back to me, my former community board and CHBC

We abuse advocates often say that we should “Believe the woman when she comes forward.” In this instance, 83 people have come forward and signed the petition. I believe them. Any church would be naive not to do so. I am devoted to those who have been hurt or abused by the church. If I am asked to help, I will, regardless of what the location is of the church of the victims.

The more I began to think about the term “conflict of interests,” the more I began to wonder about something. Does this concern about the conflict of interests take into consideration the interests of the victims or is it more about the concern for institutional relationships?  Did Jesus first serve the institution or the victims of the institution?

In the end, I was accused of attacking the church of Jesus! This sounds no different than what some of those members of the SBC EC said in the above quotes by Dave Pittman.

I knew I was serving the body of Christ, the church of which I had been a member for a number of years. It was worth resigning from a ministry I had served for many years. I only wish it had been done more gently.

PS: On Thursday night, the elders will finally meet with those who signed the petition. Maybe the church leaders will surprise me. I sure hope so.


On the Vote of the SBC Executive Committee and On What Happened to Me Due to My Support of the Petitioners at Chapel Hill Bible Church — 36 Comments

  1. I am sorry for this loss, Dee, on top of all the others you’ve already experienced defending the sheep.

  2. “Did Jesus first serve the institution or the victims of the institution?”

    Obviously, the institution in this post serves itself, via the individuals who have circled the wagons to protect their org from truth. Short term defense but in the long run, every one of these individuals will pay. God does not support this. Jesus certainly didn’t.

  3. The SBC is a mess.

    I’m not convinced the guys wanting to be good guys in the SBC are really good guys.

    I think they’re a whole lot of mixed motives. Some want to help abused people. Some want the SBC’s cash. And some want power.

  4. Well, the SBC’s longstanding (since 1965) law firm has decided to quit. Here’s what they have to say, and it sounds just like something Ronnie “Armani” Floyd would say:

    “We simply do not know how to advise a client, and otherwise represent a client, with the quality of advice and representation the client must have, and in keeping with the standard of practice our firm tries to uphold, when the client has indicated a willingness to forego this universally accepted principle of confidentiality,” Guenther and Jordan wrote in a letter to Executive Committee President Ronnie Floyd.


    It sounds like the law firm knows where the bodies are buried and is quite upset they’re going to be dragged along into the morass. Well, if the firm was actually helping to cover up crimes, they’re going to be in a world of hurt. As well they should be.

  5. “he claimed I was attacking the Body of Christ”

    In every church, there is the Church within the church. The Body of Christ cannot be confined to a building or contained within walls of brick and mortar where men rule. The Body of Christ is the Bride of Christ, a Kingdom of priests on earth – every believer is a priest, members of a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession. Nowhere in Scripture is the Church equated to a building or structure. While the Body of Christ may attend and participate in a building here and there, it is a free church which can go wherever the Spirit leads.

    I have been a long-time participant on The Wartburg Watch. Dee has never or would ever “attack” the Body of Christ. But she would darn well call out those who abuse it in various ways. Her concerns have always been focused on failed church systems, not precious believers ensnared by them. She endeavors daily to protect the Body of Christ by informing and warning about abusive ministers and ministries.

  6. Dear Dee, I don’t often quote verses but cannot resist being reminded of Jesus’ statement…” This is My command to you: Love one another. If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first. If you were of the world, it would love you as its own.”
    The SBC and other corrupt church leaders are of the world, not of the Kingdom. I would rather be counted with you on judgement day than any of them.

  7. dee: The trouble is how to tell the difference!

    As Nick pointed out in a previous post, the Greek word for “hypocrite” is “actor.” If all the world is a stage and men and women merely players (Shakespeare), then the 21st century American church has become one of the biggest shows of all! Christian, beware!

  8. Dee, when you say the church elders will meet–is it your Lutheran Church that may oust you? I am a little confused here.

  9. Max: I have been a long-time participant on The Wartburg Watch. Dee has never or would ever “attack” the Body of Christ. B

    I am quoting you here in case some folks are reading! You are the best.

  10. Believer: corrupt church leaders are of the world, not of the Kingdom

    Worth repeating:

    church leaders are of the world, not of the Kingdom
    church leaders are of the world, not of the Kingdom
    church leaders are of the world, not of the Kingdom

    To which Jesus shouts from Heaven “Repent or else!”

  11. They’re balking at investigating *20* freaking years?

    We Catholics say, “Hold our beer.”

    So sorry your vacation was ruined by that craycray! I remember receiving a nasty, unwarranted email from a boss while I was visiting family in Louisville. That kind of thing really does ruin everything. Hope you got to enjoy some peace and serenity by the ocean.

  12. dee,

    Not when you are “attacking” the people in power… and their characterization of you, or any person really questioning the people in power, as an “attack on Christ” is a classic response…. it just shows the “hubris”, or worse, of the people in power… and, it is such a “easy” response to get the “pew sheep” to follow… THEY ARE ATTACKING CHRIST!!! rally the troops…

  13. Max: Worth repeating:

    church leaders are of the world, not of the Kingdom

    whoops, meant to repeat “corrupt church leaders are of the world …”

  14. Max: whoops, meant to repeat “corrupt church leaders are of the world …”

    What makes you think your first attempt was wrong?

  15. Thank you for rejecting my recent post. I understand. The Christian world is not one in which an autistic person belongs. I will not try to post on a Christian blog again. All the best to you.

  16. My apologies. I didn’t intend for that post to be generally seen. Since the last comment wasn’t posted, I assumed it would only be viewed by the blog administrator. (Sorry, I don’t know your name.)

    That said, I was serious in what I said. It isn’t anyone else’s responsibility if I can’t find a way to fit the flow of what goes on around me. That’s for me to figure out. The Christian world has been a place of pain, but everyone has their own challenges.

    Again, sorry.

  17. Ken F (aka Tweed),

    I’ve known some real-deal servants of God during my long tenure in church … solid church leaders who truly ministered in Jesus’ Name. Unfortunately, they are becoming a rare and endangered species in the American church.

  18. dee: It’s my community board who is concerned that CHBC might get mad at them.

    So, are there CHBC members on the community board? Does CHBC contribute funds to that community organization? Are there prominent CHBC members who are community leaders who could inflict “pain” on the organization? Are board members concerned about being shunned at WalMart by CHBC members? Why be concerned about a church being “mad at them”?! Seems like high school behavior to me.

  19. SMull,

    I am so very sorry for your pain.

    Truly I hope that there has been a misunderstanding about comments, since I don’t believe autism is a barrier on TWW. Some Christian groups clearly are not at all understanding.

    I have valued your past comments, and hope you will continue to add your voice here. Whatever you decide, I wish you healing, peace, and fairness.

  20. Dee–thank you! I had understood it to be a community board, but when you mentioned church elders involved it confused me. Thanks again!

  21. How do you know that someone is perverse in their views? They equate speaking the truth with an attack on the church. Truth is an attack on darkness, not the other way around.

  22. Welcome to the “dark side”. Exposing churches and calling them to accountability will cost you your membership, your friends, decades of Service and decades of tithing. However, and it’s a big however…. You will please your Lord and Savior for doing what is right in light of the written Word of the Creator.

  23. Dee,
    Sorry for the pain but you’ll be OK because you stood for what’s right!
    It happened to us in our SBC church of almost 17 years when we asked staff about convicted sexual offender serving as deacon in family ministry & association’s Upward basketball program. What “sealed the deal” was our knowledge of an alleged rape of 13 yr old by staff member’s son which was not reported to civil authorities when parents confronted the staff. This information was not shared by us with the church, but only with the staff member himself & a witness he had with him.
    In three days we were voted out by the deacons in violation of the church constitution & bylaws.
    There’s more, but God is taking care of us and he will continue to do the same for you.
    We serve God, not man.