Posts Resume Next Monday. Pray for Me. Joy and Messiness.


Hi all.

Today I received some disappointing news about some folks that I have long respected and discussed on this blog. I really don’t know what to do. I don’t even know if I can say anything because there is a lawyer involved. I’m OK just really hurt.

Thankfully, I’m flying to Boston to participate in my daughter’s wedding shower. I am grateful for joy in the midst of messiness.


Posts Resume Next Monday. Pray for Me. Joy and Messiness. — 22 Comments

  1. Sometimes people can be like that – disappointing. Especially in this world of social media. If whatever happens spills into the public sphere, I’d recommend a policy of disengagement. Keep to the mandate of your blog, stay on the mission statement.
    If lawyers need to be involved then let them do whatever they need to do.
    You can’t control others actions, so if you need to make any statements, stick to facts and not feelings.
    The sad reality is it seems everyone loves a train wreck. Don’t give it to them. Eventually the truth always comes out.

    Enjoy your family & friends.


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  2. Muff Potter: Sound wisdom Jack, well spoken!

    Putting yourself out there to tackle religious issues can be like putting a big target on your back. Especially when discussing inconvenient truths.

    And I’ve seen even among different groups who are ostensibly on the same side, there are some differences that become rifts. It can be best to part ways. And that’s ok.

    I think we can idealize those we believe are allies in our cause. We assume they are driven by the same motivation or even that they share our vision of the greater good.

    I don’t what’s happened here but when an ally turns against you or allies themselves with someone who is against you or is just plain nasty then we have to realize we can’t control them or their actions.

    The key is not to deny your hurt an disappointment but to control it. It sounds cliche but you have to own it and not let it own you. Say nothing now that you’ll regret later especially on social media. Let it pass. Play the long game and strategize with those you do trust. It’s like chess.

    I guarantee you the truth does come out, and even if it takes a while, the vindication can be just as sweet.

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