EChurch@Wartburg 04.09.2021 Wade Burleson: Love Does Not Rejoice in Unrighteousness

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Your Words Are Channels of Grace into Our Hearts link

inspire us to read your Scriptures
and to meditate upon them day and night.
We beg you to give us real understanding of what we need,
that we in turn may put its precepts into practice.
Yet we know that understanding and good intentions are worthless,
unless rooted in your graceful love.
So we ask that the words of Scriptures
may also be not just signs on a page,
but channels of grace into our hearts.

Source: Origen (ca. 185-254)

For Growth in Grace link

give completeness to beginners,
understanding to the little ones,
and help to those who are running their course.
Give sorrow to the negligent,
fervor to the lukewarm,
and to the mature a true humility,
for the sake of Christ Jesus our Lord.

Source: Iranaeus of Lyon

Early Hymn Calling God’s Works to Praise link

May none of God’s wonderful works keep silence
night or morning.
Bright stars,
high mountains,
the depths of the seas,
sources of rushing rivers:
may all these break into song as we sing
to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
May all the angels in the heavens reply:
Amen! Amen! Amen!
Power, praise, honor,
eternal glory to God,
the only giver of grace.
Amen! Amen! Amen!

Source: Third-century hymn

A Clementine Blessing link

May God,
who sees all things,
and who is the Ruler of all spirits
and the Lord of all the living—
who chose our Lord Jesus Christ,
and through him chose us to be a people for his own possession—
grant to every soul that calls on his glorious and holy name,
faith, peace, patience, long-suffering,
self-control, purity, and sobriety,
to the glory of his name,
through our High Priest and Protector,
+ Jesus Christ, to whom be glory,
and majesty, and power, and honor,
both now and forever.

Source: Clement of Rome (c. 96)


EChurch@Wartburg 04.09.2021 Wade Burleson: Love Does Not Rejoice in Unrighteousness — 3 Comments

  1. That ‘Early Hymn’ seems like it might be the Benedicite… sadly, morning prayer (matins) at which we once sang this is now not a common service. Verse after verse calling out to one aspect of the order of things, all works of the Lord, to give praise. ‘Benedicite omnia opera Domino.’

  2. Sòpwyth on Wed Apr 14, 2021 at 03:57 AM said:
    My comment is still awaiting moderation.,
    RU reeling in the years?
    Cutting off sex_: in marriage prolonged makes for a very unhappy house.
    Inter Mission,
    Int Brooklyn Charmers – Reelin’ In The Years (Steely Dan Cover) In Studio Performance er Mission,