Prince Andrew Steps Back From Public Duties Due to His Disastrous Interview (Included) Regarding His Former Pal, Jeffrey Epstein


“More than 150 years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, slavery is illegal almost everywhere. But it is still not abolished – not even here, in the land of the free. On the contrary, there is a cancer of violence, a modern-day slavery growing in America by the day, in the very places where we live and work. It’s called human trafficking.” Josh Hawley

This post is a departure from the stores that I regularly cover. However, Queen Elizabeth is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and, as such, her behavior has relevance to the church.

Queen Elizabeth has a tough road to haul. Her devotion to her duties as the Queen of England is admirable. However, through the years, she has had off and on troubles with her children. She has come a long way from not allowing her sister Margaret to marry a divorced man to accepting a divorced, biracial woman as her grandson’s wife. Good show!

However, she has a crisis brewing in regards to her divorced son, Prince Andrew, who still lives with his ex-wife, Sarah.  Could it be that her love for Andrew has caused her to overlook her duty to represent the values of the Church of England?

Th COE has faced their own scandals regarding sex abuse. It appears that the time for the English version of #churchtoo to join the rest of the world.

Prince Andrew has been a longtime buddy of Jeffrey Epstein. Several accounts have pointed to Prince Charles questioning Andrew friendship with Epstein.

I have been following Epstein’s worrisome behavior for quite a long time. For those who need a quick history, this Wikipedia article isn’t half bad. Here is an outline of some issue.

  • No one really knows how Epstein made his huge fortune. He was known for molesting underage girls in his homes in Palm Beach and NYC.(Read about the painting of Bill Clinton in that home…)
  • He had an island which became known as Pedophile Island to the locals.
  • He had a jet that would bring the rich and famous to his island or to other places. It was known as the Lolita Express.
  • He hosted well known politicians, businessmen, scientists, and all around famous folks at his homes and island. Here is a picture of his hosting Stephen Hawkins in a post Jeffrey Epstein And A Long History Of Slime
  • He loved to attend conferences at places like Harvard and hobnobbing with famous scientists.
  • He had a friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, who he used to date and is alleged to have helped him procure underage girls for the rich and famous.
  • He reportedly had a black book which listed the names, dates and contact information of those he hosted or knew which included the Clintons, Prince Andrew, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby.
  • Here is a timeline of his arrests, etc.
  • Jeffrey Epstein died in prison awaiting trial. It is safe to say his upcoming trial made lots of people nervous since the police reportedly had access to the *black book.*
  • Prince Andrew claims that he never saw underage girls around Epstein.
  • Here is a who’s who of in this underage sex trafficking scandal. 

Did Epstein commit suicide in prison?

I do not believe that Epstein hung himself. Michael Baden, arguably the most famous pathologist in the country, said that he believed that Epstein was strangled. He was present for the autopsy at. the request of Epstein’s family and noticed that there were three fractures of the hyoid bone which does not happen with hanging. Oddly enough, I listened to his interview and then went to bed, reading a mystery written by a physician. That night, I read the person in the book was found. to have been strangled due to the fractures of the hyoid bone.

Prince Andrew’s entire disastrous interview.he is in trouble.

Here is  the entire 45 minute interview.

  • He claimed he never saw anything at any of Epstein’s homes and *Pedophile* island, including never noticing lots of girls.
  • He claimed that the picture of him with a girl at Epstein’s home is a forgery.
  • He claimed that he didn’t sweat for a number of years but he’s now doing better on that front.(So happy for him.)
  • He claimed that  Epstein’s behavior was simply *unbecoming…*
  • He claimed he broke up their friendship after Epstein’s first arrest but he continued to stay at Epstein’s house because it was *convenient.*
  • He claimed he continued to see Epstein after his arrest because Andrew claims he is *too honorable!*
  • He denied that he was with a 17 year old girl, dancing, drinking and having sex.
  • He said that he couldn’t sweat (as suggested by the young woman who was dancing with him) back then but is finally able to sweat again. (Dee is so gratified to hear this.)
  • He is not sorry for his relationship with Epsten because he met some wonderful people through him.
  • He called subsequent revelations about Epstein a *shocking distraction.*.

This interview was so bad he has stepped back from his public duties

The Chicago Tribune reported Prince Andrew to step back from public duties after BBC interview about his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein:

(Andrew) in a statement Wednesday that it has become clear to him in recent days that his association with the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has become a “major distraction” to the royal family’s charitable work.

…Andrew has been heavily criticized for his performance in the television interview in which he failed to express concern for Epstein’s victims, many of whom were underage and were victims of trafficking and forced to have sex with powerful friends of the billionaire.
Andrew lost support during the interview because he seemed to show no regrets for his close association with a convicted sex offender.
Some charities that he has worked with as a patron have said they were reviewing their association with the prince because of his actions.

Vanity Fair posted Prince Andrew Considering Another Interview About Epstein, Royal Sources Say

Andrew’s daughter Princess Eugenie, who cofounded the Anti-Slavery Collective, is privately said to be “very worried” about how the scandal—which links Andrew to Epstein, who was accused of trafficking underage girls—might impact the organization. Nonetheless, Eugenie and her sister, Princess Beatrice, as well as their mother, Sarah Ferguson, and the rest of the royal family, are standing united behind Andrew. It is, sources say, Queen Elizabeth’s wish for her family to rally around her second (and some say favorite) son.

People posted 7 Biggest Bombshells from Prince Andrew’s ‘No Holds Barred’ Interview About Jeffrey Epstein

He Denies Ever Meeting Virginia Roberts Giuffre

Giuffre alleges she was forced to have sex with the royal three times between 1999 and 2002 in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island owned by the disgraced financier.

“I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever,” the Duke of York, 59, told Maitlis about Giuffre’s allegations. “It just never happened.”

I believe that Prince Andrew was well aware of who and what Epstein was and took full advantage of the lifestyle he offered. I suggest Prince Andrew stay away from the public eye for a very long time, if not forever. His interview made me sick. He sounds like a man who enjoyed the company of despicable men like Estaeimn and enjoyed the company of young girls even more.

Message to Queen Elizabeth: kick the bum out of Buckingham Palace and make a statement about your stance on the sexual abuse and trafficking of underage girls (r anyone for that matter.) This is a stand that should be (and will be) supported by most everyone. Maybe it’s time to read up on William Wilberforce who fought the slave traffic. He was part of the Church of England. Do not let the support for human trafficking find a foothold in England in the guise of a spoiled, arrogant royal who is willing to be friends with a sick, despicable man who didn’t have an ounce of remorse in his body.

Could it be that one of the Royal family took full advantage of the fruits of human trafficking? It is a sad day, indeed.


Prince Andrew Steps Back From Public Duties Due to His Disastrous Interview (Included) Regarding His Former Pal, Jeffrey Epstein — 41 Comments

  1. At the beginning of the article it says Epstein was guilty of molesting “underage gorillas.” Molesting gorillas, underage or not, should be illegal.

  2. It bugs me no end that the head of state in Canada is a foreign national. I even had swear an oath to Liz when I was in the air force.

    Meh “God save the Queen” a la The Sex Pistols.

  3. For those of us who live in the U.S., few of us understand how powerful the current queen actually is according to British law. As an education I offer up this video produced by a Brit:

    We have regular commenters here from the other side of the Atlantic, you may want to comment on this and add your own take on it. The amount of power she could exercise is crazy. Here, we only have our temporary Presidents and they can obviously be thrown out of office early as is so clear in the current news at the moment. But a king or queen over there who went insane is apparently impossible to deal with by current law. So this is much bigger than a royal family member who likes them young. Legal age is 16 over there, not 18, so I do not think he could face the kind of criminal action that we see men face over here.

  4. Didn’t Prince Charles continue seeing Camella _____, even after marrying Princess Diana?

    If true, the whole tree is rotten.

    Who else is there to hand off the CoE to?

  5. The TV show “Law and Order SVU” had an episode roughly a decade ago with an Epstein like character with an ex girlfriend who procured underage girls in Europe and flew them back to NY for his parties.

  6. I’m afraid the prince appeared to be fibbing a bit. He missed his perfect opportunity to respond that he was not the sort of person to have sex with random young girls, when asked how he knew with certainty that Virginia Roberts’ claims were false. He couldn’t say, perhaps because it was too big of a lie, ‘Because I do not have sexual relations with random young girls, period.’ He really isn’t fooling anyone. Oh, and he doesn’t ‘party’. Neither did Prince Phillip, or any of the rest of the Royals, I’m sure. Because they are all ‘too honorable’. Just like preacher boys and politicians.

  7. How many girls were victims of Epstein? Have they found help for their recovery? What Epstein did leaves me speechless. 🙁

    In regards to Epstein, he does make a case for total depravity as defined by the reformed church.

  8. Just read this article about Epstein’s ranch in NM.

    Now that authorities have either allowed Epstein to kill himself or participated in his murder, the next question will be what happens to all of the videos and photos of the famous people that Epstein, and now presumably Maxwell, has?

    Recovering those may be as important as anything.

    But as we have seen, if ABC can be bought the way they were bought, it will be s miracle if those can be preserved.

    A free press is one of the central freedoms of a people. We can’t make the press be honest.

    But we can make sure that a climate exists where alternative news outlets are protected and allowed to thrive.

    Just think if WW did not exist. We’d be relying of denominational press and the press organs like T4G and TGC.

  9. That interview was horrifying. The complete lack of empathy shown (even if you want to say he didn’t do it, just for arguments sake, just to say how a regular human would react) was unbelievable.

  10. Eurgh, as a Brit I have to say how appalled I was/most of us are with his interview. Although our law has 16 as the age of consent there is no way Prince Andrew should have been at those parties or supporting that man. It’s an absolute shambles & just plain wrong.

  11. TS00,

    Good comment. I’ve been watching the new series Catherine the Great starring Helen Mirren. Ive has a thing for the history of the royals since I was a young teen. It is amazing to me how the English kings and queens, after Henry 8’s invention of the Church of England with him as head, leads to such hypocrisy. Many do not truly believe in the faith but make the appearance of doing so, It’s all rather corrupt to my way of thinking even though some did good things for the people.I’m waiting for the day when someone like Prince Charles comes out and says “I don’t buy it.” Someday, one of these folks will do so. It will probably be caught in some audio that was thought to be a private conversation.

  12. No one really knows how Epstein made his huge fortune.

    Isn’t is obvious?
    Like in Victorian times.

    Pedophile Island probably had more surveillance cameras than all of London, all recording EVERYTHING. Including the bedroom antics of those “guests” who could pay big bucks to keep those recordings from surfacing.

    And since Epstein’s “Suicide(TM)”, all those recordings now Never Existed.

  13. Since there is a connection between the Royal Family and the Church of England, does actions like Prince Andrew’s cause people to leave the church?

  14. 16 may be consent age in the UK but the operative word is “consent”. Which I don’t think applies here. If anything the closest Biblical analogy is David and Bathsheba: he didn’t forcibly hold her down while having sex with her, but she really couldn’t say no either for fear that he could have her killed with no appeal.

  15. Beakerj,

    “Eurgh, as a Brit I have to say how appalled I was/most of us are with his interview. ”

    how much power do citizens have over the liberties the Royal Family takes? like, you can’t vote them out, but are there other avenues to wield influence regarding what citizens will tolerate?

  16. Headless Unicorn Guy,

    It does seem that he was just running a wh$re house for the ubber rich and famous… he might not even had to blackmail them….. he seem to “charm them”…. if fact, the richest man in my state was “charmed” by him…. and people are just scratching their heads……. this richest man have given Epstein power of attorney over a hugh amount of his money!!!!

    What gets me is the rich/powerful/politician/ celebrity, etc both secular and in the Christian world seem to “expect” respect; yet we they get caught they quite often play “dumb”, or massively forgetful, at a level that us peons could not normally function at and keep our jobs, or social circles…

  17. What really irks me is how the media circus is playing the ‘Did Epstein really kill himself’ show for all it’s worth, the typical distraction mode used by media. What we are supposed to forget, in all of the hoopla, is that there are countless men and women who were involved with Epstein’s despicable actions, documented in photos and other records.

    Why is Maxwell not under arrest, along with everyone who appears in the photos, videos and logs taken possesion of? Because this evidence was seized to protect the guilty, not to prosecute them.

    What is not being done, and most likely never will be, is the release of the names of people who were ‘serviced’ by Epstein’s filthy business. All of these people should be charged with the appropriate crimes. But this will never happen, as history has proven time and again, because the people involved are the biggest powers in politics, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, Law enforcement, the judiciary, Corporate USA, Science, etc. People who might be useful at some time were compromised, so that evil people who seek to run the world can blackmail and control them for their own devious ends.

    This is the sick and terrible reality of Epsteingate, on top of the unthinkable abuse perpetrated on the poor women and children he used. But this sort of thing has been going on forever, and because it involves powerful people in positions of great influence and wealth, nothing will ever be done to hold them accountable. A few might be thrown under the bus in their old age, long after the damage has been done . . . but no serious steps to put a stop to all of this will ever be taken. The same sort of abuse by powerful people has been exposed around the world, but it is only the little guys who get prosecuted.

  18. TS00: The same sort of abuse by powerful people has been exposed around the world, but it is only the little guys who get prosecuted.

    “The law is not for Princes, it is for the common people…”
    — Attributed to Elizabeth I portrayed by Cate Blanchett —

  19. TSOO you have said what every poor victim and what most people know in their deepest of hearts.Thank God he exist and loves us,even when no one else does.

  20. Having read through various articles about Epstein and those in his black book, Kenn Star, the president of Baylor University. He defended Epstein on the original charges in the last decade. He was able to get them reduced to solicitation.

  21. I believe Ms. Giuffre. She speaks in the manner of those who are telling the truth.

    The “prince” speaks in the manner of those who are lying.

  22. Brian,

    Starr was fired over the sex abuses by Baylor sports figures. He basically ignored or covered them up

    So the ‘horrified’ prosecutor of a bj has zero problem with sex abuse at Baylor or Epstein’s abuses of underage girls

    What a disgusting hypocrite!!

  23. tome

    That was not intentional. I try very hard to keep politics off this blog. I believe that everyone who cares about politics will do their best to make a choice and I’m not going to tell them they are wrong or stupid or whatever. I think you will find that the reason Bill Clinton, Prince Andres and others come up more frequently is due to the fact that they spent a rather big chunk of time taking the Lolita Express or visiting Pedophile Island or being seen at special mansion parties, yacht parties, etc. unaccompanied by their spouses.

    Also, there is the case of the rather unusual painting that used to hang at one Epstein’s mansions.

    Once the contents of Epstein’s *black book* becomes common knowledge, if it ever does, I believe we are going to see politicians from all backgrounds, scientists, business moguls, famous attorneys, etc. be named. The names will range from the ultra liberal to the far right conservatives.

    You are more than welcome to disagree. I’ve been following this rather intently for a number of years trying to figure out how this guy made his money and how he got away with it for so long.

  24. dee,

    When I went on the internet, I saw no articles or post by trafficking or survivors groups.

    You don’t see the energy of the #metoo groups that went after Charlie Rose, who was also in Epstein’s little black book.

    This feels like a control of the victims through fear on an international scale.

  25. As this decades old article documents, pedophile rings have been uncovered worldwide, but nothing happens, because it involves people in power:

    Would anything happen in America if hundreds of thousands of us marched and demanded an investigation of Epsteins ‘friends’? We would have to shut down the entire country first, with nationwide strikes, and even then, they would just throw us a few token bodies. Indeed, that is pretty much what we have seen. then These horrific issues run very deep, and have been around for a long, long time.

  26. dee: Once the contents of Epstein’s *black book* becomes common knowledge, if it ever does, I believe we are going to see politicians from all backgrounds, scientists, business moguls, famous attorneys, etc. be named. The names will range from the ultra liberal to the far right conservatives.

    Which is why Epstein had to be Silenced.

  27. TS00: Would anything happen in America if hundreds of thousands of us marched and demanded an investigation of Epsteins ‘friends’?

    Martial Law against this Terrorist Threat?

  28. In 2015, I was watching the charismatic preacher Rodney Howard-Browne on TV. He said that in the halls of government and boardrooms of corporations Satan was being worshipped. I wasn’t sure if he meant it as a metaphor or literally. If it was meant as a metaphor, Epstein and his activities “fit the bill”.

  29. Oracle at Delphi: Just think if WW did not exist. We’d be relying of denominational press and the press organs like T4G and TGC.

    I just really liked your observation so much that I wanted to read it again. I picture if you had said that in a living room full of us TWW readers, we would collectively go silent, relax back into the sofas, and softly sigh “hmmm, true that, true that . . . “

  30. Brian,

    Oh I bet he meant it both ways. Our military even allows Satanists to have their religion engraved on their tags. So it isn’t difficult for me to imagine that many of them have risen to leadership in our government, knowing full well whom they really serve.

  31. Brian: If it was meant as a metaphor, Epstein and his activities “fit the bill”.

    If it was meant literally, Epstein and his activities also “fit the bill”.