EChurch@Wartburg – 12.18.16

Welcome to Our Gathering of EChurch@Wartburg Tree at Rockefeller Center

Here is our Order of Worship

Advent Prayer link

Loving God, the days are drawing close to the birth of your son.
There is a lot we still need to "do" but help us to simply "be" and to slow down and savor these days.
You know the anticipation we feel. Help us to deepen that sense and to allow it to build in our hearts.
We are grateful for this great gift of your son in our lives
 Continue to offer us the gentle nudge of your grace so we cherish that gratitude in the busy-ness of our days,
and let it move us to be more generous to those around us.

Advent Prayer link

O Jesus, in an empty desert your prophet John proclaimed: God is here, at your side.
God has come to bring about a kingdom where injustice and suffering will be no more,
where tears will be wiped away, and where those who turn to God will feast at a banquet.

"Turn now, your God is standing at your side. Reform your lives, God's kingdom is at hand."
 In an empty desert John said these things.

Give me faith like John's, O Lord, strong enough to believe even in a desert
that you and your kingdom are no farther from me than my hand.
Make my heart strong like his, not swayed by trials or snared by false pleasures.
Give me courage to be faithful until your promises are fulfilled.

O King of all nations, Jesus Christ,
only joy of every heart,
come and save your people.

Scripture Reading: Philippians 4:13 (NASB Bible Gateway)

 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Evening Prayer for Advent link

Lord God
we praise you for creating man,
and still more for restoring him in Christ.
Your Son shared our weakness:
may we share his glory,
for he lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God
for ever and ever. 


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    Hi Wartburgers,

    Just a note that Shauna in Texas can’t afford to provide a Christmas for her minor son Billy. She needs our help to do so. (Dee wrote the story about Billy’s abuse at the hands of a church member, hospital reports, law enforcement involvement, etc. The church took reprisals against Shauna and had church members cancel their house cleaning jobs that she did, her source of income to provide for her son.)

    She has been blessed with a part-time job at a grocery store during the Christmas season. But it is not enough money to pay the bills and provide for Christmas. She said that Billy needs warm clothes.

    If you can donate to the GoFundMe account for Christmas for these two that would be wonderful.

    Thank you.

    Shauna wrote:
    Update: im at work now and am on my break! So yaaay that im able to work and have a job. My hours will be at around 20 Hours a week im going to stick with it and continue to try to get more hours in other departments. As it stands today it doesn’t look like I will make anything in time for Billys Christmas this year. I tried to earn enough but unfortunately this paycheck isn’t even enough to cover my utilities, phone, and car insurance this weekend that is due. Im 300 short and this doesn’t include my landlady , food and gas. Im praying that I can do something so please continue to pray for my son. I don’t have the heart to tell him no Christmas this year. My next step is to go sell my plasma which is my last resort. I hate needles and my veins don’t hold up well when they draw blood. Anyways the good news is im working I just have to work from the bottom up. If you think about it pray for Shauna and Billys gofundme. Thank you all so much.

    This is Shauna and Billy’s GoFundMe account.

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    Another very rough draft of a story based / poem of how I think God views our “works” in this land. One thing I learn in my work is to watch for the subtle and try to tease out the very “small”. Where a hand wave, a wink a smile may be the most profound type of communication. I gurgle, eye movement, smile, frown, shake, or even a wince could be the beginning of a life threatening issue. Seizures, choking, UI infection etc if one truly knows the mannerisms of their students we can quickly let the care providers know. I cant count how many times I have saved someone from choking just knowing their breathing patterns and how they eat. So I often pick up these small clues. I think that is how God is with us. The following is a very rough poem trying to capture that aspect of God.

    Moments in eternity molded by wounded hands
    Fractions of time viewed forever
    Such as fragranced oil over troubled brow
    So soon to bore A thorned crown
    Weeping tears with hair wiped away.
    A pictured captured along The Way

    I often wonder just with a glimpse
    What You see as great we often miss.
    A widow’s mite, unseen by the great
    Echoes forever inside the gate.

    A cup of water a prayer in the dark
    Often forgotten in this earthen land.
    Forever held dear in Your eternal hand.

    I pray God grants us each eyes to see His simple graces.

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    That is beautiful Brian!

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    For those who would like to contribute, Shuana in Texas can’t afford to have a Christmas for her son Billy (whose story Dee wrote about here). Shauna is a single mom who cleans houses and now works part-time at a grocery store.

    Please pray for them.

    Here’s the GoFundMe. Thanks to all who contributed already to make a nice Christmas for Billy.

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    Thank you friends for your financial contributions, of whatever amount, to the GoFundMe account to help Shuana in Texas provide a Christmas for her son Billy.

    You folks are terrific!

    Please continue to pray for this little family and their needs.

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    Thank you for the sermon. My heart eased with what I consider is the proper interpretation of Paul’s words to the Ephesian churches.

    I may try watching again.

    My only “grinch” is not about forgiveness, for I have done that (and continue to); but there are some situations where forgiveness has to happen from a distance for personal safety reasons. I have seen too many “worship the family” sermons and unthinking Christians advising “reconciliation.” Jesus never, ever taught us to make our families into an idol, and reconciliation cannot happen in some situations.

    I made it through the recording without being triggered.
    Thank you.

    *please, no un-solicited advice.