Ed Young-Blinded By the Light, A Beautiful “Bed In” and Mark Driscoll’s Interviewer

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Ed Young Jr's Bed-In Ends in Failure?

Ed and Lisa Young, according to some sources, had to stop their bed-in early last evening due to serious "ocular blindness" reportedly caused by the sun and the television cameras.  Why does the phrase "blind guides, blind fools" come to mind?

Mark Driscoll's Interviewer Answers Driscoll

Today, I was called arrogant and holier than thou for apologizig to the British Christians for the pitiful words that Driscoll spoke. Said commenter said I should have posted Driscoll's response. I did so he didn't read very carefully. It was called A Blog Post for the Brits. The link is in Friday's post.

Here is the response given by the reporter, Justin Brierly who Driscoll denigrated in his poorly worded "contextual" explanation to the British Christians.

As to my apology, my response was predicated on the lack of response to Driscoll's ridiculous comments throughout the years. The silence amongst the Calvinistas is deafening. In fact, all of these men who continue to feature Driscoll should apologize as well.

A Truly Beautiful "Bed-In

To make up for the silliness of Driscoll and Young, I have decided to give our readers an alternative. NC State University has a video recorder placed next to a bald eagle nest at Jordan Lake, not too far from us. Two of the eggs have hatched and the babies are being well-cared for by the mother. If you can't see them, the mother is sitting on them. She occasionally gets up to feed them. You can watch this in real time. Perhaps some true beauty will help you to forget the ugliness of both the Youngs and Driscoll.  Driscoll and Young could learn something from Mama Eagle. I'll leave it to our perceptive readers to figure out what that might be.

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Ed Young-Blinded By the Light, A Beautiful “Bed In” and Mark Driscoll’s Interviewer — 75 Comments

  1. Lovely. So refreshing. Mentally, it’s like being in the Sierras — having risen above (all the smog, noise, & chaos).

  2. I didn’t say that you should have posted his response. I said that he had given an interview and that he had written a blogpost. Then I said that these should be discussed and dissected. My point was that I think that anything written in a public forum is up for critique. So, you totally missed the point of what I was saying and I did read carefully. As for saying the apology was arrogant, I stand by that.

  3. Scott
    You said “I said that he had given an interview and that he had written a blogpost. Then I said that these should be discussed and dissected.” I did discuss and dissect what he said.
    For some reason, you do not acknowledge that. Perhaps you didn’t like the way that I did it. But, that cannot be helped. It is my opinion and I stand by it!

    As for standing by your assessment of my arrogance, I knew you would. It was evident by the way your wrote your comment. That is why I responded. It was kind of fun doing an impromptu post on a weekend. It gave me an opportunity to share the Eagle video that brought beauty to my day.

    It really is nice having a blog to state one’s viewpoints. And I also stated yours, again. Since it called me arrogant, I think that was rather open of me. Not too bad for an arrogant, holier than thou blogger that totally missed your point. Oh, btw what is your point? I still don’t get it. (I am dumb besides being arrogant and holier than thou).

  4. Scott,

    Per your comment on the previous post: “At the same time, apologizing to an entire nation of Christians for the actions of another person is arrogant. It assumes that you are holy and all-knowing, having the right to pronounce that another person is in sin.”

    Holy, all-knowing…sin…(?)… How about removing this from overspiritualization and just acknowledge that remarks addressed to a whole nation of believers were extremely offensive. Remarks made by someone who has made himself a spokesperson for christianity in the US.

    Holy, all-knowing,…sin??? Please. I think most of us are simply too disgusted with a sick feeling inside about such poor manners and impoliteness to make this a spiritual issue & climb up on some spiritual high horse over it.

    “Our spokespeople” don’t have manners. They are rude. We’re embarrassed. We hurt for the people over there. Can’t think of a more appropriate response to have.

  5. Dee,
    Before I stated my opinion about the apology, I was trying to make the point that I was not objecting to your critiquing the interview and the blogpost. My only issue was the apology. Far too often, people get bent out of shape when you dissect what a person has said or written. I think that anything that is put out in the public sphere should be critiqued completely and fairly.

  6. Scott – I think MD was rude toward the people of the UK, no ifs, ands, or buts.

    This is the kind of thing that gets picked up by general media and is viewed as a “typical American” attitude.

    It perpetuates the idea of the Ugly American – though MD seems all too true to the stereotype. : (

  7. Scott
    Now we are getting somewhere. Elastigirl said “Our spokespeople” don’t have manners. They are rude. We’re embarrassed. We hurt for the people over there. Can’t think of a more appropriate response to have.” She got it.

    Now, what in the world did I not do fairly? You sure have a lot of angst packed words (arrogant, holier than thou, fairly, etc.). I believe that Driscoll did a grave disservice to the cause for Christ in England. Did you read what the blogger in England wrote? He was horrified at Driscoll’s jerky attitude. So much so that he had to have people review his post before he put it out. You say fair? Do you care for the response of our evangelical friends that bore the brunt of MD’s ill-advised “advice?”

    I am on the side of those who are on the receiving end of the right boot of fellowship offered by the Calvinistas. Did you know that you violated TWW’s prime directive? We have a rule. you must acknowledge those who have been hurt, prior to defending the big dogs. If you do not do that, I already know that you have an agenda that is not based in love, merely on defense of a theology or person who bucks up that theology, not matter his actions.

    Also, did you read the response of the interviewer? If you don’t think Driscoll is a problem, then I cannot even begin to address your comments. I am the one who is arrogant, not Driscoll. I am the one that is holier than thou, not Driscoll. So, are the interviewer and Englishblogger just biased against the “wisdom” of a Driscoll?

    Please read our post Mark Driscoll, Did I Stutter? Mark Driscoll has received more than enough support and admiration from the Calvinistas. They are beginning to sound like a bunch of Pharisees and maybe that is why they are making no inroads (we wrote about the Barna poll regarding Calvinism) into the hearts and minds of the great unwashed-those who don’t buy their jingoism which includes this irritated, yet willing to allow all sorts of comment, glamorous blog queen. (BTW-did you know Driscoll inspired that description as well)?

    One thing you can learn from us is this. These guys are making all sorts of blunders that do not play well in the court of a larger group of Christians. Driscoll has introduced vulgarity and street language into the church and I, for one, don’t like it. But then again, perhaps you have learned all these words from him-arrogant, holier than thou, etc. You did not influence me to think about your argument and neither did Driscoll influence England. There is a better way to do this. It is called love but that is for sissies who wear gowns in church and preach to grandmas, isn’t it.

  8. Numo
    Thanks for your comment. Driscoll is the epitome of the ugly American-you know, the guy who believes that MIckey Mouse shirts represent church instead of clerical garb.

  9. Having listened to the interview, I don’t think the quotes were taken out of context. Worse was said. Pastor Mark Driscoll really needs prayer.

  10. Scott you wrote: “At the same time, apologizing to an entire nation of Christians for the actions of another person is arrogant.”

    It is the opposite of arrogance actually. It is seeing the wrong done, not being able to stand the wrong being done and apologizing for it in an effort to show that this does not represent the view of most Christians. I have apologized for a lot that Southern Baptists have done to others. I have apologized a lot for what Christian men have done to women because I couldn’t stand by and listen anymore.

  11. Debbie
    One of the nicest things a pastor ever said to me is “I am sorry for what happened to you at a former church. I apologize for my fellow pastors.” Guess he is arrogant and holier than thous as well? You represented me, as well as other Christians, well in the Ergun Caner mess.

  12. Dee and all –

    The Driscoll children need to be added to the prayers. They have no choice in all this nonesense being played out by their (adult?) parents. They are, unfortunately, just along for the bumpy ride. I hope they don’t grow up damaged by what their parent say and do.

  13. Scott, I really hate to say this but you are making the typical narcissistic arguement. You are simply pointing fingers back at people on this blog as arrogant for apologizing for Driscoll?

    I know how important it is to let Brits know that there are many of us out there who are appalled at Driscoll. We want to let our brothers and sisters there know we do not think his behavior is of Christ.

    He is famous, a celebrity Christian with tons of young followers and older men who should know better but give him a pass….constantly. He is offensive and rude. Some call it boldness in the Name of Jesus. We want them to know we stand with them and are insulted for them.

    But let’s look closely at Driscoll’s point. He is claiming there are no well known YOUNG men preaching the Gospel boldly in England. Let me translate that for you: No one WELL known. NO celebrity young pastor like Driscoll himself. If that is not narcissism, I do not know what is. He is basically telling the Brits it is important to have celebrity pastors like himself. Oh please let’s not import that sort of thing there!

    As one commenter said, it is more about Driscoll than Jesus. And it has always been that way with him. It is just that you cannot see it. He appeals to you for some reason.

    How does he know there are not young men out there working hard for little in the Name of Christ? Just because they do not have a celebrity following like Mark does not mean they don’t exist. It is much better we do not know them like that! We need less celebrity “leaders” and more disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Mark is now spin doctoring this whole escapade like I have never seen before. Unfortuantly for Mark, the “liberal” journalist is coming off more Christlike than Mark. Mark is seeing how this is playing out now and does not like it so he goes on the attack. Typical Driscoll. Will he ever grow up?

  14. Bridget2 – Sadly, I’m sure that the kids have already been damaged by what goes on at home. *Totally* agreed on praying for Grace and the kid; I know a few folks who come from hardcore fundy backgrounds who pray regularly for people at MD’s church, including Grace and their kids.

  15. As a former teacher of ethics to professionals-in-training, I must say that Driscoll attempts to represent the whole Evangelical Christian community (without any authorization [authority?] to do so. So, unless you are willing to be a part of his remarks, you must distance yourself from them, for to fail to do so is to endorse them.

    Therefore, you are absolutely arrogant, snobby and rude if you claim to be a Christian and an American and do not apologize for the idiot(s) in your midst.

    Hence: Dear British Christians. Please accept my personal apology as an evangelical Christian and American for the absolutely arrogant and rude comments made by Mark Driscoll and for all of those who have empowered him and support him in his arrogance and rudeness. And, if you do not have young celebrity preachers, God bless you for avoiding that narcissistic phenomenon that we have here. If you want some, we have a surplus, since one is more than enough!

  16. Good on Justin Brierley for posting the audio and for Christianity Magazine for weighing in.

    New Zealanders call the Driscoll attitude tall poppy syndrome.
    We Canadians probably have a term – but whatever ours is escapes me at the moment.

    I was touched by Dees apology since Driscoll says:

    “I’ve said for years that Britain and Canada are more secular and difficult than the United States. So, for those pastors (especially church planters) working in some tough soil, thank you!”

    Yawn. He can keep his churches on your side of our border, we have enough problems without his cultural arrogance and narcissism.
    Canadians don’t have a high tolerance level for know it all yobs.

    Driscoll is just trying to rile up the fan boys to sell books.

    Dee wasn’t arrogant, Driscoll’s disrespect and weaselly shoot the messenger whining is, her apology is appreciated.

  17. You can be extremely rude, speak in a vile and coarse manner, and accuse others of the very sins you are guilty of, and then sum it all up by saying, “It’s all about Jesus” – and then everything is okay. You get a pat on the back instead of rebuke. You are not a bully, you are just reaching your culture.

  18. You represented me, as well as other Christians, well in the Ergun Caner mess.

    Thank you. I was a lone voice for a long time. Persistence paid off when I knew something wasn’t right and I just kept true to that feeling and dug up evidence that I couldn’t deny although there were times I wanted to, I couldn’t. I want as you do, a pure and righteous church. I want Christ to be the only thing. The corruption and wrong preaching, celebrity preachers needs to go.

    I am so grateful to see others such as you women wanting and doing the same thing. I think the result is going to be purification or seeing churches go. Either way it’s for the better.

    The goal of the SBC has been to plant churches, but if this is the type of church we are going to plant or support, I would rather see us clean up the churches we have and quit planting.

  19. Debbie K,

    I just heard your wonderful pastor live on this glorious Sunday morning, and now my husband and I are headed off to church to hear another message of God’s love.


  20. Just a small detail… Ed and Lisa were struck by “ocular sunburn,” not “blindness.” They were both very, very uncomfortable, but neither was blinded.

  21. Does Mark Driscoll know the distinction between vestments and robes? the effeminiate slur of ” guys in dressed preaching to grandmas. He doesn’t seem to know his own faith tradition and is so dissing his hero, John Calvin:

    “Unlike vestments, robes are not worn by lay leaders. The original purpose of the robe was to indicate that the wearer had the authority of academic credentials. John Calvin started the tradition of wearing academic robes in church. He was not able to wear vestments because he was not ordained clergy, but he did have an academic law degree. For that reason, clergy robes are most common in churches that are in the Reformed tradition, such as Presbyterian churches, and in other groups with Calvinist roots, such as Baptists. Choir robes are nearly universal.”

    From http://www.kencollins.com/glossary/vestments.htm

  22. Bene D,

    Such a great point about church history and the wearing of robes!

    Need we remind Driscoll about the garments of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..

    “In the year of King Uzziah’s death I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple.” Isaiah 6:1

    “Jesus then came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe.” John 19:5

    And on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.” Revelation 19:16

    Above verses are taken from the New American Standard Version.

    Macho Man Mark Driscoll, by insulting those who wear robes, has insulted Almighty God!

  23. Beve
    Thank you so much for the history lesson. I learned some new things as well. You need to understand that Mark Driscoll believes that wearing Mickey Mouse T-shirt and necklace IS appropriate attire for church. So, anyone who does it differently is effeminate. This is a guy who considers himself a role model of “missional.”

  24. Debbie

    Enjoy your church. I have been to some good ones. It’s really hard when you get into a bad one. I so appreciate my good pastors now that I have experienced the bad ones. Wade’s sermons are wonderful.

    I thought of you today. I went with some friends after church to an Asian Buffet and I told them about you. They know who you are because they followed you with the Caner mess. They send greetings!

  25. Dee: That is great. Thanks for letting me know. Send a big hi back from me. 🙂

    Every time my husband and I go to my favorite Chinese restaurant I think of the time you, Deb and I met there and had such a good time. I hope we can do it again. Please ladies, call me if you ever come back to Enid USA as we call it.

  26. Dee, Deb, & Kaufman

    If you ladies ever get the chance, try some Vietnamese cuisine. It’s got Chinese beat by a country mile.

  27. John,

    The god these guys preach is precisely why the great unchurched have no desire to be churched.

  28. John
    Well, at least some folks in England don’t think much of American Christianity. You should read the comments at Karis’s blog. We believe that, if the Calvinistas do not call Driscoll to task, and if Driscoll does not step away from the ministry, then they have lost the last vestiges of any moral authority.
    Secondly, I believe that Grace is to be pitied. She was there at that interview and did not attempt to stop MD. Something is terribly wrong.

  29. Aye, on Vietnamese food.

    The beef and green apple salad. Pho. Sandwiches on fresh baguettes.

  30. Muff
    I do love Vietnamese. But, Asian buffets now remind me of Debbie and Deb and that warn feeling makes it extra special. So, here’s the deal. When we meet Muff one day, it will be in a Vietnamese restaurant!

  31. It never ceases to amaze me what these apostate preachers will come up with next. The only thing that amazes me more is that so many are blinded to their lies. I pray that people’s eyes will be opened to the true gospel.

  32. Hey guys!

    I for one am grateful that you posted it – I don’t follow Driscoll personally by blog (although I do follow him on Twitter out of idle curiosity to see what blunders he makes next).

    His comments don’t bother me personally (less than liking him post-publication of Sex Book and this interview), but like you – I do hurt for the masses of fans he has over here. Many young church leaders have eagerly set to – to follow the “Driscoll model” – i.e. wearing “cool” (Mickey Mouse) T-shirts, adopting slightly course language in their preaching, and perhaps adopting a slightly cooler “backdrop” to their pulpits.

    I wonder how they would react to his sweeping assessment that they are all “cowards”.

  33. Goetch Sons,

    G’day mate! I’m so grateful someone ‘down under’ is chiming in on the Young’s “sexperiment”! Crickey! Ed’s sycophants need to wake up!

    I join you in praying that eyes will be opened to the true gospel!

  34. If you carefully watch Grace on the Dr. Drew interview, you can tell she is very uncomfortable. She doesn’t smile, is very stiff, thinks about answering a question then nervously defers to her husband. If Driscoll demeans and berates others in public, can you imagine what she is subject to? I feel for her.

  35. The thing that bothers me most about the Calvinistas is not their theology, but their inability to repent and say “I’m sorry.” They preach repentance all day, but I don’t see them modeling it. I don’t see a humility that ever recognizes public mistakes they have made, apologizes for them, and seeks to turn it around. They seem to be characteristically blind to all their flaws or shortcomings, which are glaringly obvious to the non-reformed or the non-Christian. It defames the name of Christ.

  36. Miguel
    You have made an important observation. You said . “They seem to be characteristically blind to all their flaws or shortcomings, which are glaringly obvious to the non-reformed or the non-Christian. It defames the name of Christ.” We have discussed this issue in light of the mess at SGM and other such Neo-Cal groups. Here is a working thesis on the part of TWW.

    This groups focuses on the issue of indwelling sin. If one were to read CJ Mahaney’s oft touted work, The Cross Centered Life- which we have reviewed in a post- you will find that he often emphasizes the Cross to the exclusion of the Resurrection (at least in the past- there seems to be some movement, due to the current Mahaney debacle.)

    So, when a member approaches a pastor with a concern, they are told that they cannot see the issue clearly because they are blinded by their sin. However, pastors are viewed as having a special anointing so that they see things from an untainted perspective. Therefore, whatever they say or do gets a pass because, except for other pastors of their level, there is no one that can correctly judge if they are right or wrong. And, because they are anointed, they most definitely are led by the Spirit and are right (99 3/4%) o the time.

    Therefore, Driscoll can tell off the Christian interviewer because said reporter is blinded by his sin. Driscoll is obviously correct and can “exhort” said reporter with the very evidence of his sin which is being married to a female pastor.

  37. Dee, what you describe from Maheney isn’t a tenant of Calvinism or the doctrine of indwelling sin. In fact, REAL reformed theology emphasizes that even Pastors still have indwelling sin and need to continually walk in repentance. What you see with Mahaney and Driscoll, or “spiritually annointed pastors,” is the Moses model of leadership (in other words, they want to BE the law :P). It is common among the charismatic and reformed BAPTISTS. But you will never find that in the real reformed circles, aka Presbyterians. Sproul, Keller, Horton, and the like would much sooner counsel people to think for themselves, while offering humble suggestions based on study and experience. Presbyterians are more likely to see the elder’s role in authority as guiding, helping, teaching, comforting, and serving, but not controlling, pontificating, demanding, utilizing, and commanding. The latter is the job of the authoritarian, not the servant-leader.

  38. Dee –

    Doesn’t this just feed the thought that Driscoll’s doctrine is his functioning “god?” When I heard the way Driscoll tore into this man, the church in England, the clergy in England, the men in England, it just made me sick. But it struck me that it was all based on the differences in doctrines. It doesn’t seem to matter to Driscoll that these are brothers and sisters in Christ – ugh! He certainly gave himself many kudos for having a large chuch with many members. I felt like he expected people to bow down and worship him.

    I would also like to know what gives Driscoll the right to declare what Jesus was like or not like – besides the same scripture the rest of us have? Does he not understand that “God created man in His image – male and female He created them”? Female is part of the image of God. Is one half of God submitted to the other half? I fear Driscoll might be in for a shocker when he meets his Maker!

    Another little snipit that bothered me was when he said that Paul doesn’t allow a woman elder followed by “this is the highest position of biblical authority in the church.” This is paraphrased. It is clear that there is a heirarchy(sp) in church government in his mind (which I personally don’t see in scripture) and women definitely wouldn’t be qualified because of their plumbing. They are the half of God that just doesn’t measure up I suppose!?!?

  39. Miguel
    I know it isn’t a tenant of Calvinism. it is, however, a tenant of many Calvinistas. As for Sproul, you do know that there have been some issues? His views are morphing and we believe that it is because he wishes to remain relevant to the Neos. I like Horton and Keller.

  40. Bridget
    Well said. I fear there is something off about Driscoll and that he is headed down a damaging path. I believe he should step down from the pastorate.

  41. Bridget2 – imo, MD has some pretty serious psychological problems and is using so-called “doctrine” as an excuse to promote his own highly skewed ideas about men, women, sex, church, etc.

    The continual focus on “manliness” + his Ultimate Fighting Jesus are – to me – really disturbing.

    fwiw, some interesting segments of Justin Brierly’s interview with MD were transcribed and posted here:


  42. Numo –

    Thanks for posting that site. I did listen to the whole interview. It was quite a piece.

    I agree with all the “manliness” concern. I didn’t see Jesus concerned about or addressing this ever.

    I have a new name for Driscoll’s doctrines – “Masculinity Movement.” Although I fear he might actually like it and take it up!!

  43. Dee –

    Speaking of putting down a pastorate. There is word about that CJM may be taking up a pastorate again. No word about him repenting though 🙂

  44. Thanks for the link, Numo.

    All I can say is basically repeat what others have said and state the obvious.

    YIKES! Driscoll does need serious help. He is a liability, not an asset. And, poor, poor, poor Grace. May God open her eyes to the thick deception and control she’s under and may she flee like a bird from the fowler.

  45. Dee, I think Sproul may be getting buddy buddy with the YRR, but overall he’s still more like Keller. He’s conservative and traditional, and shares a few hobby horses with the YRR, but he spends WAY less time on them. I listened to his daily show for 2 years straight before I started to pick up on significant areas of disagreement. He keeps the main things central. Oh, and he totally schooled McArthur in the infant baptism debate, imo.

  46. Bridget2 – I did see your comment about listening to the entire thing, but I think it *really* helps to see what was said in black and white… I would hate to ask anyone to do a transcript of the entire interview, but it would be great for reference purposes.

  47. Not a whole lot, but I’ve heard some of the back story from my PCA inside informant 😛
    I guess he got in trouble (defrocked) for jumping on board with some of the Federal Vision theology, as well as a scandal involving a 501c3 number, for which he may not have publicly repented. I’d like to think that daddy would model how these situations are dealt with as Presbyterians, but honestly I haven’t come across a whole lot of detailed information about it.

    Either way, I am much more interested in Sr.’s work in teaching the Bible and theology. I’ve since come to some major significant theological disagreements with the Ligonier crowd (since I’m Lutheran now…), but I’ve found their resources tremendously helpful for studying and learning the BIble. My wife still reads their Tabletalk devotional (which Jr. writes for consistently) and I have the study Bible, which is high quality.

  48. @Bridget2 and Numo

    I like “Ultimate Fighting Jesus” and the Masculinity Movement. Might I humbly submit “Bad-Ass Chrissttestosterone?”

  49. Sergius – I wish i could take credit for “Ultimate Fighting Jesus,” but I saw it elsewhere and decided it was too good to pass up. (Can’t recall where I 1st saw it, I’m afraid.)

  50. I’m sure Jesus would love to jump on board with MD’s version of manliness. Afterall, Jesus is going to beat people up at his second coming (according to MD).

    Yep – and the issues MD is concerned about are what Jesus was teaching and preaching about?

    I wonder what MD thinks of the Beatitudes or the rest of the gospels of Jesus’ life?

  51. Muguel,

    RC Jr. is very good friends with Doug Phillips, and that gives me tremendous cause for concern.

  52. Deb, I had to google Doug Phillips. Sounds like RC Jr’s camp alright. I was raised in a fairly conservative right wing fundamentalist family (and homeschooled!) but never quite ran into him. In fact, the whole Patriarchy thing is new to me, unless it’s a reformed variation of Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America, or Bill Gothard.

  53. Miguel,

    I homeschooled my daughters back in the late 1990s, and Doug Phillips came and spoke at our Annual Convention here in North Carolina. I vividly remember his message, which was highly patriotic and pro-family. That year (1998) he launched Vision Forum. I stopped homeschooling in the fall of 1999 when my daughters enrolled in a wonderful Christian school.

    I lost touch with the homeschooling community, and it wasn’t until the fall of 2008 that I started doing extensive internet research on some of the topics we discuss here. I became extremely alarmed about Phillips, Scott Brown (who lives in the next town over from me), Sproul Jr., and their ilk. We have written quite a bit about them here at TWW.

  54. Oh my gosh. I just read that trasncript and could barely finish. It made me raging mad. I, too, apologize to Christians in England that this asshat was given an opportunity to say the crap he did. Driscoll is a weasel. He’s so afraid. Such a bully. A royal mess.

    You know, they say that a person can experience a trauma or situatino in their lives that stops them from growing. And for some reason, they stay that age until they have healed from that traumatic experience. I dont know what’s happened in this boy’s life, but whatever it was, he stopped growing at about 12 and stayed there. Driscoll has the emotional depth, vocabulary and fear of a 12-year-old. I see no evidence of male affirmation in his life from his focus on sex, false espressions of masculinity, and demoralizing women.

    He’s an incredibly sad little person. I hope he does come in contact with the real Christ who truly heals him because he’s out of control. If no one stops this train wreck, it’s goign to be one bloody mess.

  55. NLR
    Missed you! Yep, Driscoll has some issues and the supposed leaders are NOT! They refuse to deal with him and in fact fall all over themselves to praise him. Something is wrong in the faith and this defines it.

  56. They refuse to deal with him and in fact fall all over themselves to praise him. — Dee

    Like courtiers sucking up to a Stalin or Saddam, staying alive and in favor by out-flattering the others?

  57. so, uh ‘ocular blindness” is a relatively new term for me ‘ocular’ means pertaining to the eyes so wouldn’t this be like “can’t see”? If it’s meant to distinguish between a purely ocular as opposed to neurological problem then, okay, but if Ed spent so much time out in sunlight or in front of cameras he got hard-core retinal bleaching that wears off.

  58. WTH – http://www.aph.org/cvi/define.html

    Oddly enough, I’ve been reading a novel where a character ends up with ocular blindness from staring at the sun in order to make astronomical observations. (The story is set in the 17th century, though… the character ends up having to wear glasses with thin lenses made of gold until his eyes heal.)

  59. Deb said:
    Above verses are taken from the New American Standard Version.

    Mars Hill only uses ESV…it is the superior translation as far as they are concerned and if you uses something else you are looked down upon.

    So does it say robes in ESV? If not MD wouldn’t know LOL

  60. Free from MH,

    I consulted the ESV translations at Bible Gateway, and all three verses use the term “robe”.

    Maybe Mark avoids those verses.

  61. Free from MH

    Because of the absolute insistence of the ESV by Calvinistas, I carry my NIV Study Bible as a one-woman protest. I have an ESV because a fried was involvedin the translation and he is a good guy. But, I use the NIV. And from what I can tell, my Biblical knowledge is at least on par with these guys.

  62. “Blinded by the Light,
    Cast off like a douche onto a runner in the night…”