TWW Makes Change While Family Radio Makes Bank

When I have money, I get rid of it quickly, lest it find a way into my heart. ~John Wesley



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We will now post on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. However, on Thursdays, we will be doing something a bit different. TWW has been given a unique opportunity. Julie Boone has been writing Sunday school materials for Baptist churches for years. While teaching adult Sunday school she became concerned when she realized that most people, who passed through her classes, had very little knowledge of the history of the faith. She recently finished her final draft of a church history manual and graciously offered to allow TWW to reproduce it, in its entirety, on our blog. We plan to start this week and look forward to our readers input. We will convey all comments and suggestions to her. Julie, who is in her 80s, recently suffered a stroke but is still active and looking forward to hearing your feedback.


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May 21, 2011 is now HISTORY, and it seems that neither Harold Camping nor any of his loyalists were raptured. Is anyone surprised?


The International Business Times has confirmed that Camping is indeed still among us, although he is “somewhat bewildered” and “mystified” that his prediction proved to be wrong. You can read about it here.

The articles states:

“It's been confirmed that Camping did not rapture to heaven as he had predicted. Nor did around 200 million people from across the world — the selected believers whose time had come to be reunited with Jesus Christ.

Harold Camping is at his Oakland home, and his wife has said the preacher is healthy and safe. A board member of Camping's Family Radio International cited Camping as saying that the preacher would issue a statement on the mother of all goof-ups.

Camping's wife said her husband was "somewhat bewildered" and "mystified" after his prediction proved a dud, said Tom Evans, who belongs to the inner circle of Camping followers.”



According to a recent CNN Money article, Family Radio took in $80 million in donations between 2005 and 2009. In 2009 alone this Christian radio network took in $18 million according to IRS reports (see CNN Money link). There was so much hype leading up to May 21, 2011 that there’s no telling how much the radio ministry bilked out of its followers.


It’s too bad that some of Camping’s supporters didn’t scrutinize Family Radio before making substantial monetary contributions. Ministry Watch gives the Oakland based ministry a “C” transparency rating. Furthermore, the Family Radio financials reported to MinistryWatch are extremely out of date, spanning all the way back to 2007.

Not surprising, a Contra Costa Times article indicates that the “Day of Reckoning” date was the hottest Google search last Tuesday. The article further states:


"In September, Family Radio's board members made a final push, dedicating all "extra dollars" to billboards and the Caravan project, which sent volunteers across the country in RVs painted with Apocalypse warnings, Evans said. The outreach has paid off.

"Donations have picked up, but not enough to offset the amount of money we're spending," said Evans, adding that the organization's money comes only from listener donations, not corporate or church sponsors. "The only reason we had those assets in '09 was God had been very generous to Family Radio."

In 2009, in the last Family Radio tax return that was made public, the group collected $18.4 million in contributions, and earned more than $1 million in investment and other income. That year the group spent $36.7 million, and $41.2 million the previous year.

In 2009, Family Radio also reported employing 348 people earning more than $9 million in wages and benefits.

Camping, however, said he has been a full-time volunteer for five decades.

‘I've never taken one nickel out of Family Radio,’ said its president, who lives with his wife in Alameda. ‘Many evangelists have become very rich, but my wife and I live very modestly.’ ”


Whether Camping and his wife live “modestly” or not, we wonder how some loyal followers will live at all now that they have put all their eggs in Camping’s basket.  Last week Fox News reported on a New York man who spent his entire life savings on billboards warning of the impending doom.  Here’s an excerpt from that heartbreaking story:  


“A New York man spent his entire $140,000 life savings advertising his prediction that the world will end May 21, the New York Post reported Friday.

Robert Fitzpatrick, a 60-year-old Staten Island resident, said he spent at least that sum on 1,000 subway-car placards and ads on bus kiosks and subway cars."


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    and will it occur at 11:11 AM or PM .. I’m thinking AM if he uses military time.

    Now here’s where I think we are right Deb…if he comes like you predict at 11/11/11 and I’m also correct in that he arrives at 11:11 in the morning…together that’s ten 1’s – the confirmation of our prophecy is obvious!

    1111111111 (our ten 1’s) in binary (the language of God) = 1023 … add a simple “:” and we have

    Revelations 10:23 where it clearly says “And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.”

    an obvious reference to the fact that this is when Jesus will return!!!

    We need to write a book on this Deb. 🙂

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    Drat! And I thought I could go to the top of Santiago peak in my area and watch the 900 meter high tsunami wash me into oblivion just like the Tibetan Lama in the film 2012.

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    You’re still here!! Listen, i would be on one of those ark ships in honor of Camping predicting the rapture date from the date of the launching of the ark.I was going to have a TWW table in the dining hall where we would regale each other with remembrances of movies such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, etc.

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    Some of those within the Baptist Mafia checked out a long time ago!

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    @ Dee: Klaatu barada nikto!

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    When I was a kid, I used to run around saying that to my friends. They thought I was nuts.

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    Hee hee! Sounds like something I might have done, although i didn’t see the movie ’til I was in my 20s… (But I faithfully watched all of the original episodes of Star Trek when they 1st aired… ;))

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    I was also addicted to Super Car and another weird marionette show that was set on a spaceship.

    So… where’s my flying car?!!

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    So how accurate were they?

    Numo, Fireball XL5??

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    @ Lynn: Yes, that’s it!

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    Dee, Numo, Muff and friends..for those of you Star Trek fans out there …. Voltaire

    (ok this last one is a bit racy .. so if easily offended, skip it. on the other hand I love The Sexy Data Tango!)


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    You are a nut! Where do you find these things? One must be a Star Trek devotee to understand any of it! And, since I am, I had a chuckle.

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    Glad you did! I met him at DragonCon many years back when he first wrote the songs….never saw a group of trekkies sitting on the floor laughing their asses off so much. It was hilarious!

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    What is DragonCon? Is it a group for those opposed to dragons?

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    Here’s the scoop…

    “Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!

    This year, Dragon*Con will be held Labor Day weekend (September 2-5, 2011) in Atlanta, GA.”

    For more info, check out this website.

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    Yup…I went for many years running in the early days. Upwards of 3000-5000 people typically attend and the Marriott, Hilton and several other hotels are usually booked to capacity. Anyone who’s anyone is usually there actors actresses, people in the comic, sci-fi, anime…you name it … it’s a blast.

    and 3/4 of the people are in costume…and some of them are truly spectacular. You should take a weekend and go!…

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    Just read your post, and I would classify that as a miracle! I also enjoyed seeing photos of you and your family. Blessings!

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    Beautiful family. I, too, find the “coincidence” of the ring interesting.

    My husband lost his wedding ring about 17 years ago in Texas. A year ago, they were tearing out some lockers in a men’s room at a pool we belonged to. The workers found a ring. A friend happened to be visiting some old friends in that community. She vaguely recalled that Bill had lost his ring and overheard the workers talking. It was Bill’s ring because she saw his initials and she contacted us. Pretty cool, huh?

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    Karlton – thanks muchly for the vid, which I have yet to see (must go watch, as I’m a TNG and DS9 fan – Picard is by far my fave ST starship captain).

    Your ring: well, you could put it on a chain around your neck… 😉 (Has Tom Bombadil been visiting your house, i wonder?!)