Mark Driscoll: Deceived and/or Deceiver?

Last night, I had trouble sleeping as I reviewed this part of yesterday's post


"Without blushing, Paul is simply stating that when it comes to leading in the church, women are unfit because they are more gullible and easier to deceive than men.  Before you get all emotional like a woman in hearing this, please consider the content of the women's magazines at your local grocery store that encourages liberated women in our day to watch porno with their boyfriends, master oral sex for men who have no intention of marrying them, pay for their own dates in the name of equality, spend an average of three-fourths of their childbearing years having sex but trying not to get pregnant, and abort 1/3 of all babies – and ask yourself if it doesn’t look like the Serpent is still trolling the garden and that the daughters of Eve aren’t gullible in pronouncing progress, liberation, and equality.”


I have one thing to ask. What in the world are the sons of Adam doing while their womenfolk are having sex, oral or otherwise and watching porno with someone. With who? Demons?  Driscoll, in his poorly exegeted pronouncement demonstrates quite clearly that women are not the only ones who are deceived. Good flaming night! What are they teaching in seminary these days?


Mark Driscoll: Deceived and/or Deceiver? — 51 Comments

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    I had a similar thoughts after reading yesterday’s post. 1) as a believer, I am not picking up the magazine at the grocery checkout for instructions on how to “walk in a manner worthy.” 2) the bible says I have been given everything I need for life and godliness, the power to not be deceived, and 3) at least the womens’ magazines can be presented in the checkout line, how about those gentleman’s magazines? Please consider the content of those magazines, Mr. Driscoll.

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    He is frigthening me.

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    i would guess – from the quote above – that he thinks it’s OK for husbands and wives to watch porn together, though he hasn’t publicly said so (to my knowledge, at least).

    Talk about being beaten over the head with a demeaning message! I think he’s at the top of the list re. misogyny. (And yes, I’m a feminist, though not the kind that guys like Driscoll rant about. ;))

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    Glad to hear your response. Why? I think that many people, upon hearing this man, feel that way but stuff it because he is supposed to be cool and is endorsed by some the supposed Reformission “leaders” so he must be OK, right?

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    What a shame. I hope his wife has SOMEONE who is really looking out for her safety. Driving all that way just because she forgot to call him? She should have called the police. Sounds like stalking to me!

    Someone should do an intervention with this ‘pastor’. He’s dangerous, un-Christlike, and quite frightening.

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    jack allen

    It sure sounds like that to me. But, I’m just a woman, what do I know?

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    I’ll bet Grace called her parents to let them know that she arrived at the university safely. Maybe Driscoll should have checked with them before acting like a maniac.

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    YOu know what the worst part of this message really is? Driscoll does not believe in the power of the Cross for women. It was not enough to overcome what he claims is inherent deception and gullibility in females.

    What a tiny God he believes in. And why not? Men are the gods for women.

    Conversely, he must admit that Adam sinned with his eyes wide open and on purpose. So, this must mean Driscoll believes these are bettter inherent character traits for leadership.

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    Driscoll not only fits the profile of a narcissist, he also fits the profile of a typical school yard bully.

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    Hey ladies,

    Maybe we should boycott grocery shopping since we are so gullible and easily deceived that we will be jaded by the trashy offerings at the checkout stand. I certainly hope Mark is doing all the grocery shopping for the family. It would make sense since he feels the need to screen all her e-mails.

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    Too funny. I was just telling my husband this morning that it’s too bad he thinks so highly of me and my abilities. Otherwise, I’d figure out how to convince him I wasn’t capable of grocery shopping, housework, laundry, etc. and he’d have to do it all for me. The unfortunate thing is that most husbands with over the top interpretations of gender roles are probably harsh bordering on abusive, if not outright abusive, if their wives don’t fulfill their roles the way their husband’s expect them to.

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    I guess I’ll have to forbid my daughters (ages 18 and 21) from shopping, too, since they are so easily deceived (being the weaker sex). 🙁 I guess all the effort I put into raising them to be godly young ladies just doesn’t count.

    Since you are fairly new to TWW, you might be interested in a post I wrote about two years ago when Mark Driscoll came and spoke to my older daughter’s college ministry group. By the way, I am still VERY MAD about Driscoll’s corrupting influence on that wonderful group of students (and probably countless others all over the country). And he thinks minds are being perverted by the secular world?

    Parents, please read my post… You will be absolutely SHOCKED at what Driscoll is sharing with our sons and daughters right under our noses.

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    He’s welcome to buy my groceries if he fancies paying for them too!

    Come to think of it, I’m feeling particularly susceptible right now and could do with a new laptop. Perhaps I should shoot him an email and ask him to sort it out for me because left to my own devices I’d probably just buy a lipstick or something by mistake.

    I would ask my other half but he’s got this weird idea in his head about me being able to handle my own life. I feel so unprotected! 🙁

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    ..shaking my head in bewilderment ..
    last time I looked (which isn’t very often) the contents of women’s magazines was a LOT more innocuous than the contents of men’s magazines.
    I think it’s Mr. Driscoll who’s under major deception and showing lack of discernment.

    Does he monitor his wife’s reading too? I’m getting really bad vibes about how much he controls her life.

    BTW, I’m happy to buy my own groceries, but I think he’d better come and do my cleaning. How can I possibly discern where the dirt is?

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    Shouldn’t it go something like this:

    Eve was deceived = all women are gullible

    Adam was a poor leader who let Eve be deceived = all men are poor leaders


    In all honesty we lean towards the complementarian view ourselves, but there seem to be lots of people, especially famous pastors, applying it in extreme and unbiblical ways.

    Or, maybe Driscoll’s right and all of us satanic busybodies should get off the internet and go cook dinner or something.

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    Just finished with dinner, and now I’m multi-tasking — watching NCIS with my hubby and surfing the net…

    Here’s my question. How can a Christian woman who is being led by the Holy Spirit be gullible and easily deceived?

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    Lucy said:

    “I would ask my other half but he’s got this weird idea in his head about me being able to handle my own life. I feel so unprotected! 🙁 ”

    Love your comment!

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    Since Mark speaks so “knowledgeable” about those ” women’s magazines at your local grocery store that encourages liberated women” to……..My guess is that Mark reads those “Garbage magazine too” and begs his wife to read them to him before he goes nighty – night – otherwise How would HE know?

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    Dr Who,

    I cringe to think about what Mark Driscoll must be reading… Maybe that’s why he interprets the Song of Songs in such a twisted way. He’s definitely tickling the ears of his male sycophants, and he knows it! I feel sorry for the women who attend Mars Hill Church.

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    Think about it, the man is twisted.

    He uses a book of the bible like other men use their hand and a magazine.

    Sick puppy.

    Why is this attractive to anyone?

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    Just like pornography corrupts the mind, so do sick jokes. I believe Almighty God will hold Mark Driscoll accountable for corrupting the meaning of Ecclesiastes 9:10 before a watching world. Unfortunately for Driscoll, he doesn’t seem to comprehend the seriousness of his sin.

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    Maybe Driscoll thinks the women don’t get as big of a dose of the Spirit and that’s why they need a man. Either get married or be a Return of the Daughters girl for life baby!

    I wonder what his sermons geared towards men sound like. Besides raunchy that is. I already know they’re sure to sound raunchy.

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    This (I believe) is a result of biblicism.

    Instead of taking a text and lifting out of it the gospel, they (biblicists) use their ‘law lens’ to parse it out like a bunch of Jewish rabbis.

    There is so much biblicism in the church today that it makes you want to gag.


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    He can’t comprehend it if he is self absorbed.

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    Steve Martin

    Well stated. I remember someone telling me that I shouldn’t read so much about the Bible because the Bible can explain itself. Well, there are one too many pastors out there who disagree with one another on many points. If it was so gosh darn easy, why is that the case?

    Too many stick to a wooden, literal translation and miss the deeper meaning of many passages. Although, I do find it funny how these folks skip over things like wearing a head covering and lots of jewelry. Fashion trumps literalism any day of the week.

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    Just a few of the women who chose NOT to follow Mark Driscoll’s advice to stay at home and raise children. The world is immeasurably richer and a better place because of their contributions.

    Joan of Arc (1412 – 1431) helped the French defeat the English, was burned at the stake in 1431

    Sacagawea (1787? – 1812) guide and interpreter for Lewis & Clark Expedition

    Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811 – 1896) wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” about slavery in the south, sold over 500,000 copies in the US, helped to bring the nation’s attention to the horrors of slavery

    Susan B. Anthony (1820 – 1906) formed the National Woman’s Suffrage Association, pioneer in the fight for Women’s Rights, first woman to have her picture on an American coin (silver dollar)

    Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910) nurse, worked on the battlefield during the Crimean War, considered the founder of modern nursing

    Harriet Tubman (1820 – 1913) born a slave, abolitionist, conductor on the Underground Railroad, led over 300 slaves to freedom

    Clara Barton (1821 – 1912) nurse during the Civil War, founded American Red Cross

    Elizabeth Blackwell (1821 – 1910) first woman physician (doctor), founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children in 1857, founded Women’s Medical College in 1867

    Louisa May Alcott (1832 – 1888) famous author, wrote “Little Women” and “Little Men,” worked to get voting rights for women

    Susie King Taylor (1848 – 1912) African American Civil War nurse, author of “My Life as with the 33rd United States Colored Troops.”

    Annie Oakley (1860 – 1926) famous woman sharpshooter, star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

    961) popular American painter, sold her first painting when she was 78 years old

    Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman (1864 – ) pen name “Nellie Bly” famous for her articles exposing the conditions in mental hospitals and her article about her trip around the world in 72 days

    Marie Curie (1867 – 1934) famous scientist, won two Nobel prizes, famous for her work with her husband on radioactivity, discovered radium and polonium

    Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867 – 1957) American writer, author of “Little House on the Prairie” books

    Gail Laughlin (1868 – 1952) attorney and Women’s Righs Activist

    Mary Francis Winston Newton (1869 – 1959) first American woman to receive a Ph.D. in mathematics

    Ida B. Wells (1869 – 1932) African American editor and co-owner of the Memphis Free Speech, published “A Red Record” documenting the lynching of African Americans

    Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) first woman to graduate from the University of Rome’s Medical College, famous for her work in the education of young children

    Mary McLeod Bethune (1875 – 1955) dedicated her life to improving educational opportunities for African Americans, founded school for African American girls

    Mary Emily Sinclair (1878 – 1955) American mathematician, full professor at Oberlin College

    Helen Keller (1880 – 1968) overcame blindness and deafness, graduated from Radcliffe, gave many speeches on behalf of the physically handicapped and wrote several books

    Amelia Earhart (1897 – 1937?) first American woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone, disappeared over the Pacific Ocean while trying to fly around the world

    Margaret Chase Smith (1897 – 1995) the first woman to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. In 1964 she became the first woman to be placed in nomination for the presidency of the United States at a major party convention.

    Margaret Mead (1901 – 1979) American anthropologist, famous for her study of how culture influences personality, lived in Samoa and studied the people there

    Clara McBride Hale (1905 – ) founder of Hale House, home for children’s with AIDS

    Rachel Carson (1907 – 1964) marine biologist, science writer, her work helped ban a chemical called DDT that was killing millions of birds and fish

    Rosa Parks (1913 – ) American civil rights leader, famous for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama

    Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias (1914 – 1956) won two gold medal in the 1932 Summer Olympics, later became a professional golfer and won the US Open three times

    Pearl Bailey (1918 – 1990) Tony Award winning American singer, Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations

    Eunice Shriver (1921 – ) American famous for her work with Special Olympics

    Betty Maria Tallchief (1925 – ) Native American, Prima Ballerina with the New York City Ballet, founded Chicago City Ballet, wife of George Balanchine

    Coretta Scott King (1927 – ) carried on the fight for civil rights following the assassination of her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King

    Shirley Temple Black (1928 – ) American child star and US Ambassador to Ghana

    Joan Ganz Cooney (1929 – ) children’s television creator and producer, created “Sesame Street,” The Electric Company” and “3-2-1-Contact”

    Sandra Day O’Connor (1930 – ) first woman to serve as associate justice on the US Supreme Court

    Madeleine Albright (1937 – ) first woman to be appointed US Secretary of State

    Wilma Rudolph (1940 – ) won three Gold Medals in track & field in the 1960 Summer Olympics in the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash and 400-meter relay

    Gabrielle Kirk Mcdonald (1944? – ) president of International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

    Wilma Mankiller (1945 – ) first woman to be named Chief of the Cherokee Nation

    Sally K. Ride (1951 – ).first American woman in space

    Mae C. Jemison (1956 – ) first female African American Astronaut and the first African American Woman in space

    Jackie Joyner-Kersee (1962 – ) one of the world’s most famous female Olympic athletes, set World Records in heptathlon and the long jump

    Kristi Yamaguchi (1971 – ) Olympic Gold Medal (1992) winning skater, in the same year she won the World Figure Skating Championship and United States Figure Skating Championship

    Rebecca Lobo (1973 – ) first American Professional Basketball player

    Katharine Graham (1917-2001) She is owner and publisher of “The Washington Post” and “Newsweek,” and one of the most influential women in the U.S.

    Ruth Westheimer (1928-____) psychiatrist, author, lecturer. Dr. Ruth is a well known host of radio and TV shows on sexual relationships. (wonder what she has to say?)

    Ellen Swallow Richards (1842-1911) chemist, ecologist. Her innovative studies of air, water, food created disciplines of sanitary engineering and home economics; first U.S. woman to earn B.A. in chemistry.

    Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992) military leader, mathematician, educator. She was co- inventor of the computer language COBOL and coined the term “bug.” (I had the great pleasure of knowing and working with her.)

    And here is just a tiny listing of many other women to whom we owe for more than we can ever pay back.

    Abbott, Berenice (1898-1991) US photographer
    Arbus, Diane (1923-1971) US photographer
    Barry, Lynda (1956-____) US cartoonist, writer
    Carr, Emily (1871-1945) Canadian artist, writer
    Chanel, Coco (1883-1971) French fashion designer
    Head, Edith (1898-1981) US costume designer
    Hepworth, Dame Barbara (1903-1975) English sculptor
    Kent, Corita (1918-1986) US graphic artist
    Kollwitz, Kathe (1867-1945) German artist
    Lin, Maya Ying (1959-____) US architect, sculptor
    Moses, Grandma (1860-1961) US folk painter
    Nevelson, Louise (1899-1988) US sculptor, painter
    O’Keeffe, Georgia (1887-1986) US painter
    Schiaparelli, Elsa (1890-1973) Italian-French designer
    Signoret, Simone (1921-____) German actress
    Vanderbilt, Gloria (1924-____) US designer, poet

    Arden, Elizabeth (1884-1966) US cosmetics executive
    Ash, Mary Kay (1915-____) US businesswoman
    Fields, Debbi (1956-____) US business executive
    Fitz-Gibbon, Bernice (1895-1982) US advertising executive
    Gilman, Charlotte Perkins (1860-1935) US economist, lecturer, author, feminist
    Graham, Katharine (1917-____) US newspaper executive
    Heath, Jinger () US business executive
    Kanter, Rosabeth Moss (1943-____) US businesswoman
    Lauder, Estée (1908?-____) U.S. cosmetics executive
    Myers, Joyce A. () US Business executive
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    Popcorn, Faith (1947-____) US management consultant
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    RoAne, Susan () US management consultant, writer
    Roddick, Anita (1942-____) English businesswoman, social reformer
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    Webb, Beatrice Potter (1858-1943) US social economist

    Boulanger, Nadia (1887-1979) French conductor, educator
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    Ackerman, Diane (1948-____) US poet, writer, social worker
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    Campbell, Mrs. Patrick (1865-1940) English actress
    Carpenter, Karen (1950-1983) US singer
    Carter, Betty (1929-1998) US jazz singer
    Cattrall, Kim (1956-____) English actress
    Chaplin, Geraldine (1944-____) US actress
    Chase, Ilka (1905-1978) US actress, writer
    Cher, (1946-____) US singer, actress
    Childress, Alice (1920-1994) US playwright, actress, director
    Colbert, Claudette (1903-1996) French actress
    Collins, Joan (1933-____) English-US actress
    Collins, Judy (1939-____) US folksinger, film maker
    Comeaux, Amie (1976-1997) US country singer
    Conn, Didi (1951-____) US actress
    Crawford, Joan (1908-1977) US actress, dancer
    Davis, Bette (1908-1989) US actress
    Davis, Geena (1957-____) US actress
    Day, Doris (1924-____) US singer, actress
    DeMille, Agnes George (1905-____) US dancer, choreographer
    Dee, Ruby (1923-____) US actress
    Didion, Joan (1934-____) US screenwriter, author
    Dietrich, Marlene (1901-1992) German-USA actress, singer
    Diller, Phyllis (1917-____) US comedienne
    Douglas, Helen Gahagan (1900-1980) US actress, opera singer, politician
    Draper, Ruth (1884-1956) US actress
    Dressler, Marie (1869-1934) Canadian-USA actress
    Duncan, Isadora (1877-1927) US dancer
    Duse, Eleonora (1858-1924) Italian actress
    Etting, Ruth (1897-1978) US singer
    Field, Sally (1946-____) US actress
    Fisher, Carrie (1956-____) US actress, author
    Fiske, Minnie Maddern (1865-1932) US actress
    Fitzgerald, Ella (1917-1996) US jazz singer
    Fonda, Jane (1937-____) US actress, political activist
    Fontanne, Lynn (1887-1983) US actress
    Franklin, Aretha (1942-____) US Rhythm and Blues singer
    Gabor, Zsa Zsa (1919-____) Hungarian actress
    Garbo, Greta (1905-1990) Swedish actress
    Gardner, Ava (1922-1990) US actress
    Garland, Judy (1922-1969) US actress, singer
    Gingold, Hermione (1897-1987) English actress
    Gish, Dorothy (1898-1968) US actress
    Gish, Lillian (1893-1993) US entertainer
    Goldberg, Whoopi (1949-____) US actress, comedienne
    Gordon, Ruth (1896-1985) US actress
    Grable, Betty (1916-1973) US actress
    Graham, Virginia (1912-1998) US actress, TV personality
    Harlow, Jean (1911-1937) US actress
    Hawn, Goldie (1945-____) US actress, comedienne, producer
    Hayes, Helen (1900-1993) US actress
    Henner, Marilu (1952-____) US actress, health promotor, author
    Hepburn, Katharine (1907-____) US actress
    Holiday, Billie (1915-1959) US singer
    Hopper, Hedda (1890-1966) US journalist, actress
    Horne, Lena (1917-____) US singer, actress
    Houston, Whitney (1963-____) US singer
    Hunter, Alberta (1895-1988) US blues singer
    Hurst, Fannie (1889-1968) US screenwriter, novelist, dramatist
    Hutton, Betty (1921-____) US singer, dancer, actress
    Ireland, Kathy (1963-____) US model
    Jackson, Glenda (1936-____) US actress
    Jackson, Mahalia (1911-1972) US gospel singer
    Jones, Shirley (1934-____) US actress, singer
    Joplin, Janis (1943-1970) US singer
    Judd, Naomi (1946-____) US singer
    Kerr, Deborah (1921-____) Scottish actress
    Lee, Gypsy Rose (1914-1970) US entertainer
    Lillie, Beatrice (1898-1989) English comedienne
    Lloyd, Marie (1870-1922) English singer
    Long, Shelley (1950-____) US actress
    Loren, Sophia (1934-____) Italian actress
    Lynn, Loretta (1935-____) US singer, songwriter
    Mabley, Jackie “Moms” (1894-1975) US comedienne
    MacLaine, Shirley (1934-____) US actress, dancer, writer, metaphysician
    Madonna, (1958-____) US singer, actress
    Main, Marjorie (1890-1975) US actress
    Makeba, Miriam (1932-____) South African singer
    McEntire, Reba (1954-____) US country singer
    Merman, Ethel (1909-1984) US singer, actor
    Midler, Bette (1945-____) US singer, actress
    Minnelli, Liza (1946-____) US actress, singer, dancer
    Mitchell, Joni (1943-____) Canadian singer, songwriter
    Monroe, Marilyn (1926-1962) US actress
    Moore, Mary Tyler (1936-____) US actress, humanitarian
    Moreau, Jeanne (1928-____) French actress
    Neal, Patricia (1926-____) US actress
    Ono, Yoko (1933-____) US artist, musician
    Paglia, Camille (1947-____) US actress, writer
    Parent, Gail (1940- ____) US scenarist
    Parton, Dolly (1946-____) US singer, songwriter, actress
    Pearl, Minnie (1912-1996) US comedienne
    Pfeiffer, Michelle (1958-____) US actress
    Pickford, Mary (1894-1979) Canadian actress
    Radner, Gilda (1946-1989) US actress, comedienne
    Rainey, Ma (1886-1939) US Blues singer
    Rashad, Phylicia (1948-____) US actress, Equal Rights activist
    Reagon, Bernice Johnson (1942-____) US musician, museum director
    Reed, Donna (1921-1986) US actress
    Ritter, Thelma (1905-1969) US actress
    Rivers, Joan (1937-____) US comedian, TV personality
    Roberts, Julia (1967-____) US actress
    Ronstadt, Linda (1946-____) US singer
    Ross, Diana (1944-____) US singer, actress
    Rudner, Rita (1956-____) US comedienne, essayist, actress
    Russell, Rosalind (1911-1976) US actress, philanthropist
    Schell, Maria (1926-____) Austrian actress
    Scott, Hazel (1920-1981) Trinidad-USA pianist, singer, writer
    Seymour, Jane (1951-____) English actress
    Shore, Dinah (1917-1994) US singer, actress
    Siddons, Sarah (1755-1831) English actress, sculptor
    Simone, Nina (1933-____) US Jazz singer, pianist, composer, songwriter
    Skinner, Cornelia Otis (1901-1979) US actress, author
    Smith, Bessie (1894-1937) US blues singer, songwriter
    Smith, Maggie (1934-____) US actress
    Smith, Patti (1946-____) US rock singer, poet
    Stanwyck, Barbara (1907-1990) US actress
    Stone, Sharon (1958-____) US actress
    Streep, Meryl (1949-____) US actress
    Streisand, Barbra (1942-____) US actress, singer
    Swanson, Gloria (1897-1983) US actor, producer, business executive
    Swit, Loretta (1937-____) US actress
    Taylor, Elizabeth (1932-____) English actress
    Terry, Ellen (1847-1928) British actress
    Thomas, Marlo (1938-____) US actress
    Tomlin, Lily (1939-____) US actress, comedienne
    Tucker, Sophie (1884-1966) US singer
    Turner, Kathleen (1954-____) US actress
    Turner, Lana (1920-1995) US actress
    Turner, Tina (1938-____) US singer
    Ullmann, Liv (1938-____) Norwegian actress, humanitarian
    Vega, Suzanne (1959-____) US singer, songwriter
    Vera-Ellen, (1926-1981) US actress
    Wagner, Jane (1935-____) US humorist, writer, director
    Welch, Raquel (1940-____) US actress, model
    West, Mae (1892-1980) US actress
    Winfrey, Oprah (1954-____) US TV personality, actress
    Winger, Debra (1955-____) US actress
    Winters, Shelley (1922-____) US actress
    Woodward, Joanne (1930-____) US actress

    Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett (1836-1917) English physician
    Barton, Clara (1821-1912) US humanitarian
    Blackwell, Elizabeth (1821-1910) US physician, author
    Blackwell, Emily (1826-1910) US physician, author
    Brothers, Joyce (1928-____) US psychologist, author
    Calderone, Mary Steichen (1904-1998) US physician, author
    Carter, Lillian (1898-1983) US nurse, first mother
    Davis, Adelle (1904-1974) US nutritionist, author
    Delany, Annie Elizabeth (1891-1995) US dentist
    Deutsch, Helene (1884-1982) US psychoanalyst
    Field, Joanna (1900-____) English psychologist
    Fisher, M. F. K. (1908-1992) U.S. culinary expert, author
    Hinkle, Beatrice (1874-1953) US psychiatrist
    Horney, Karen (1885-1952) US psychoanalyst, writer
    Kenny, Elizabeth (1886-1952) Australian nurse
    Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth (1926-____) Swiss-USA psychiatrist
    Ramey, Estelle (1917- ____) US physician, physiologist
    Singer, June () US doctor
    Suyin, Han (1917-____) Chinese writer, physician
    Westheimer, Ruth (1928-____) German-born USA psychiatrist, author, lecturer

    Benedict, Ruth (1887-1948) US anthropologist
    Carson, Rachel (1907-1964) US biologist, writer
    Curie, Marie (1867-1934) Polish-French chemist
    Earhart, Amelia (1898-1937) US aviatrix
    Eberhardt, Isabelle (1877-1904) Russian-born traveler
    Markham, Beryl (1902-1986) English aviator
    McClintock, Barbara (1902-____) US scientist
    Mead, Margaret (1901-1978) US anthropologist, author
    Mitchell, Maria (1818-1889) US astronomer, educator
    Moodie, Susanna (1803-1885) English-born Canadian pioneer
    Richards, Ellen Swallow (1842-1911) US chemist, ecologist
    Tannen, Deborah (1951-____) US sociolinguist, writer
    Winnemucca, Sarah (c.1842-1891) Indian scout, activist
    Yalow, Rosalyn Sussman (1921-____) US medical physicist

    Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) US novelist
    Allingham, Margery (1904-1966) English detective story writer
    Ashford, Daisy (1881-1972) English novelist
    Asquith, Margot (1864-1945) English author
    Atwood, Margaret (1939-____) Canadian novelist, poet
    Austen, Jane (1775-1817) English novelist
    Bagnold, Enid (1889-1981) English novelist, playwright
    Baldwin, Faith (1893-1978) US novelist
    Bambara, Toni Cade (1939-1995) US writer
    Barnes, Djuna (1892-1982) US novelist, poet, illustrator, dramatist
    Barney, Natalie Clifford (1876-1972) US author
    Baum, Vicki (1888-1960) Austrian-USA novelist
    Bibesco, Elizabeth Asquith ()
    Blume, Judy (1938-____) US novelist, writer
    Bowen, Elizabeth (1899-1973) Irish author
    Bradley, Marion Zimmer (1930- ____) US novelist
    Brodie, Fawn M. (1915-1981) US author
    Bronte, Anne (1820-1849) English novelist, poet
    Bronte, Emily (1818-1848) English novelist
    Brown, Rita Mae (1944-____) US writer, playwright
    Buck, Pearl (1892-1973) US author
    Caldwell, Taylor (1900-1985) English novelist
    Carter, Angela (1940-1992) English novelist, short-story writer
    Cartland, Barbara (1901-____) English novelist
    Cather, Willa (1876-1947) US novelist, short-story writer
    Child, Lydia M. (1802-1880) US author
    Christie, Agatha (1890-1976) English author, dramatist
    Colette, (1873-1954) French author
    Compton-Burnett, Ivy (1892-1969) English novelist
    Craik, Dinah Mulock (1826-1887) English novelist
    Dillard, Annie (1945-____) US author
    Dinesen, Isak (1885-1962) Danish short-story writer
    Drabble, Margaret (1939-____) English novelist, critic
    DuMaurier, Daphne (1907-1989) English novelist
    Durant, Ariel (1898-1981) US author
    Duras, Marguerite (1914-____) French novelist, playwright
    Edgeworth, Maria (1767-1849) English children’s author
    Eliot, George (1819-1880) English novelist
    Ephron, Nora (1941-____) US author, screenwriter
    Ferber, Edna (1885-1968) US novelist
    Field, Rachel (1894-1942) US children’s author
    Figes, Eva (1932-____) German-born English writer
    Fitzgerald, Zelda (1900-1948) US writer, celebrity relative
    Frame, Janet (1924-____) New Zealander novelist, short-story writer, poet
    Gaskell, Elizabeth (1810-1865) English novelist, short-story writer
    Gilman, Dorothy (1923-____) US mystery novelist
    Ginzburg, Natalia (1916-1991) Italian author
    Glasgow, Ellen (1874-1945) US author
    Glyn, Elinor (1864-1943) English novelist, short-story writer
    Godden, Rumer (1907-____) English novelist
    Godwin, Gail (1937-____) US novelist, short-story writer, journalist
    Gordimer, Nadine (1923-____) South African novelist
    Guest, Judith (1936-____) US novelist
    Halsey, Margaret (1910-____) US author
    Hazzard, Shirley (1931-____) Australian novelist
    Ingelow, Jean (1820-1897) English novelist
    Jackson, Helen Hunt (1830-1885) US novelist, poet, essayist
    Jackson, Shirley (1919-1965) US novelist
    James, P. D. (1920-____) English mystery novelist
    Janowitz, Tama (1957-_____) US novelist
    Jewett, Sarah Orne (1848-1909) US author
    Jones, Gayl (1949-____) US short story writer, novelist
    Jong, Erica (1942-____) US author, poet
    Kingsolver, Barbara (1955-____) US novelist
    Kingston, Maxine Hong (1940-____) US author
    Konigsburg, E. L. (1930-____) US children’s author
    Krantz, Judith (1928-____) US novelist
    L’Engle, Madeleine (1918-____) US novelist
    Larsen, Nella (1891-1964) US novelist
    Le Guin, Ursula (1929-____) US science-fiction writer
    Lee, Harper (1926-____) US novelist
    Loos, Anita (1893-1981) US screenwriter, dramatist, author
    Mansfield, Katherine (1888-1923) New Zealander author
    McCarthy, Mary (1912-1989) US novelist, critic
    McCullers, Carson (1917-1967) US novelist, short-story writer
    McKillip, Patricia (1948-____) US science fiction writer
    Metalious, Grace (1924-1964) US novelist
    Mitchell, Margaret (1900-1949) US novelist
    Mitchison, Naomi (1897-1999) Scottish novelist
    Mitford, Nancy (1904-1973) English novelist
    Montagu, Mary Wortley (1689-1762) English author
    Morrison, Toni (1931-____) US novelist
    Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999) Irish author
    Naylor, Gloria (1950-____) US novelist, educator
    Nin, Anais (1903-1977) US author
    Norris, Kathleen (1880-1960) US novelist
    O’Brien, Edna (1932-____) Irish novelist, pacifist
    O’Connor, Flannery (1925-1964) US author
    Oates, Joyce Carol (1938-____) US novelist, poet, educator
    Olsen, Tillie (1912-____) US novelist
    Orczy, Emmuska (1865-1947) Hungarian-born British novelist
    Ouida, (1839-1908) English novelist, social critic
    Ozick, Cynthia (1928-___) US novelist, short-story writer
    Paterson, Katherine () US children’s writer
    Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart () US novelist
    Plath, Sylvia () US novelist, poet
    Porter, Eleanor H. (1868-1920) US novelist
    Porter, Katherine Anne (1894-1980) US novelist, short-story writer
    Potter, Beatrix (1866-1943) English author
    Rand, Ayn (1905-1982) US author
    Renault, Mary (1905-1983) English African novelist
    Rhys, Jean (1894-1979) English novelist
    Rice, Anne (1941-____) US novelist
    Richardson, Dorothy Miller (1873-1957) English novelist
    Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958) US novelist, playwright
    Ripley, Alexandra (1934-____) US novelist
    Rossner, Judith (1935-____) US novelist
    Rule, Jane (1931-____) US novelist, critic
    Sagan, Francoise (1935-____) French novelist
    Sand, George (1804-1876) French author
    Sayers, Dorothy L. (1893-1957) English author
    Schreiner, Olive (1855-1920) South African novelist
    Seredy, Kate (1899-1975) Hungarian children’s writer, illustrator
    Sewell, Anna (1820-1878) English novelist
    Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft (1797-1851) English author
    Sherwood, Mary Martha (1775-1851) English children’s author
    Smith, Betty (1896-1972) US novelist
    Smith, Lillian (1897-1966) US novelist, educator
    Spark, Muriel (1918-____) Scottish novelist, satirist
    Spyri, Johanna (1827-1901) Swiss novelist
    Stafford, Jean (1915-1979) US short-story writer, novelist
    Stein, Gertrude (1874-1946) US author
    Stewart, Mary (1916-____) English novelist
    Stowe, Harriet Beecher (1811-1896) US author
    Swetchine, Anne Sophie (1782-1857) Russian-French writer
    Tan, Amy (1952-____) US novelist
    Tremain, Rose (1942-____) English novelist, playwright
    Tyler, Anne (1941-____) US novelist, short-story writer
    Viorst, Judith (1931-____) US novelist, poet
    Walker, Alice (1944-____) US author
    Warner, Susan (1819-1885) US novelist
    Webb, Mary (1881-1927) English novelist
    Weldon, Fay (1931-____) English novelist
    Wells, Carolyn (1869-1942) US author
    Welty, Eudora (1909-____) US author
    West, Jessamyn (1902-1984) US author
    Wharton, Edith (1862-1937) US novelist, short-story writer
    Yezierska, Anzia (1885-1970) US novelist
    Yourcenar, Marguerite (1903-1987) Belgian-USA novelist, essayist
    von Ebner-Eschenbach, Marie (1830-1916) Austrian novelist

    Adams, Abigail (1744-1818) US first lady
    Alliluyeva, Svetlana (1926-____) Russian-USA political celebrity
    Antoinette, Marie (1755-1795) Austrian ruler
    Aquino, Corazon (1933-____) Filipino political leader
    Astor, Nancy (1879-1964) English stateswoman
    Berry, Mary Frances (1938-____) US government official, author
    Bush, Barbara (1925-____) US first lady
    Carter, Rosalynn (1927-____) US First Lady
    Catherine the Great, (1729-1796) Russian empress
    Chiang Kai-Shek, Madame () Chinese sociologist
    Chisholm, Shirley (1924-____) US politician, author
    Christina of Sweden, (1626-1689) Swedish ruler
    Churchill, Jennie Jerome (1854-1921) US socialite
    Clinton, Hillary Rodham (1947-____) US first lady, author, lawyer
    Devlin, Bernadette (1947-____) Irish politician
    Dole, Elizabeth (1936-____) US government official, business executive
    Elizabeth I, (1533-1603) English ruler
    Elizabeth II, (1926-____) British ruler
    Feinstein, Dianne (1933-____) US politician
    Fenwick, Millicent (1910-1992) US diplomat, congresswoman
    Ferraro, Geraldine (1935-____) US politician
    Ford, Betty (1918-____) US First Lady, dancer, philanthropist
    Gandhi, Indira (1917-1984) Indian political leader
    Grasso, Ella T. (1919-1981) US politician
    Griffiths, Martha Wright (1912-____) US politician
    Hufstedler, Shirley (1925-____) US government official
    Jackson, Rachel Donaldson (1767-1828) US first lady
    Johnson, Lady Bird (1912-____) US first lady
    Jordan, Barbara (1936-____) US lawyer, educator, politician
    Kirkpatrick, Jeane (1926-____) US diplomat
    Lenclos, Ninon de (1620-1705) French society figure, courtesan
    Lincoln, Mary Todd (1818-1882) US first lady
    Mankiller, Wilma Pearl (1945-____) US-American Indian Cherokee chief
    Marcos, Imelda (1929-____) Filipino first lady
    Meir, Golda (1898-1978) Israeli political leader
    Mikulski, Barbara (1936-____) US politician
    Moseley-Braun, Carol (1947-____) US politican, lawyer
    Nixon, Pat (1912-1993) US first lady
    Norton, Eleanor Holmes (1937-____) US government official
    Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy (1929-1994) US first lady
    Peron, Eva (1919-1952) Argentine political leader
    Priest, Ivy Baker (1905-1975) US government official
    Princess Anne, (1950-____) British royalty
    Queen Mother Elizabeth, (1900-____) British royalty
    Queen Victoria, (1819-1901) British royalty
    Reagan, Nancy (1921-____) US first lady
    Richards, Ann (1933-____) US politician, governor
    Robinson, Mary (1944-____) Irish political leader
    Roosevelt, Eleanor (1884-1962) US first lady, social reformer
    Ruckelshaus, Jill (1937-____) US government official, lecturer
    Schroeder, Patricia (1940-____) US political leader
    Smith, Margaret Chase (1897- 1995) US politician
    Summerskill, Edith Clara (1901-1980) English politician, physician, author
    Thatcher, Margaret (1925-____) English political leader
    Washington, Martha (1732-____) US First Lady
    de Valois, Marguerite () French princess, scholar

    Addams, Jane (1869-1935) US social worker, suffragist
    Andrus, Ethel Percy (1884-1967) US social activist
    Anthony, Susan B. (1820-1906) US social reformer, suffragist
    Astell, Mary (1666?-1731) English feminist, writer
    Austin, Mary (1868-1934) US writer, suffragist
    Baker, Ella (1903-1986) US civil rights activist
    Blackwell, Antoinette Brown (1825-1921) US abolitionist, feminist, clergy
    Chapman, Maria Weston (1806-1885) US abolitionist, editor
    Davis, Angela (1944-____) US political activist, revolutionary, author
    Day, Dorothy (1897-1980) US editor, humanitarian, women’s rights advocate
    Edelman, Marian Wright (1939-____) US social reformer, lawyer, author
    Faludi, Susan (1959-____) US writer, feminist
    Farnham, Eliza Wood Burhans (1815-1864) US social reformer, lecturer
    Friedan, Betty (1921-____) US feminist, activist, writer
    Fuller, Margaret (1810-1850) US critic, social reformer, writer
    Goldman, Emma (1869-1940) US anarchist
    Greer, Germaine (1939-____) English reformer, author, educator
    Grimke, Angelina (1805-1879) US abolitionist, women’s rights advocate
    Hale, Clara McBride (1905-1992) US social reformer
    Hamer, Fannie Lou (1917-1977) US activist
    Height, Dorothy (1912-____) US activist
    Howe, Julia Ward (1819-1910) US social reformer
    Huerta, Dolores (1930-____) US Chicana activist, labor leader
    Johnson, Sonia () US activist, religious leader
    Jones, Mary Harris “Mother” (1860-1930) US labor organizer
    Kempton, Sally (1943-____) US writer, feminist
    Key, Ellen (1849-1926) Swedish writer, feminist
    King, Coretta Scott (1927-____) US civil rights activist
    Kuhn, Maggie (1905-1995) US activist, social worker
    Lockwood, Belva (1830-1917) US social reformer, lawyer
    Luce, Clare Boothe (1905-1987) US dramatist, author, politician, diplomat
    Mott, Lucretia (1793-1880) US social reformer
    Nation, Carry (1846-1911) US social reformer
    Nightingale, Florence (1820-1910) English nurse, reformer
    Pankhurst, Emmeline (1858-1928) English suffragist
    Parks, Rosa (1913-____) US civil rights leader
    Roland, Jeanne-Marie (1754-1793) French revolutionary
    Rose, Ernestine L. (1810-1892) US activist
    Ruffin, Josephine St. Pierre (1842-1924) US suffragist
    Russell, Dora () English writer, activist
    Sanger, Margaret (1883-1966) US nurse, social reformer
    Scott-Maxwell, Florida () US writer, suffragist, psychologist
    Smith, Hannah Whitall (1832-1911) US evangelist, reformer, suffragist, author
    Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (1815-1902) US social reformer, feminist
    Steinem, Gloria (1934-____) US feminist, journalist, lecturer
    Stone, Lucy (1818-1893) US suffragist, feminist
    Terrell, Mary Church (1863-1954) US social reformer
    Truth, Sojourner (1797?-1883) US abolitionist, reformer
    Tubman, Harriet (c.1820-1913) US abolitionist, emancipator
    Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelly (1759-1797) English writer, women’s rights activist
    Woodhull, Victoria Claffin (1838-1927) US reformer

    Bakker, Tammy Faye (1942-____) US evangelist
    Bethune, Mary McLeod (1875-1955) US educator, writer
    Daly, Mary (1928-____) US theologian
    Eddy, Mary Baker (1821-1910) US religious leader, writer
    Fry, Elizabeth (1780-1845) English social reformer, philanthropist
    Heyward, Carter () US Episcopal priest
    Hutchinson, Anne (1591-1643) US religious leader
    Langer, Suzanne K. (1895-1985) US philosopher
    Martineau, Harriet (1802-1876) English social reformer, writer
    Mcpherson, Aimee Semple (1890-1944) US religious leader, evangelist
    Pankhurst, Sylvia (1882-1960) English suffragist
    Rankin, Jeannette (1880-1973) US suffragist, politician
    Shinn, Florence Scovel () US illustrator, metaphysicist
    Teresa, Mother (1910-1997) Albanian nun, missionary
    Waddles, Charleszetta (1912-____) US nun, writer
    Weil, Simone (1909-1943) French philosopher
    Williamson, Marianne (1952-____) US lecturer, author

    Abzug, Bella (1920-____) US lawyer, politician
    Adler, Freda (1934-____) US educator, criminal justice specialist
    Arendt, Hannah (1906-1975) German-USA political scientist
    Ashton-Warner, Sylvia (1908-1984) New Zealander educator, writer, novelist, poet
    Beard, Mary Ritter (1876-1958) US historian, writer
    Beecher, Catharine Esther (1800-1878) US educator, author
    Bird, Rose Elizabeth (1936-____) US justice
    Burroughs, Nannie (1883-1961) US educator
    Cole, Johnnetta Betsch (1936-____) US educator, anthropologist, college president
    Cooper, Anna Julia (1859-1964) US educator, feminist, writer
    Davis, Elizabeth Gould (1910-1974) US librarian, writer
    DeLuzy, Dorothée (1747-1830) French actress
    Deffand, Marie Anne du (1697-1780) French intellectual
    Delany, Sarah Louise (1889-199?) US educator
    Grimke, Charlotte Forten (1837-1914) US educator, diarist
    Hamilton, Edith (1867-1963) US writer, educator
    Harrison, Jane () English classical scholar, writer, archeologist
    Hillesum, Etty (1914-1943) Dutch lawyer, writer
    Le Sueur, Meridel () US writer, historian
    LeTendre, Mary Jean (1948-____) US educator, government official
    Lyon, Mary (1797-1849) US educator
    Marshall, Paule (1929-____) US writer, educator
    McAuliffe, Christa (1948-1986) US teacher
    Montagu, Elizabeth (1720-1800) English intellectual, conversationalist
    Montessori, Maria (1870-1952) Italian educator, reformer
    O’Connor, Sandra Day (1930-____) US supreme court justice
    Paul, Alice (1885-1977) US lawyer
    Perkins, Frances (1880-1965) US educator, government official
    Plato, Ann (1820?-___?) US educator
    Putnam, Emily James (1865-1944) US educator
    Ravitch, Diane () US educator
    Rosen, Marjorie (1942- ____) US film historian
    Spacks, Patricia Meyer (1929-____) US literature scholar, writer
    Stael, Anne Louise Germaine de (1766-1817) French-Swiss woman of letters, novelist
    Sullivan, Anne (1866-1936) US educator
    Thomas, Martha Carey (1857-1935) US educator, feminist
    Tuchman, Barbara (1912-1989) US historian
    Walker, Margaret (1915-____) US writer, educator
    Weisstein, Naomi () US psychology professor, activist
    Willard, Emma Hart (1787-1870) US educator
    de Maintenon, Francoise d’Aubigne (1635-1719) French writer, consort
    hooks, bell (1952?-____) US educator, feminist theorist, poet

    Alexander, Shana (1925-____) US news commentator
    Anderson, Margaret (1886-1973) US editor
    Angelou, Maya (1928-____) US actress, author
    Anzaldua, Gloria Evangelina (1942-____) US Tejana-Chicana poet
    Baldwin, Christina () US writer
    Baldwin, Monica (1896-1975) English writer
    Ballantyne, Sheila () US writer
    Barr, Amelia (1831-1919) US author, journalist
    Barrett, Rona (1936-____) US journalist
    Battelle, Phyllis (1922-____) US journalist
    Beauvoir, Simone de (1908-1986) French writer
    Bengis, Ingrid () US writer
    Blavatsky, Helena Petrova (1831-1891) Russian author, translator, theosophist
    Blessington, Lady Marguerite (1789-1849) English socialite, writer
    Bombeck, Erma (1927-1996) US journalist, author, humorist
    Boom, Corrie Ten (1892-1983) Dutch evangelist
    Bourke-White, Margaret (1904-1971) US photojournalist
    Bowen, Catherine Drinker (1897-1973) US writer
    Brookner, Anita (1928-____) English art historian, writer
    Brown, Helen Gurley (1922-____) US editor, author
    Bunch, Charlotte (1944-____) US feminist theorist, lecturer, writer
    Burney, Fanny (1752-1840) English novelist, letter writer
    Burton, Isabel (1831-1896) English traveler, author
    Caine, Lynn (1927-1987) US writer, lecturer
    Calisher, Hortense (1911-____) US writer
    Carpenter, Liz (1920-____) US writer, feminist
    Child, Julia (1912-____) US chef, author, TV personality
    Chopin, Kate (1851-1904) US author
    Collange, Christiane () French writer
    Conran, Shirley (1932-____) English journalist, designer
    Crist, Judith (1922-____) US film critic
    Davis, Rebecca Harding (1831-1910) US author, journalist, critic
    Decter, Midge (1927-____) US journalist, writer
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    Woolf, Virginia (1882-1941) English author, critic
    de Girardin, Delphine (1804-1855) French novelist, poet

    Alcott, Amy Strum (1956-____) US golfer
    Berg, Patty (1918-____) US golfer
    Blair, Bonnie (1964-____) US speedskater
    Evert Lloyd, Chris (1954-____) US tennis player
    Gibson, Althea (1927-____) US tennis player
    Joyner, Florence Griffith (1959-1998) US track athlete
    King, Billie Jean (1943-____) US tennis player, activist
    Lopez, Nancy (1957-____) US golfer
    Navratilova, Martina (1956-____) US tennis player
    Rudolph, Wilma (1940-1994) US track athlete
    Zaharias, Babe Didrikson (1914-1956) US sportswoman, golfer

    Someone should go to Mark’s church some Sunday and read this list out loud from the pulpit and then at the end ask if ANYONE would really want to live in a world where all of these women simply stayed home, had babies and catered to their husband’s desires.

    “Here endeth the lesson”

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    I can add 2 more:

    1. Catherine Bushnell: Missionary and Bible Scholar. Wrote God’s Word to Women about translation.

    2. Joanna, wife of Chuza, in Luke 8

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    “Why is this attractive to anyone?”

    The book of Jude warns about the Driscolls that would infiltrate Christendom.

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    “Why is this attractive to anyone?”

    It’s attractive to people who still suffer from old-wineskinism. They think the old wine of male dominance and privilege is better than the new wine of liberty and justice for all, including the womenfolk. They are under a romantic delusion based on fairy tales and half truths.

    Here is a movie based on the true story of a woman during the time of English patriarchy in the not so distant past. There is no Jane Austen fantasy here, but rather the hard cold facts of men owning all the power and money and women just having to deal with it even underneath the glamour of the very rich.

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    Women are more easily deceived?

    What about Brooksley Born, Chairperson of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), who warned about the dangers of derivatives and predicted a meltdown because of them. Alan Greenspan and others totally blew her off, shut her up, and shut her work down. They accused her of being “irrascible, difficult, stubborn, unreasonable.” In hindsight, of course, she was a prophet.

    What about Sherron Watkins, the whistleblower and VP of Enron who warned Kenneth Lay and others about the accounting irregularities and foretold the Enron financial disaster. She has received numerous awards for her courage to speak the truth about the corruption there.

    What about Elizabeth Warren, who (in addition to being a Sunday School teacher, BTW) has been warning for years about the way credit card companies and other institutions prey on vulnerable Americans. Her discernment is so respected that she’s been on the short list for appointment as a Supreme Court Justice, and is now head of the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    I wonder what Driscoll thinks of women like these.

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    I must really be letting the male gender down. My wife goes to the store alone. I didn’t know I was not supposed to allow that. I guess if she is buying salacious magazines she must be hiding them because I haven’t seen any. I admit I wasn’t aware of some of the things being said by Mark. It is hard for me to believe that the pulpit can become so, in my opinion, so degraded. The equal amazement is how jaded ppl can become and think because a pastor says something they are obligated to practice it. I guess I misinterpreted what Paul meant when He wrote “there is neither male nor female in Christ”. Of course i am sure we should be guided more by the Driscoll doctrine I conclude facetiously.

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    I apologize ahead of time to all the good men who comment here. Consider yourselves exempt from this comment.

    Well if women are gullible according to scripture, then we need to take the whole counsel of Scripture and declare that all men are liars.

    Psalm 116:11 I said in my alarm, “All men are liars.”

    Psalm 62:9 Men of low degree are only vanity, and men of rank are a lie; In the balances they go up; They are together lighter than breath.

    Romans 3:4 May it never be! Rather, let God be found true, though every man be found a liar.

    Now don’t get all emotional like a man jacked up on testosterone and go on an angry tirade, Driscoll. If the hairs on the back of your head are standing on end, that just proves what I’m saying is true. The scripture clearly, in three places mind you, declares you are a liar. You are not fit to lead because you cannot be trusted to even tell the truth. And we know this is so with all men because of the stories men tell about the fish they catch or exaggerations concerning their sexual conquests.
    And we know in particular about how you lie about scripture and twist it to say things it doesn’t say in order to control and maniputlate women. I’m especially disgusted with your flat out, blatant, and unholy lies concerning the Song of Solomon. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for all your lies.

    Oops. Sorry folks. I just meant to share those scriptures in order to show how anyone can use scripture to beat down anyone else and got a bit carried away. Well, okay. Not sorry. I rather enjoyed myself.

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    A list of women politicians that includes Hillary but not Sarah and Michelle? Egads!!

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    Please don’t forget Rosalind Franklin.

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    Karl lives in Maine. They are all uber liberal up there. 🙂

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    Mara — no need to be sorry at all. Hyperbole to make a very relevant point.

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    We won’t get upset, well simply remain true to form and say it ain’t so. 🙂

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    What ain’t so?

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    Oh that Driscoll would read what you have written! However, he probably would read it and not get it because he appears to be self-absorbed.

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    I tried to limit the list to women that have actually improved and made contributions to our society .. hence no Sarah Palin. 🙁

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    That all men are liars 🙂

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    Karlton, I know that!
    Hence the apology to all you fellas before I started on my little rant.

    Neither are all women gullible. Just because ol’MarkyMark finds some scripture he likes that seems to support his prejudices against women, it doesn’t make it so.

    I was simply dishing out to him what he feels he can freely dish out against women and pointing out that He so freakingly wrongly divides the word of truth, he ought to be a laughing stock. It’s unbelieveable that he’s considered a respected man of God. Unbelieveable.

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    Oh no-I like Palin. I am just another one of those dadblasted conservative water carriers. She is a strong, Alaskan woman who doesn’t play well to “sophisticates” on the east and west coast.

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    It’s astounding to me that MD is given a platform from which to spew his nonsense. I simply don’t understand why any serious Christian leader gives this idiot the time of day.

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    Still Praying

    You have a great blog. Keep it up. Let us know if any new stories develop. We would be happy to post them.

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    Mark Driscoll in “Pastor Dad” e-book — What thinkest thou? As for me, I am looking for a place to wretch… Might the wife have a real reason to be disgruntled and he just hasn’t been liistening?

    “Proverbs 19:13 further stresses the correlation between the type of mother you choose for your children and the kind of children you will have, saying, “A foolish son is ruin to his father, and a wife’s quarreling is a continual dripping of rain.” These two miseries simply go together. If a wife is a nag who disrespects her husband by chirping at him all the time, then the children in that home will follow her example and become fools who ruin their lives by similarly disobeying and dishonoring their dad. Wicked women not only fail to restrain their tongues in front of their children, but often intentionally attack their husbands in an effort to get their children’s allegiance, undermine the authority of their father, and bring anarchy to the home. Proverbs rightly calls this rottenness in the bones. By the way, this is how we have arrived at our present culture. Carolyn Graglia, the author of Domestic Tranquility, writes that in the 1950s, men were not doing a good job of leading and loving their families, but that the wives did not have the power and authority to overthrow their husbands and rule the families as they desired. So the wives simply recruited their children as allies against their husbands. If they could undermine the father’s authority and respect in the home, then the wife and children could control and manipulate and drive out the husbands and rule over the family. Brilliantly, Proverbs 19:13 explains how we got from the 1950s to the anarchy of the 1960s—namely, foolish men married godless women who recruited their own children to overthrow their fathers and usher in anarchy. Anyone doubting this descent would be well served to simply watch one of the innumerable popular sitcoms on television where the husband is an idiot and the wife trash-talks him in front of the children, and ask themselves why anyone finds that funny. Whose responsibility is it? Ultimately, it is men who are responsible because they chose their wives, they let them continue in sin, and they let them destroy their children. Hence, it is important that a man first love God and then seek a woman who loves God and will respect him and love his children, because he is ultimately responsible as the head of his home. Does this mean that the wife can never speak to her husband honestly? No, but if she is angry or the conversation will be tense, she should speak to her husband privately and respectfully and not in front of his children. This does not mean that the parents never disagree or resolve conflict in front of the children. The children need to see their parents resolve their differences, and this should be done in a godly way in front of the children and taken in private if things are not being handled well. Some of you grew up in homes where mom continually cut the knees off of dad right in front of you. And you learned to dishonor your father. Wise men seek to avoid this at all costs by marrying wisely.”

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    If my husband scanned my emails and decided which ones i could read, I would know that I did not marry wisely. In fact, I might have married a “wicked” man. So only a man should marry wisely?

    His stuff is asinine. Only a man choses in marriage? What about a woman? Does she sit around, waiting to be chosen?

    Actually, I have a different take on the 1950s. The reason for the anarchy is the fact that the families were preaching one thing and living another. It was the superficiality that the 1960s revolted against. And the superficiality was as much the fault of men as well as women.

    Driscoll is starting to sound like a nut job.

    This is so interesting, along with kooky, we may use it as a blog post There is something going on with Driscoll. Once again, I predict that something weird is going to happen with him and it will be quite newsworthy.

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    Just *starting* to sound like a nut job? 🙂 I first read this a few years ago, when I still had favorable impressions of Driscoll because of my limited on-line exposure. But this just sits really wrong with me. It’s all the wife’s fault, except that he should have known she was wicked from the start. No matter if he has been driving her crazy by not listenening to her quieter entreaties. How about, “Honey, I understand that I must have deeply offended you. How can I make it right?” That’s more like real leadership. But nope, the little woman just has to keep chirping away… How do the women in his church stand it? We switched churches last year, and though there is an Acts 29 church nearby, I refused to even consider visiting there. It woulda been like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    BTW, if you want to see the whole e-book, here is the link.

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    I believe this “wicked woman” stuff will eventually backfire on some of these guys. Over time, the women will get tired of it as well. The only women who will put up with this for years are poor women who already have seriously low self esteem. We all need to keep speaking out.

    Some of these male pastors seriously underestimate women. That will be to their detriment when women get tired of being called gullible and easily deceived-another Driscoll belief. There are quite a few men who fall into that category-Driscoll being one of them.

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    Preach it! We agree with you.