The Pearls’ Profit-sharing Program

"All that we call human history–money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery–[is] the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy."   C.S. Lewis




Hey NGJ True Believers, LISTEN UP!!!

If the recession has hit your family hard, Michael and Debi Pearl, out of the goodness of their hearts, have come up with a phenomenal way to boost your income (not to mention theirs!) All you have to is peddle Pearl paraphernalia. What a fantastic ministry/business opportunity you can do together with your kids.


It’s called the “Business in a Box” and here's how it works. Go to the No Greater Joy website and click on “Learn about Distributorship Program”. When you do, an exciting opportunity awaits you. Here's what you'll discover…

“NGJ's Home Business-in-a-box!


A rewarding home-based business for your entire family!


No Greater Joy Ministries has a home-based business program custom made for families just like yours. The following information gives you an outline of this program, how it works, the cost, and how your family can get started right away!


How this program can benefit your family and be used as a ministry.


We get lots of letters from families telling us that in an effort to minister to others, they spend their extra money buying NGJ books and CD’s to give away to friends, relatives, and even strangers. With this in mind, the home-based business program was designed with a twofold purpose – to give your family a unique opportunity to minister and serve other families through NGJ’s training materials, and to give you a viable business your entire family can work together and profit from.”


Just think…you can become an Authorized Distributor of the No Greater Joy materials that have worked so well for your family. The program costs ONLY $495 and you will receive a box of NGJ bestsellers that are valued at over $1,000 – that’s 51% off the single book pricing. But wait!!! You get to pick your own titles in this introductory package. Not only that – shipping is FREE on your first order! When you reorder from NGJ, you may again choose any materials you want at a 45% discount (plus shipping). Please keep in mind that your reorder must be a minimum of $100.

Distributor Stats here.


Currently, there are over 560 NGJ distributors worldwide located in 14 Countries. In the United States, 48 states are represented (only Maryland and South Dakota lack distributors). There is tremendous market potential for NGJ materials, so start your own distributorship today! When you become an “authorized distributor” your “store” will be listed here.


And if you’re a real go-getter, you may want to enroll in the Master Distributorship Program which offers even bigger discounts! You can read all about it here.


Here’s how the Master Distributorship Program works

For ONLY $2,500, you will receive OVER $6,250 worth of NGJ materials (at a whopping 60% discount on all single unit priced items published by NGJ). Those materials will include books, audio CDs, and DVDs. Shipping is FREE anywhere in the continental United States. After becoming a Master Distributor you will qualify to buy anything published by NGJ at a 60% discount (plus shipping).


You can reorder any published NGJ materials, but keep in mind that your minimum reorder must be $300. You are free to mix and match with your order by choosing from the vast array of NGJ materials – 100+ in all! Remember, YOU are in control of your business/ministry. The more you order the better! It’s truly a WIN / WIN / WIN (you win, NGJ wins, and God wins!)


However, order carefully because NGJ cannot accept returns or issue refunds. There is the option of exchanging merchandise, so make sure you read the fine print.


With regard to payments, ALL orders must be paid in advance. NGJ happily accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX or you can send a bank check or USPS Money Order.


Here’s exciting information about this fun and rewarding home-based business. Link  


"The wonderful thing about NGJ’s Master Distributorship Program is that the materials are so popular and widely read they will sell themselves, making this a great home-based business for your entire family.”


Potential markets for NGJ materials are church organizations, the world wide web, Christian schools, homeschooling groups, independent book stores, family friends, and even flea markets! The possibilities are endless so be creative…


Your ministry/business can be a ray of hope to many families who are desperate for the life-changing materials that you possess. This opportunity will also be of tremendous benefit to your children as they learn how to market NGJ materials, improve their communication skills, understand finances and free enterprise, and develop important life skills. Just think of all the families you will be able to help escape from the dangerous influences found in modern society and the pop culture. They will forever be indebted to you for showing them the NGJ way!


Please don’t delay, enroll today!

You'll have a WHOPPING GOOD TIME (and we're not talking about whippings…)

You just can't " BEAT " NGJ!


(Dee couldn't resist: Are these the Pearls with a great price)?


Next week we have an eclectic offering for our readers. We will listen to some proof texting by one of our favorite whipping boys, Mark Driscoll. We will report on the latest Ken Ham debacle-even some of his fans are distancing themselves from him! We will listen to a pastor twist Scripture to get people to wash his car and baby sit for him and we will observe Paige Patterson making a "big" tactical error. Also, what do Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts and the iconic James Dean have in common? Finally, Katy Perry rejects her evangelical upbringing.




Lydia's Corner: Deuteronomy 28:1-68 Luke 11:14-36 Psalm 77:1-20 Proverbs 12:18





The Pearls’ Profit-sharing Program — 21 Comments

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    I had NOT heard about this! This is… I have no words. Really.

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    Careful! A few more of these articles and you’ll increase readership on the atheist boards. 🙂

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    why does a comparison to drug dealing spring to mind?

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    I keep thinking it’s more like Tupperware or one of the other multi-level marketing schemes. The Pearls may be finding their direct sales drying up, so they’re using their faithful followers to shill their materials for them. Win-Win for the Pearls.

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    Off Topic… Thanks for the recipes! Just finished the fudge cake and am getting ready to frost the strawberry cake. Just call me Suzy Homemaker!!!

    I’ll share my most shish-ka-bob marinate recipe with you sometime. It’s a family favorite!

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    These folks ain’t nothin’ compared to the biggest heist in American history pulled off by Wall Street and the big banks.

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    No one got my joke. I am most distressed.

    Mark Driscoll would be real proud of your baking.

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    I know of a bridge in Brooklyn that I might be able to sell u real cheap.Wasn’t it P.T. Barnum who said there was one one born every minute? I also have some cd’s of me preaching that ought to be worth something. I must have attended te wrong seminary the president didn’t try to do a strip tease and we weren’t taught how to make money from the gullible.

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    Wait until next week. I will be featuring PP’s strip tease and give a little nursing lecture.

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    Just think of how much extra you can make if you also use your business license to buy plumbing line in bulk at wholesale then resell it with the books and stuff. You could probably get away with charging more than regular retail for the plumbing line since you are doing specialized work by providing the “appropriate” length and diameter of line based on the ages of your customer’s children. Cha-ching!

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    I am exploring deals with Lily Pulitzer for pink and green pipe lines, and Izod for alligator plumb lines. I call it abuse-preppie style..

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    Are these the Pearls with a great price?

    These are the Pearls with a great pyramid scheme.

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    We read about the sudden uninvite last week on the AIG website, and Dee will be addressing it in Thursday’s post.

    It’s about time someone took a stand against Ham’s unchristianlike behavior.

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    You should also explore the possibility of designer glue stick neckwear. Those plain old opaque white-ish ones just aren’t fab enough for dressy church wear.

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    We should look at styles for men in the current “shared responsibilities” environment. As one who often must wear a tie (Judges tend to require it), I think a tie with a detachable glue stick or made out of flexible plumbing stock could be the coming fashion thing in many churches for Sunday wear. Then in the churches where the family stays together through SS and church, Dad would be equipped to whip the little ones into silent obedience right there in the classroom or sanctuary (oops, bad — sanctuary = safe place, not a place for punishment!!!!)

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    Ah, I see it now. A rep striped tie, in silk, of course, with a little pocket from which to suspend the glue stick. It gives new meaning to the phrase “to come unglued.”

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    How do you spell “karma?”

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    Pearls are going Amway

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    Perils is more like it.