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“Don’t let depression kill you; let the church help (Sign outside of a church)  


As some of our readers’ may have noticed, there are a few changes in the format of TWW. We hope to complete these changes by the end of the week. We have consolidated all of our archives in an easily accessible fashion and will work to incorporate the comments sections from our older blog posts over time.   However, the major change is this. My fellow blog queen and I have decided to reveal our full names. These will be accessible on a new page called “About Us” which will be posted in the next couple of days.


We imagine that some readers might think that we are making a stand against anonymity because certain leaders have been railing against anonymous bloggers, going so far as to call them names such as ”narcissistic zeroes” as the godly, loving, Calvinista Matt Chandler did recently. (Tomorrow we will be addressing said shepherd in a direct fashion so stay tuned).  


Such an assumption would be incorrect. In fact, let us state this bluntly. TWW upholds, defends, supports and understands the need for anonymous blogging and anonymous commenters. This blog will always protect, defend and encourage anonymity in order that truth might be exposed and that churches and leaders might be held accountable. We believe that this policy will encourage people to freely and confidently share their pain and concerns about the church in America. Well, actually, we have been receiving some comments from Brazil, England, and Thailand, so perhaps this blog will be a haven for those who have been hurt by the “evangelical” church throughout the world.


Why do I put a quote around the word “evangelical in the last paragraph? Because I believe that there are a goodly number of churches that have morphed the evangelical church into an entity that might be unrecognizable to those who have gone before us. Michael Spencer, the recently departed Internet Monk, used a term that is apropos. He believed that the church of today is foundering about in the post evangelical wilderness.  


Besides the ever-present nonsense of the health and wealth gospel as exhibited by the toothsome Joel Osteen, there has been a movement within the SBC and Reformed churches to “take back” the country and the Gospel-order is deliberate. Secondary issues have been moved to the forefront and much time and money is being spent to proclaim these issues as vital to the survival of the church.  


The most visible of the American churches today are defined by hyper-authoritarian pastors who function as mini despots backed up by elders and deacons who act more like Mafioso enforcers than the overseers as written about in the Bible. Church discipline, once reserved for backsliders and men who moved in with their honeys, is now routinely used for those who have disagreements with the way things are run.  


Instead of a good old-fashioned Baptist “hash it out “ conclave, pastors routinely throw out those who would disagree with their pronouncements. Pastors are not to be questioned. To quote one pastor who I used to think was one of the good guys, “I provide the direction for this church. The elders implement that direction and they have only disagreed with me twice in 28 years!”   Our very first post proclaimed our concerns. It was called "Who Hijacked My Church." You can read about it at this link.

Approximately four years ago, the idea of TWW began to take shape. It has never ceased to amaze the two of us how God brought us into contact with one another. We are two average women would be most likely overlooked into today’s personality driven churches. We did all the typical things: led Bible studies, taught Sunday school, worked in the nursery, and were members of small group Bible studies, baked brownies (my recipe is better than Deb’s), etc.  


Both of us have a particular passion for trying to understand what is going on the world of faith. We always ask “why?,”much to the dismay of a few former pastors. We both love to read and research and have found the Internet in invaluable tool that quickly brings facts to light. Both of us served on a community panel for our local newspaper and learned the pros and cons as well as the biases involved both in news reporting and editorial commentary.   And that is what we thought we would do. Our early goal was to comment on today’s news stories from the angle of evangelical faith. But something didn’t come together. There was a roadblock that seemed insurmountable. Many of our friends believed we would never get this thing of the ground, perhaps thinking it was some sort of pipe dream.  


Until “it” happened. We were suddenly enmeshed in a situation that exposed the underbelly of evangelicalism. Until that moment, except for a 1-½ year stay in Ed Young Jr.’s church, I had always had wonderful experiences in church. I had open pastors, great elders and deacons, and good friends. Yes, we disagreed on many points, we dealt with sin issues but love and respect were the hallmark of these churches. We both had heard rumors of people having been hurt by the church but thought that these churchgoers were a bunch of whiners.  


Suddenly things changed and we were slapped upside the head. We intimately experienced the pain of many in the church and the intensity of the ache was unexpected. Some have accused us of being bitter (a word that is often misused to stop conversation). We actually do not feel mordant (a much cooler word than bitter, evoking images of Lord of the Rings).   Instead, we now believe that “it” happened for God’s gracious purpose. He had to open our eyes to the harsh reality in some of America’s churches because we would need to understand such pain and injustice in a personal way in order to understand our readers.  And that pain became the support that bolsters this blog. It may be difficult for some to believe this but we are now grateful for the experience. We have a gut understanding that gives us empathy and passion for those who have been taught wrong and done wrong.  


In the beginning, we imagined that we would merely discuss faith in the public square but, within a few weeks of starting TWW, we began to get emails, telling us of painful church circumstances. Often these emails would start off “I know you are not going to believe this but…”   Because of God’s providence, we did believe the stories because we had experienced similar pain. In fact, so many of the stories have familiar elements common to our own experience. It’s as if a playbook has been written and we are finally reading the completed work.  


We have sat with grown men who told us their stories with tears streaming down their faces. We have watched in disbelief as elder boards and denominational entities closed ranks and protected the guilty.   We have recorded instances of pastors actively pursuing and causing irreparable harm to those who would disagree with their exorbitant lifestyle. We have watched religious (I find it too difficult to call them Christian) men threaten others over differences of opinion.


One only has to read Wade Burleson’s Hardball Religion to realize that some of these “pastors” and “leaders” are behaving in both a threatening and unbiblical fashion.   We wrote of one incident in which a pastor told ladies in a church not to help a pregnant, bedbound woman because her husband criticized him for certain incidents involving pornography on church computers. We wrote of another incident in which a man had his mailbox knocked over and a fire set in his backyard for criticizing a pastor. Mac Brunson kicked a woman off church grounds because he was huffy that her husband criticized his excessive lifestyle. He also had his "bodyguard/policeman go to the police to seek a little good old-fashioned Baptist retribution. Hallelujah, brother!  


We also wrote of an elderly lady who was escorted out of a church by police for simply asking why the new pastor had disbanded the deacons. He called the police from the pulpit, whilst preaching, giving new meaning to “honor your mother.” You can read about it at this link.  


We have seen pastors arrested for pedophilia, rape, embezzlement and extortion. We have heard pastors tell women to return to their physically abusive husbands. We have seen elders start false rumors to harm the reputation of a member (it happened to Dee). Many of these religionists act as if they are in a Crips/Bloods gang war. If you step onto a particular street, you are now on the preacher’s territory and he gets to knife you. It’s got to be in the Bible somewhere.


And who gets criticized for this? The anonymous blogger, for Pete’s sake! We have a statement to all of the pastors out there who strut around, thinking that they are specially anointed and can do no wrong. We include all of the sycophants who pretend they are elders or deacons while covering up for the pastors. The reason there are anonymous bloggers and commenters is because YOU have created a climate of fear and mistrust in your churches. It is YOU who refuse to admit wrongdoing and think you get a pass on sin. It is YOU who call those who bring concerns to you, the problem. YOU are the ones who have turned the church of Jesus Christ into some sort of ego gratification club with a veneer of religion to assuage your guilt. You are the ones who are thin-skinned weenies who can’t take criticism without whining and running to find ways to destroy your brother. 


I am grateful that I, once again, belong to a church in which I can freely share my concerns and suggestions without fear of retribution. I am grateful that I can disagree on a tertiary point with a pastor and not get thrown out of a Sunday school class by insecure, malignant teachers.(This happened to a teenager and a grown man that I know).   We have heard one too many stories to ignore the fact that there is a cancer growing in the post evangelical church. When Wade Burleson dared to comment on the Ergun Caner, liar extraordinaire, debacle, his family was threatened; by a “good” Baptist man, I have no doubt.


There are many in the churches who do not want to hear the stories that we publish here. They must. We will continue to stay our course and protect the storytellers until the church once again becomes a safe haven for those who are seeking kindness and understanding. Shame on these pastors who have allowed this atmosphere to become acceptable within the church of our Lord.  


Finally, we know that there are good pastors out there that labor faithfully. Some have commented on this blog. We have heard from discouraged professors at Liberty who cannot speak freely of their disgust of the Caner situation. Why? Because they are afraid they will be fired. May God give them strength to carry on.  


We anticipate that some might ask us why we have stayed anonymous until this time. First and foremost, it was the wish of our families who were concerned about potential “retribution.” Isn’t it sad that they needed to be concerned about this? Their feelings were justified.   Secondly, we wanted some time to pass after a certain negative situation. This blog is NOT and has never been a blog about a particular church or situation. We believe that this is clearly evident by the diversity of subjects on which we have written.  


As time has gone on, our families, and, if truth be told, we have become more comfortable in the blogosphere. We believe that we write with integrity and honesty. We make mistakes but try very hard to be truthful. Jeff Anderson, the world renowned expert attorney who has successfully defended countless people who were abused by priests, told us that as long as we tell what we believe to be the truth, we should have little to fear. He said that the most that any church can do is throw us out. Although it hasn’t happened to us, standing up for the Truth is worth getting kicked out of church. Besides, as that great theologian, Woody Allen once said, “I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member.”


Until recently, the bully pulpit was reserved for the bully preacher. But, just like real life bullies, these preachers can’t stand it when the tables are turned on them. That is what the Internet has done. And that is what TWW intends to do. We will stand up for the lost and let down and give them a place where their words may be heard. And we will stand by them in their pain.   We also will provide a place for debate to occur. So, if any of these pastors want to give their side of the story, they are welcome. We will print their words exactly as they ask unless we deem them to be abusive.  


We will continue to bring you other stories of interest that affect the practice and perception of the faith in the world. We will continue to debate secondary Biblical issues and difficult Bible passages and we are always open to suggestions. Our friend, ARCE, has sent us several articles that should make for interesting conversation.  


Finally, we want to thank all of the readers and visitors for their encouragement. We are even grateful for those who disagree with us! We love a good debate and controversy is the lifeblood of any blog! We have stories in the pipeline about a Harvest church, a cult in Dallas, Christopher Hitchens, and Hugh Ross . When we first started, Deb asked me if we had enough things to write about. Now it seems as if we don’t have enough time to cover everything!


NEW FEATURE: You will see on the soon to be published “About Us” that we have made it easier for you to contact us by both email and even Google phone. How’s that for accessibility and accountability? I wonder if Mac Brunson has a direct phone number to reach him? How about Matt Chandler? I'm sure they are too busy contending with anonymous bloggers.


NEW FEATURE: One of our frequent commenters, Lydia, often exhorts readers to read and study the Bible for themselves. In the next couple of days, we will be adding Bible verses to the bottom of each post. If followed, these passages will assist the reader to read through the Bible in one year. We plan to follow this ourselves and will be open to questions or comments regarding the reading plan. By the way, use any translation you like. Just read.


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    Great post, Dee!

    Your brownies may taste better than mine, but remember, I’ve mastered Elvis’ Favorite Pound Cake recipe…

    I still find it incredible that before we ever launched The Wartburg Watch I remarked to you on several occasions: “I just don’t think there’s that much to write about in Christendom.” I guess that was three or four years ago. Boy, was I wrong!!!

    Thanks for being such a great blogging partner! Let’s keep fighting the good fight for Jesus Christ.

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    But which one of you makes the best fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches (Elvis’ favorite)?

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    The Junkster is back!

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    I know where to buy Whoopie Pies, another of the King’s favorites. Does that count?

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    “Jeff Anderson, the world renowned expert attorney who has successfully defended countless people who were abused by priests, told us that as long as we tell what we believe to be the truth, we should have little to fear. He said that the most that any church can do is throw us out.”

    Oh dear, he could not be more wrong. I have seen people’s businesses ruined by a mega whisper campaign. I have seen their kids suddenly not be considered for a certain things such as making a team, getting a play part or even a scholarship. Yep, that is right…the tentacles of some of these huge churches go deep. When the church has baptized the University president AND the Basketball coach, you think they have no influence?

    Yes, they can hurt folks…in ways that may not even becmoe evident for a while. I have seen it on both sides. I have seen people rip up their hometown roots and MOVE because their reputation had been ruined by the influential mega thugs because they dared to stand up to them in private.

    If you are going to take them on I suggest you be stinking rich, influential both politically and religously. Those are rare…they are usually one of the elders.

    I am not a big fan of you not being anonymous. I fear that it will make YOU the topic and not the issue. Most of the focus will be on attacking the messenger.

    But I support whatever you decide.

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    I know you are correct when you mention those examples. When I mentioned Jeff, I was meaning to convey legal issues. We are committed to telling the truth and doing our research.

    We are hoping to do some interviews with some fascinating people within the faith. Our anonymity interferes with that.

    Thank you for being a thoughtful friend to this blog. Your concern for us is deeply appreciated.

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    Hi long time lurker just to thank you both for all the work you put into this blog. I’m writing from England where I’ve been seeing a worrying increase in authoritarianism and a preoccupation with central control in particular segments of the evangelical church and it’s great that there are such strong voices out there to counter these tendencies. It’s brave of you to cast off your anonymity but I’m sure you’re making the best choice for the Wartburg Watch.
    Keep it up ladies!

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    Thank you friend. We will continue to defend the need for anonymity in order to bring some segments of the church into accountability. Wow, England! Thanks for lurking.

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    So good to hear from a sister in Christ who’s across the pond! I visited London last May and loved it. I’m sorry to hear that you are seeing a rise in authoritarianism there. We are certainly experiencing it here in the states.

    One of our purposes in focusing in hyper-authoritarianism is to alert the flock that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing who are harming the body of Christ. We believe God has opened our eyes to these abuses so we can sound the alarm.

    We hope you will continue to comment and keep us apprised of what’s happening in your part of the world.


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    When you do advise others who you are by name, Get ready…… Those within the Baptist Mafia and their disciples will attack, attack, attack and you will become another sermon topic for them.

    But you know what, it sure is nice when you know that what you write is the TRUTH! Did it for years on my website and NEVER regretted it one second.

    Welcome to the Club!

    And besides, who cares what others think about you when you are——–

    Following Christ, NOT Man!
    Doug Pittman

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    I already know what some people think about me. I only care about what God thinks about me. I am trying to do something that I would have never dreamed of a few short years ago. Heck, I got a “D” on my first writing assignment in college.If you had told me then that I would be writing for an avocation, I would have laughed long and hard. Funny how God gives you what you need when you need it.

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    Oooh, Whoopie pies! I can make those… yum!

    In New England, they’ve become a cottage industry. When I was there last month, I had a red velvet whoopie pie. Couldn’t believe how many kinds there are now. The trick is to make them all the rage down South.

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    Then Woody Allen stole the line from him.He said it in one of his movies. Shameless yet funny!

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    Hi Dee/Deb
    Glad to see and read that you are still going strong.. In the main, I am in agreement with what you are doing but as I have noted on a couple of instances,one matter still concerns me.. That is , the question of sorting out ‘truth from fiction’ in the posts that are written and read.
    Obviously in the openness that is a mark of the WW blog, the danger that I see is that ‘like attracts like’ and in the Church as in any other body, disgruntled and disappointed members are usually more ready to voice their complaints than are the vast number of church members who dont see the problems that others see and experience.
    I am not in any way suggesting that some of the practices and problems that you effectively highlight here are small or not real. I am just wondering how a ‘spirit of discernment’ should be applied here.
    Now just in case you think that I am ‘complaining’ let me assure you both that I have first hand knowledge and experience of the Peacemaker problem that you recently referred to.
    I am reluctant to share the details of this but can vouch for some of the practices and requirements of this organization when they are called into a Reconciliation situation in a local church fellowship.

    Keep up the good work


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    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. We have never claimed to have all the answers, but we have MANY concerns which we highlight in our posts.

    We are trying to create an open forum in which these important matters can be discussed. As we have mentioned on our About Us page, we have only deleted a handful of comments during the existence of our blog, and that’s because they violated our rules.

    We have no control over who reads our posts, so if disgruntled and disappointed readers show up, they are welcome as long as they are respectful. Sadly, many Christians are disgruntled for good reason, as we discuss here.

    Please continue to comment, because your feedback is very important to us. It keeps us on our toes…


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    Look at our posts. We have links to our information sources. I believe in the ability of most people to read and decide for themselves. If you believe that we are dealing with “fiction”, please be more specific. How can we change anything that is “fiction” without specific information?

    There are those who are disgruntled for no apparent reason but I would say that the majority of people who are hurting are hurting for a reason. Certainly, there is much pain caused by churches out there. Words such as “disgruntled,” bitter, disaffected can sometimes be used to shut people up and dismiss their pain and concerns.

    The number of people who are disaffected from the evangelical church in America is rising and the reasons are many. TWW is not the only blog concerned with this. These reasons include a rise in hyper-authoritarianism, patriarchy, insistence on narrow interpretation of secondary issues, sin in the pulpit- especially sexual sin, etc.

    We have met with people, talked with them on the phone, called for the other side of the story, etc. We check our facts and our links. Of course, sometimes we make a judgment based on the information as best as we can. There is always the possibility that we might be wrong but we try very, very hard to tell the truth as we see it. Add to that mix, much prayer and discussion of issues with those not involved and that is the best we can do with the spirit of discernment. Perhaps you have some solutions to how you personally deal with the spirit of discernment.

    If you read our concern about Peacemakers and our reply to comments from “Chuck” you must be able to perceive that we a questioning the difference between a discrete situation and an institutional problem which goes far beyond one problem. Such a problem may be superficially solved, but the underlying issue is still present.We think there are complex issues here. As one of my pastors has said, “Even on my best days, my motives are mixed.”

    Since you seem to be referring to the Peacemaker posts, please check out the links and see how bias might be easily perceived by those who view the situation. Perhaps Peacemakers needs to reassess how they receive endorsements and promote speakers at their conferences. Mr. Sande is a lawyer and knows very well how conflict of interest might be perceived, even if there is none present.

    Instead of being cryptic, put it out on the table. I am most confused by your comment and feel that there is much lurking under the surface that you haven’t said.

    However, thank you for your comment on the “good work.”

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    Thanks for yr comments and no! Dee.there is nothing mysterious in my comments,just a general concern about the difficulty in sorting out truth from fiction.
    When I say ‘fiction’, its with the rider,that a lot of what is posted cannot be verified as to its authenticity and would be classed in the legal sense as hearsay.
    Now, you are right- when people hurt,they are hurting for a reason and I recognize and appreciate this from my years in the Pastorate.
    However much we feel for each other,in these situations, we are not only being general in our comments but very specific in naming people and this is what concerns me.
    There is much comfort,I do recognize,in knowing that we are not alone in going through disappointment,mishandling and often mistreatment at the hands of others and while we should never cover up abuse,spiritual or otherwise,its a very thin line that we are treading in publicly disclosing such acts for all to see and attribute to individuals and organizations.
    I understand completely this dilemma when I read some of the comments about spiritual abuse,gender abuse, and hyper authoritarian situations. I want to comment but do not trust myself enough to refrain from becoming personal in such commments.

    Please understand that this is in no way critical of your blog, but just my musings as I read and try to digest a lot of what is posted here.


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    Once again, I would ask you to point out specifics. How do you know it is fiction? Just because you can’t verify it to your satisfaction does not mean it is fiction. Many atheists use this excuse when it comes to the Scriptural evidence for the Resurrection. Some might say that much of that is “hearsay” as well.

    As for refraining from comments about abuse, perhaps that is what has been going on for too long in the church. We keep our mouths shut, mutter stuff about hearsay and gossip and plant our heads firmly in the sand. Meanwhile, situations go on and on and people who are deeply wounded doubt their faith and the church.

    Those who post here take responsibility for their words. A recent trial in NYC allowed a commenter on a blog to be “outed” when he made some statement about a model who was a “slut and slept around” none of which was true. However, the model showed true forgiveness and decided not to press charges after all, showing far more restraint than a few pastors I know.

    Once again, I ask for specifics. We want to be responsive but find it difficult to do so when we can’t get examples. You now have a way to contact us. Please feel free to email us with specifics if you can’t mention them on the blog. Trust me, we are trying.

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    Thank you for your kind post.

    I will decline to comment further on this matter. Its obvious to me that you completely misread what I said and have become defensive in your reply.

    Thanks and best wishes


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    I am most frustrated. Why will you not give specifics. Even if I appear defensive, if you know of any instance in which we have written something that you find “fiction”, it would be most kind of you to share this with us so we can make corrections. How do we do this with vague innuendos?

    Then you shut us out by saying we have “completely” misread you and sign out. How does dialog happen in the church if we can’t tough it out with one another? We are trying very, very hard and do not wish to be flippant. We are here if you want to give it another try.

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    Please go back and read again what I said.
    I did not say I found ‘fiction’- I said that its hard in reading these comments to know what is ‘fiction’ and what is fact… My whole point was to say that this is the challenge of blogs, Christian or otherwise..
    When hearing an accusation about a brother or about an organization, how do we apply biblical principles… Its impossible on a blog to hear both sides of a situation.
    That was and is the thrust of my comments…
    Like you and others I pray for wisdom and discernment to cover what I read and hear.
    Your blog is helpful in bringing together various sides and opinions
    about people and organizations but I do cringe a little, I must confess when I read comments about people ,for example like Driscoll and Mahaney et al ,which may be truthful in their entirety, but which cannot be verified unless we hear their response.
    Dee, dont take this negatively,please, my intention was and is to share what difficulties I have in reading blogs like this.


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    Let me get this straight. In our most recent coverage of SGM, we have reported on a KingsWay pastor who admitted to lying and concealing that lie for NINE YEARS!!!

    And you are questioning how factual we are here at TWW?

    That’s pretty incredible…

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    “That’s pretty incredible”

    I know but that is how it works in the church world. Which is why so much corruption is allowed for so long. Think of all the people who INSIST Caner never lied? The PROOF is EVERYWHERE yet they blindly insist it was not lying.

    This is what we are seeing because of many false teachers out there who are being followed instead of Christ:

    11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

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    Dear TWW readers,

    Hopefully, you have discerned what is happening in this comment thread. Lu is trying to create doubt about us while staunchly defending Mark Driscoll and C.J. Mahaney, who both have highly visible platforms from which to operate. Dee mentioned this strategy in yesterday’s post. It’s called “shooting the messenger”. We are NOT the problem – we are simply reporting on the problems we see within Christendom.

    Yes, there’s definitely a play book these guys are using…

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    not so Deb..

    I am a great supporter of this site, but if you want to misconstrue what i am saying and make me out as a supporter of these folk. so be it.
    I have never met or heard any of the folk you refer to.. nor have I ever subscribed to any blog previous to this one.

    I dont subscribe to any play book or script-I am a retired pastor who writes from my own experience.

    Sorry about your reaction.


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    You have been sending mixed signals. Sorry if I mischaracterized you, but there is a play book out there.

    I hope you will continue to check in here at t
    TWW. Next week I will be focusing on the charges against Eddie Long. Our mission is to keep our readers informed about developments and trends in Christendom.

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    No problem Deb.

    Perhaps I could have expressed my thoughts a bit clearer than I did.


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    Finally, I understand what you are saying. Let me give you a slightly different perspective. Folks like Mahaney and Driscoll have an accessible pulpit and public platform from which to respond, advocate, bully, whatever. Until recently, there was no avenue for the average Joe Christian to get his message out to the world. Finally, Joe and Jane Christian can say, “hear my side” for a change.And, if they are not listened to, they can appeal to their Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world via the web.

    This is an obscure blog. Surely Mahaney has nothing to fear from two middle aged women, does he? He is always welcome to give his side on this blog. He can also give his side at all of the gatherings that he attends where he is given mic and platform and is surrounded by his admirers. Can you truthfully say the same thing for the little guy, the no one?

    Instead, we need to be concerned for those whom until now, have had no voice and have been deeply wounded by the church and men who act like admirals in rowboats. These folks are welcomed here and will have a place to safely tell their stories and find fellowship instead of condemnation.

    No, Lu, I am not at all concerned for Mahaney who is making great money speaking, leading and writing books that then get pushed from the pulpit and sold in their churches. I think he is doing just fine.

    I do not take what you say negatively. But, I do respond with a perspective that you might find provocative.But, since you seem to like Driscoll, provocative is his middle name so you probably won’t mind what I say. I even say it just a little bit cleaner.

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    We welcome your experience. Can you tell us a bit about what kind of church you pastored? My husband and I are blessed to have some friends who are retired missionaries and we find their lives and perspective quite challenging.

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    Thanks for checking back. We hope you will continue to read our posts and assess how we’re doing.

    Have a great weekend!

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    “I have never met or heard any of the folk you refer to.. nor have I ever subscribed to any blog previous to this one.”

    Lu, this could be the real problem. There is tons of info out there about what is going on in the churches. Just reading through the last 3 years of Stop Baptist predators is quite an education. And she only reports those who are arrested and make the news. the real story is in how the pew sitters respond…we have a huge spiritual abuse problem. And it is because the pew sitters are following man and not Christ.

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    I can testify to what you have shared. I’m certain Dee can as well. I had NO IDEA about the things we discuss here until I started researching all this stuff in the fall of 2008. I remember reading the YRR article in Christianity Today when it first came out in 2006. I recognized John Piper and Al Mohler, knew very little about Mark Driscoll, and had never heard of C.J. Mahaney. During the last two years, I have done so much research (as has Dee), and much of it we have shared in this forum.

    I pray MANY Christians will have their spiritual eyes opened. Thanks, Lydia, for your wealth of knowledge and insights. I always look forward to reading what you have to share.

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    Thought readers may be interested in what seems to be a move toward “ESV-Onlyism” creeping up within the new Reformed movement.



    Disclaimer: I am not against the ESV, it is one of my preferred translations.

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    Love the comment. I am not against it either. Dan Wallace, an old friend, was involved in the translation. However, it drives me nuts when it becomes a cult like thing ESVO. Did you know that people were having John Piper autograph it?

    So, when this happens, I get ornery and refuse to go along with the crowd.It’s just plain ol cussedness.