Michael Spencer: 1956-2010

Tonight, we are saddened to announce the passing of Michael Spencer.The Internet Monk, as he was known, was an institution in the blogosphere. His insights into the practice of Christianity were unique, thought-provoking, at times humorous, and indicative of his own abiding faith in our Lord. Please pray for his family. And, while you’re at it, read some of his posts through the years. We guarantee that you will join us in thinking the earth abiding Christian community has lost, for now, a keen observer and communicator.

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The following is the post announcing his passing into the presence of Lord:

“I received word tonight that Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, our friend, passed away in his home in Oneida, KY, in the presence of his family.

With them, we mourn his passing.

With them, our tears fall.

With them, we express gratitude that Michael is at peace and no longer suffering.

With them, we cry out to God in pain because our suffering has just increased.

With them and with all creation, we groan, awaiting the day when this sad world will be put to rights.

With them and with all the saints, we put our trust in Christ alone, crucified, buried, risen, ascended, and coming again.

Words are hard to come by at this moment. At a more appropriate time tomorrow, I will say more.

Thank you for praying.

I am closing comments for tonight on the most recent posts so that all may devote energies to prayer and silence”.


Michael Spencer: 1956-2010 — 3 Comments

  1. I discovered the Imonk only about a month ago and I have been stunned reading his articles, b/c it is like reading myself think….I have particularly enjoyed his articles on depression and the church, why i hate theology, and the one on doubt.

  2. C,

    Michael Spencer developed quite a following as The Internet Monk, and I am extremely saddened by his passing. Dee and I are praying especially for his family during this difficult time.

    Thanks for your comment. God bless.

  3. C
    He often said exactly what I was thinking. I liked the one on why he couldn’t believe in a young earth. I shall miss him. Welcome to our blog.