Our loyal readers remember our series on the Prosperity Preachers just last month, and we intended to keep them informed should any  “breaking news” occur. 

One week ago today, such news occurred.  Check out this headline and excerpt from the Christianity Today blog (http://blog.christianitytoday.com/ctliveblog/archives/2010/02/suzanne_hinn_fi.html)

Suzanne Hinn Files for Divorce

“On February 1st Suzanne Hinn, wife of famous televangelist Benny Hinn, filed divorce papers in a southern California court. The documents cite irreconcilable differences as grounds for the legal action. News of the divorce has rocked Hinn`s worldwide following and has already been used as fodder for critics of the controversial healer`s ministry.”

Don Price, senior advisor to Mr. Hinn, stated in a Press release that “Pastor Benny Hinn and his immediate family were shocked and saddened to learn of this news. The couple has been married for more than 30 years, and although Pastor Hinn has faithfully endeavored to bring healing to their relationship, those efforts failed and were met with the petition for divorce that was filed without notice.”

“Suzanne Hinn is being represented by Sorrell Trope, a legendary figure in divorce litigation. His previous clients include Cary Grant, Rod Steiger, Nicole Kidman and Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods. Mrs. Hinn was unavailable for comment. The couple was married in 1979 and have four children.”

We are saddened by the news of this family split, and our heart goes out to the Hinn’s son and three daughters whose lives will be deeply affected by this break-up. Even though we strongly disagree with Benny Hinn’s ministry, we would NEVER desire that he and his wife divorce. 

Here is the official statement on the ministry website regarding this breaking news: 


“Pastor Benny Hinn and his immediate family were shocked and saddened to learn of this news on February 17 without any previous notice. The couple has been married for more than 30 years, and although Pastor Hinn has faithfully endeavored to bring healing to their relationship, those efforts failed and were met with the petition for divorce that was filed without notice.”

The statement adds: “Both Pastor Hinn and the board of directors of the church ask for the prayers of ministry partners and friends as the Hinn family walks through this difficult season. Pastor Hinn also wants everyone to know that he remains firmly and unquestionably committed to God’s calling—as he continues in his thirty-sixth year of ministry—to take the life-saving and miracle-working Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations through crusades, broadcasts, and mission outreaches.”

If you’d like to read the two articles we wrote here at The Wartburg Watch about Benny Hinn, just follow these links:



Side note:  Dee wrote these articles just prior to her knee replacement surgery, which took place in late December, and I (Deb) posted them on our new blog.   

Believe it or not, here’s what one commenter on the Christianity Today blog had to say:

I’ve never even HEARD of Benny Hinn! Sounds like I’m better off for it!”

Of course, there are the Benny Hinn sycophants who will staunchly defend him, as this commenter did on one of the links we checked out:

“Benny Hinn IS NOT a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was my pastor for years and was a good and honest man. Marriages are hard enough to keep together in the best of circumstances. The Hinn’s had so much time apart and so much interference with people against them plus four children to raise and the weight of the world on their shoulders, trying to minister and win the lost, it’s no wonder they couldn’t make it. Marriage is hard enough in the best of circumstances.”

We leave you with Dee’s comments as we wrapped up our series on the Health and Wealth “False” Gospel.  Please pay close attention to the last sentence and pray that God will give each and every one of us the opportunity to witness to those who have been caught up in the prosperity gospel and are now disillusioned with this latest development.


“What’s the bottom line? Quite simply, there is very little in the Word of Faith or the Health Wealth Gospel that appears to be based on sound Biblical doctrine. As such, concerned Christians should avoid this movement like the plague and condemn its excesses. Compassion must be shown to those who have been deceived by prosperity pimps. Eventually, most people who buy this nonsense will get hurt. They will become neither rich nor healthy. They will also note that the only ones getting rich are the guys up front.  When the blinders come off, it will be up to us as Christians to lead these folks to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.”



  1. Shades of Charles and Anna Stanley? Mr. Hinn may be rich now (and no doubt will remain rich), but Mrs. Hinn and the divorce settlement are likely going to significantly impact his net worth (and not in a good way).

  2. Oh NO! I just saw this on FBC JAX Watchdog site

    Anonymous said…

    In reference to Purify the Church, I know they were hacked and the situation.

    The Baptist Conventions have a technical staff that have been trying for months to hack it and have it shut down and removed at the request of those within the Baptist Mafia. The Baptist even had…get this, Homeland Security poking around.

    That is a tactic these men use to their dirty work. They try to get the government to use tax payer money to accomplish their goals without using their own money or those high dollar tithers.

    Doesn’t this sound familiar? They accuse people of false accusations and hope to pull a rabbit out of the hat!

    The blog will be back…with its own server and NOT shared with blogger.com or Google!

    You can email them and ask them. I did. This is how I found out what happened. Their email address is


    Just give them some positive feedback…I did.

    February 28, 2010 4:31 PM

    Looks like they will be back soon, we hope!

  3. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the info! I believe Dee has been in touch with the Purify the Church blogmaster, and I look forward to hearing what she has learned. Hopefully, she will share it here.

  4. I do not support “irreconcilable differences” divorce and I am certainly not condoning Benny or Suzanne Hinn’s actions. I did attend the same youth group with Suzanne Hinn in the 1970s, so I became casually acquainted with her before she met Benny Hinn. She was humble and never “pulled rank” to get preferential treatment as the pastor’s daughter. She always seemed to have a genuine relationship with God and she regularly reached out to newcomers to make them feel welcome. Suzanne’s care for hurting people is still evident on her ministry website, linked here:


    Who knows, if she gets half of Benny Hinn’s vast wealth, she may actually do some real good with it if you believe her web site. She says she will “minister God’s love to the widows, the orphans and the poor in a practical, as well as spiritual way.”

  5. sgmsingle

    Thanks for the information. I am curious how such a decent person could have stayed with a charlatan like Hinn for so many years. He ripped off the dying and hopeless which is despicable. Do you know if she bought into his nonsense or did she just get trapped when she was young?

  6. sgmsingle

    I just went to her site. It says nothing about her belief system and emphasizes sending money. Hopefully she will expand her ministry goals and beliefs sections with specific information.

  7. Oh, Suzanne Hinn definitely has had serious issues. If you google her name you will find some very unflattering and sad information about her. From some of the words out of her own mouth in one video it does appear she bought into some of Hinn’s nonsense.

    My point was that, despite all this, I suspect she will help those in need more than Benny Hinn would have with his money.

  8. I sure hope so. Those two caused a tremendous amount of pain for the hurting and pastors who did or do not speak out against Hinn’s false message and abuse of people will need to answer why one day. Thanks for your comments. I plan to read up more on her. Blessings

  9. I think it’s pretty important for us to refrain from judging Benny Hinn. I can’t stand him. But he is God’s servant, not mine.
    As for false doctrines, we should present true doctrines. Also there are major doctrines which affect the way people live, and there are less important doctrines which don’t. Why waste time and energy confronting doctrines that may mean more to us than to God? Jesus makes clear that we will be judged by what we do. Paul tells us that we don’t have perfect understanding when he says, “Now we see as through a glass darkly.”
    If someone like Hinn is a fraud, that’s his problem. I would expect that at least some believers are healed by their faith in the Lord; and they use the ‘healer’ as a focus for their faith. I don’t care for Hinn. So I don’t send him money, don’t attend his performances. On the rare occasions when he comes to mind, I try to ask God to bless the man’s service.

  10. Ted

    Didn’t Jesus warn us about false prophets. False prophets prophesy things that are not true. Do I need to list the things that Hinn as said that God told him that did not come true?

    Fidel Castro was supposed to die years ago. Jesus was supposed to appear physically on the stage with HInn and on and on.
    He has led mortally ill people to believe that he could heal them. He has not proven one of his healings.

    This man is NOT, I repeat NOT, a servant of God. The ones who need prayers are the many people who he has led down the wrong path.Pray for the healing of the souls of those he has harmed.He is a charlatan and needs to be exposed.

    These things are important and I am surprised that you would think that they are not.But, I do thank you for your thoughts and visiting our blog.