Mary’s Child


The people in darkness have seen a great light!


One of our readers, Junkster, put this lovely poem, written by his mother, in the comment section. It was such a thoughtful poem, we decided to make it a surprise post for today. We know you will find it as thought provoking as we did.

Merry Christmas to all!



We've all heard the story of our Jesus' birth Of the night so tender and mild We know how He died to save us from sin But who knows of Christ as a child?

Did He gaze in wonder as the first snow flakes fell As our own children gaze in awe? Did He search the meadow for the first purple violets After the winter's thaw?

Did He pick for Mary a lone dandelion And say, "Mommy, I picked it for you?" And get in return a kiss and a hug The same as our own children do?

Did He know the joy of just being a boy As He travelled his childhood road? I truly hope so for He was destined we know To carry our heavy load.

Did He leave for Mary sweet memories to keep To help her accept her loss? For this was her son, so dear to her heart That died up there on the cross.

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