Can you believe it?  The internet turned 40 YESTERDAY!!!
On October 29, 1969, the first ever message was sent between two computers 400 miles apart.  One computer was located at the University of California, Los Angeles and the other was at the Stanford Research Institute.  The one word message to be sent via "ARPANET" was "Login".  Only the L and the O were transmitted, then the system CRASHED!!!
Here's a great trivia question:  What was the first word ever sent via the internet?  The answer: "LO".
To learn more about the very beginnings of the internet, we have included some information we found at the following link:

It may not look a day over 35, but the Internet turned 40 years old… On September 2, 1969, computer scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, hooked up two computers via a 15-foot cable, allowing them to exchange data. It marked a milestone in the creation of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, or ARPANET, which later gave rise to the Internet.

Still, it wasn’t until October 29 of the same year that the first message was sent between computer nodes; for that reason, some say the Internet was really born at the end of October. In any case, the Internet has come a long way since 1969: The first message was supposed to be “login” but [computer scientist Leonard] Kleinrock was only able to type “lo” before the system crashed [ABC News]. Now, life without the Web seems almost unimaginable… It’s impossible to get your brain around all that the Internet is and what is has done for us these 40 years.

Did you see the Fox Business News interview with Leonard Kleinrock on September 2, 2009, marking the 40th anniversary of when the two computers were initially  hooked up.  If not, here's the link for this fascinating interview:


You can also check out the National Geographic article entitled Internet Turns 40 Today: First Message Crashed System at this link:

So "LO" and Behold, it's a great time to celebrate the technology that makes The Wartburg Watch and the World Wide Web possible.  You've come a long way baby!!!

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