Where’s Cooper and Bad Manners

C.S. Lewis depicts laughter in Heaven when his characters attend the Great Reunion on the New Narnia: "And there was greeting and kissing and handshaking and old jokes revived (you've no idea how good an old joke sounds after you take it out again after a rest of five or six hundred years)."


I (Dee) have been laughing the last couple of days because I have been playing a trick on Cooper. I have replace his comments with comments coming from me. However, I have not fully deleted his comment in keeping with our editorial leniency. I have just moved them. So, I am instituting a new game called, Where’s Cooper. I have placed the last two deleted comments from Cooper somewhere on our blog in the archives. The first person to discover their location will get to choose from one of the three book offerings which will be sent to you if you send an address to wartburgwatch@aol.com email. Good luck to all of you.

The New Guidebook for Pastors by Mac Brunson

Becoming God’s True Woman by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Susan Hunt, Mary A. Kassian, and Carolyn Mahaney

When God Comes to Church:Experiencing the Fullness of His Presence by Steve Gaines and Dean Merrill


Once again, we offer another thoughtful opinion from one our commenters. It states that it is bad manners to record someone without their permission!!! Gosh, and we thought we were good Southern girls and knew how to make chicken salad (without onions, of course) while minding our p’s and q’s. Our mommas will be quite upset with us. We are so sorry. Please join us on the veranda for sweet tea and scones.

So here is the comment, received yesterday by a MYOB. Hmmm is the name a hint? I particularly like the “sinister” appellation. I have always wanted to be thought of as “sinister” as opposed to that lady with the pug dogs. I plan to don a black cloak and sneak around after midnight.

The law has already been explained-both federal and local and I don’t intend to repeat it.I guess it is not bad manners for pastors and leaders to treat a young man poorly or to spread lies about a family. I guess there are no other reasons to record someone-like distrust or wanting to spell out the truth. Digital recordings are the perfect witness that Scripture talks about. Only liars would need to be concerned about the truth. Thoughts?


It is poor manners to tape someone without their knowledge.  To tape record a conversation is designed to either cover ones hind quarters or to trap someone.  It seems a bit sinister.  I wonder if state law applies to federally regulated land line recordings?

I suppose if you are starting a career in journalism or investigative reporting you should be an expert.

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