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Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. CS Lewis


During the last few weeks, we have been startled by the changing face of what we thought was "settled" Christian theology.  We strongly believe there are both “A” and “B” issues within the Christian faith.  For example, the virgin birth is a non-negotiable, as is the Apostles' Creed.  We consider them to be "A" issues.  However, we believe the age of the earth is an issue over which Christians should be able to disagree and still join hands and serve the Lord.  To us, this is a "B" issue. 


We believe the existence of denominations is healthy so long as they hold to the tenets of the Christian faith, specifically, the "A" issues.  We consider women deacons to be a "B" issue, although we know there are several denominations that vehemently oppose women serving in any type of leadership role in the church.  Fortunately, if a Christian prefers to join a church that allows qualified women to serve as deacons, (s)he can go to such a church. 

I (Dee) was once a member of a church in which the pastor approached me and requested that I teach a class on the Reformation.  At first there was disagreement within the congregation over whether a woman should be allowed to teach a co-ed Sunday School class.  However, the elders decided that since there were many class offerings, people were free to choose the Sunday School class in which they would feel the most comfortable.  In the aftermath, I was endorsed by the leadership of the church and was the first woman in that church to teach Sunday School to both men and women.  It became a very successful and well-attended class.  

However, times have changed…  My former pastor told me he had never heard of “A” or “B” issues!  Certain pastors now talk about their “authority.”  Calvinistas shove 5+ Point Calvinism down our throats!  Among these types of leaders, love has given way to arrogance and self-importance.  These days pastors often live in beautiful homes, drive fancy cars, and take fabulous trips, usually at the expense of their “followers.”  We wonder what our Lord Jesus Christ, who had no place to lay His precious head, thinks about these men of God who emulate the world so much more than they do Him.

Not only have said pastors adopted cushy lifestyles, but they have acquired the arrogance and condescension of a Bernie Madoff, along with his modus operandi of  “whatever it takes.”  Pastors sometimes lie and will even go so far as to assassinate the character of their critics (or worse) under the guise of “protecting” their church.  They promote a twisted theology that seems to give them the power they crave and demand.  This is not the faith I embraced as a teenager.  Fortunately, I've had some incredible pastors over the years who have taught me what's truly important in the Christian faith.  Thanks to their authenticity as godly leaders, I have been able to spot pastors who have bought into the Calvinista mindset and are promoting a theology that I do not consider to be Christian.

What follows are specific examples of the strange “teachings” characteristic of the Calvinistas.  For Christians like myself who accept that there are both major and minor issues of the faith, there is great cause for alarm.  These “honchos” run many of the seminaries and command the respect of the lowly “priesthood of the believer.”  May God have mercy on us all!

Challenging male headship is challenging the role of the Father (Russell Moore)

"When you come to the issue of gender roles, you are dealing with the gospel," he (Russell Moore) claimed. "What we have to understand is the gospel itself is patriarchal. It has to do with the fatherhood of God."

This is a category error.  Just because some may have legitimate disagreements with particular interpretations of male leadership does not mean they are challenging the gender of God the Father.  Do those who say such things understand what road this takes us down?  Didn’t Lucifer challenge God?  By framing the debate in such terms, these men are illegitimately connecting those who disagree with the great Deceiver.

Evangelical feminism and any criticism of patriarchy is Open Theism
 (Russell Moore) 

Any criticism of patriarchy is tantamount to open theism because it's viewed as indirect challenge of God.


Huh?  "Open theism", also called free will theism and openness theology, is the belief that God does not exercise meticulous control of the universe but leaves it "open" for humans to make significant choices (free will) that impact their relationships with God and others.  A corollary of this belief is that God has not predetermined the future.  Open Theists further believe that this would imply that God does not know the future exhaustively.”


Once again, by tying open theism with evangelical feminism, theologians are laying the groundwork to declare heresy, and they know it!  Open theism has been vigorously debated and declared heresy by most conservative, evangelical leaders.  This sets up the possibility of declaring earnest dissenters as “sacrilegious.”  Eventually, this will lead to the excommunication of honest dissenters who believe and defend the “A” issues.

Since God asked Adam why he and Eve were hiding, this means that man is responsible for the actions of his wife
.  (Bruce Ware)

"Eve was tempted and deceived by the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit, and then gave it also to Adam," Ware wrote.  "Eve, that is, sinned first.  Despite this fact, God seeks out Adam after their sin to inquire why they were hiding…. God approaches Adam, not Eve, as the one ultimately responsible for the sin."

"Adam only rightly bears the responsibility as the head of the sinful human race, when Eve sinned first, if he is viewed by God … as having authority and ultimate responsibility over the woman," Ware posited.

Several young men asked how it was that I (Kunsman speaking) believed that they would not stand before God … to give an account and to intercede for their wives," she wrote on her blog. "I was incredulous."

"I was not talking to people who were in the formal patriarchy movement, as I would anticipate this response," she wrote.  "THESE WERE BAPTIST SEMINARY STUDENTS!  Where and how and by whom were they taught that they would stand before God as an intercessor for their wives?  It grieves me to think about this and the three young men who asked these earnest questions of me.  And I don't know how any believer in Christ could actually think that as a creature that is unable to sanctify himself would presume that he could sanctify or intercede for another human being, female or otherwise.

 This experience, for me, really demonstrated the insidious and subtle effect of these teachings.”

Why does Kunsman say this?  Because this teaching, in its most base form, indicates that man is ontologically superior to women in spite of the half-hearted attempts of these theologians to say otherwise.

“The Gospel is patriarchal and it has to do with the fatherhood of God.” (Russell Moore, CBMW)"

According to Kunsman, "gender becomes a matter of biblical authority."  This is a dangerous concept.  Once again these theologians set the stage for potential accusations of heresy.  It goes like this (I have seen Ken Ham use this despicable technique). If you do not support patriarchy, you are denying the Gospel.  What is the Gospel?  John 3:16:  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever would believe in Him would receive eternal life.”   So, if you deny patriarchy, you deny the Gospel.  Ergo, you are not a Christian. “Off with your head” will follow quickly behind.


Jesus is subordinate to the Father throughout eternity.  Therefore, women are subordinated to men throughout eternity.  (Bruce Ware, CBMW)

This is ridiculous!  First, Jesus (the Son) as subordinate to God (the Father) was settled at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.  Bruce Ware is walking on thin ice here.  Secondly, one must beware of running too far with an analogy.  Yes, men should love their wives as Christ loved the church, but the analogy is not to be applied in a wooden fashion, meaning that everything Christ is and did does not translate perfectly to a human marriage.  We are human; He is God.  These guys are not content with women being subordinate in this life.  These men want to rule over women for eternity!!!!  Egads!!!  I, for one, do not intend to be Doug Philips' eternal servant.

Women are the most easily deceived and gullible of the sexes.  Therefore, women cannot teach men but can, and should, teach children.  (CBMW)

Does anyone besides Deb and me see the problem here?  Children are vulnerable and trusting.  Why in the world should easily deceived women be allowed to teach innocent kids?  I propose that all women go on strike immediately and insist that their husbands, who can NEVER be deceived, take over the homeschooling, Sunday Schools, and nurseries.
Why can’t I teach a man if I know something he doesn’t?  Why would God allow me to learn things that a man might not know?  Does this mean that God wants the woman to be smart and the man to be stupid?  Does a man need to repent if I teach him something about Martin Luther?  Does a man need to repent if he overhears a woman explaining a Bible verse to a friend?  Does a man need to shut every woman up just in case she spills the beans on what a certain word means in Greek?

Long hair and long skirts equal modesty.  (The Duggars)

Modesty is defined differently in different cultures. For example, if the Duggars went to a Muslim country, they would be considered immodestly dressed because they didn't cover their face and head.  Our culture does not look askance at a woman with short hair.  They are mistaking ancient cultural mores for Biblical mandates.

Many early Christian wore togas and long, one-piece robes.  Why didn’t the Duggars choose that style of dress?  Do they look out of place and dowdy in our society?  This is a stumbling block to non-Christians who wrongly think they would have to wear ugly clothes in order to be a Christian.  This boils down to a confusing witness along with bad theology.

God has mandated specific roles for women in order for the Gospel to be revealed
. (Doug Philips)

This is downright unbiblical.  When Jesus gave the Great Commission, He did not give a lecture on gender roles.  Does Doug Philips think that the Bible is so weak that it needs a woman to home school in order to share the Good News?  Good grief!

A husband or father is the covering for the wife/daughter.  (CBMW , Philips, etc.)

I asked my husband if he functions as my “covering”.  He made some quip about “recovering” and laughed!  Look what I found on the Internet after that conversation.  Someone asked what a covering was on the Virtuous Woman web site.  The answer:  ”This would be a great question to discuss with your husband (or father).   I'm sure that he could offer some wonderful insight or you.  (At this point my husband and I  started laughing.)  Continuing on with the answer she says, “As for our family, this is what we believe on the subject.”

"Covering" is a kind of metaphor for husbands being the head – the wife coming under her husband's wing and daughters being placed there until their covering transfers to her husband. (1 Cor. 11:3-15, Eph. 5:22-24)”

The verses quoted have nothing to do with “covering.”  This sounds like Old Testament teaching.  In those days, women were little more than chattel and were often traded as slaves.  God commanded the men to care for their wives.

In our day woman have a covering which is Jesus Christ.  As a woman, I will stand before God to give an account of my life, and so will my husband.  Also, since our society does not allow a man to sell me into slavery or divorce me without support,  the need for this protective “covering” has all but dwindled.

Since the Muslims are taking over the world, Christians must have lots of children to combat Islam
(Mohler, Akin- see our previous posts)

Frankly, I am startled by this. Jesus said that tit was not by might or by power that we would win people to the Gospel. He said it was by His spirit. He said to go into the world to tell people about His Good News. He did not say “Have lots of children to win the world for me.” This statement shows irrational fear of another belief system. Do these professors truly think that Islam will wipe out Christianity? Not in the Bible I read. Frankly, these supposed “leaders” should be ashamed at their lack of trust in the simple and marvelous message of the Gospel. God is in control.

Today’s world is increasingly moving away from the Gospel.  Atheism is on the rise.  Europe, the home of the Reformation, is essentially godless.  Laws are being passed to limit freedom of expression on religious issues in the public square.  One-third of the world’s population is now Muslim.  The average evangelical Christian doesn’t have a clue about basic doctrine.  For example, most Christians don't believe in a being called Satan or that Christ is our only means for salvation.  Furthermore, Christians divorce at the same rate as pagans.  In fact, divorce rates among atheists and Hindus are lower than that for Christians.  Reported incidents of pedophilia, internet pornography, and rape of minors is on the rise within the ranks of the clergy in the SBC and other Protestant denominations.
What's the response of the Calvinista leaders to such a threat?  Here it is . . Shut the women up!  

According to this viewpoint, if the women remain silent, particularly in their churches, work exclusively as "keepers at home", and have a quiverfull of children, then somehow, some way, the world will be saved and the Gospel will be revealed.
I have often wondered about verses in Scripture that seem to indicate that in the last days even the teachers and theologians of the Christian faith would fall prey to false doctrine.  Up until now I could never have imagined how that could be possible.  Now I realize it may be happening right before my very eyes! 
The SBC appears to be more concerned about removing women from positions of authority and “private prayer languages" than in evangelizing the world.  The Calvinistas inflict their narrow view of Scripture on brothers and sisters in Christ and make insinuations that if all do not follow the Doctrines of Grace, ( the way they perceive it) they are not saved…   
Here's my prediction.  People will run away from this new “gospel” in droves! The trend may be slow at first.  As long as pastors like Ed Young, Jr. and Mark Driscoll keep offering free entertainment, risqué sermons, and fun, fun, fun, then churches will be filled.  However, those churches couldn't care less about deep and abiding faith.  The real question is, will churches be filled with Christians in the future?
So from two women who refuse to keep their mouths shut comes this “teaching.”  Run for the hills, boys!  The stuff you're teaching is not the true Gospel.  It's an addition.  So long as your women wear ugly skirts, have a full quiver, and keep their mouths shut, then you think the world and you are saved…  We have a real problem with your theology, and we plan to continue getting the word out about your extra-biblical teachings.  We pray that those who have an ear to hear will come to know God's blessedly simple truth!     


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    What’s the response of the Calvinista leaders to such a threat? Here it is . . Shut the women up!

    According to this viewpoint, if the women remain silent, particularly in their churches, work exclusively as “keepers at home”, and have a quiverfull of children, then somehow, some way, the world will be saved and the Gospel will be revealed.

    I have often wondered about verses in Scripture that seem to indicate that in the last days even the teachers and theologians of the Christian faith would fall prey to false doctrine. Up until now I could never have imagined how that could be possible. Now I realize it may be happening right before my very eyes!”

    This has to be the most pungent, truthful writing I’ve seen in a long time. I’m ***glad*** you came out swinging against this false doctrine—and that’s just what it is, a *false* doctrine.

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    Great comment! I was listening to Christian radio this morning and heard the broadcast of a well-known para-church ministry that is “in bed” with the Calvanista types. They admitted that giving is WAY DOWN and were giving away a Veggie Tales DVD to first-time contributors. As devoted as I am to Jesus Christ, I could NEVER support these kinds of restrictive ministries, you know, the ones that endorse “gender roles”. My prediction is that these extra-biblical ministries will wither away due to a lack of funding.

    Hope you’ll keep reading and commenting. I love what you have to say!

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    Thanks for visiting our site. I hope it is an encouragement to you.