If you have been following our blog, you know that we are taking a hard look at a belief system that seems prevalent among Calvinistas and DEFINITELY Sovereign Grace Ministries. We take exception to the over-emphasis on indwelling sin. Yes, we are sinners. Yet we are created in the image of God and are dearly loved by our Creator.

When you look at a rose, do you see its beautiful petals and smell its wonderful fragrance or do you see only a terrible thorn? When your little boy has been playing in the mud and proudly presents you with a mud pie, do you see your son and his love or do you see only the dirt?

Years ago my three-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. My husband and I were absolutely devastated! I had to return home to fetch some clothes for the hospital. I saw her unmade bed and started to cry. I wondered if she would ever come home to mess up her bed again. Praise God, she did! Although the removal of the tumor left her with a lot of missing brain, she is perfectly normal. My daughter is a walking miracle! Through the years I always smile when I see her unmade bed because it means she is alive and blessing me with her precious life. Should I see the mess or what the mess represents?


One video is worth a thousand words. Susan Boyle’s unexpected performance on Britain’s “Got Talent” has captured the attention of the world. As you watch this, PLEASE think. Should we focus only on her physical appearance or should we rejoice in her God-given talent? ‘Nuf said.

Susan Boyle Brings Down the House!

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