Dr. Jeffery Chalmers Guest Posts: As Liberty University Moves Forward, Where Were, and Are, the Conflict of Interest Guidelines?

As the utterly despicable transgressions of Becki and jerry Falwell Jr become known, ethical people are forced to ask a difficult question. Why did Liberty University allow this stuff to go on? And where are they hiding their Conflict of Interest Guidelines? Even worse, did they even have any? Dr. Jeffrey Chalmers gives TWW readers a tutorial.

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Ravi Zacharias – Working the Kinks Out While Earning Extra Cash for Spreading the Gospel!

Steve Baughman is a lawyer. He is an honest, intelligent man. He refers to himself as the “Friendly Banjo Atheist,” and he has been documenting the corruption of the recently deceased Ravi Zacharias for several years. In my opinion, Baughman has done the Evangelical world a huge favor by carefully documenting the numerous lies Zacharias has told, as well as … Continue reading

No Post Tonight. I Will Post Tomorrow.

I’m sorry about this. I try to stick to my schedule. However, my daughter’s visit along with a demand from my kitchen contractor to make a decision by tonight or he’s moving on to a new client has made this a crazy week. I also broke my toe two days ago. Our kitchen is very old and we are totally … Continue reading

No Post Tonight. I Will Post Tomorrow

My wonderful daughter and her boyfriend are coming to visit from Bostom in 45 minutes. I have a post planned and will try to get it up early tomorrow. Yes, there have been further problems from someone on Twitter. Rachel and I are getting advice. It’s all good, well kinda… I will always announce anything important on this site first. … Continue reading

Is “Turning Point USA” at CU Demonstrating Love For Others?

The screenshot above was taken from Jacob Uhler’s Instagram account. It was posted as a “story” so it disappeared after 24 hours. I find Uhler’s “story” very disturbing. You will recall that Kyle Rittenhouse is the gun-toting seventeen-year-old Antioch, IL resident whom prosecutors have accused of fatally shooting two men and wounding another who were protesting the police shooting of … Continue reading