T4G Cooks Up Gospel Ratatouille and Serves a Lukewarm Gender Gospel

"There is much debate on how to make a traditional ratatouille. One method is to simply sauté all of the vegetables together. Some cooks, including Julia Child, insist on a layering approach, where the eggplant and the zucchini are sautéed separately, while the tomatoes, onion, garlic and bell peppers are made into a sauce. The ratatouille is then layered in … Continue reading

Mahaney Reclaims Throne at T4G

"We are called to take the gospel to those with hard hearts and blind eyes." C.J. Mahaney (in The Sustaining Power of the Gospel at 2012T4G) Marching Sheep I just finished listening to the audio of C.J. Mahaney's message The Sustaining Power of the Gospel which was delivered during the opening session of the 2012 Together for the Gospel conference.  … Continue reading